Name the Actor/Actress Game Answers

I'm going to post the answers to this game a day early because I have another idea for a game that I want to start:)   (It's also because I have a strong suspicion that tomorrow, I'll be absorbed in posting a review to the third season of A Certain TV Show whose finale has left me shell-shocked and heartbroken, but also gloriously, gloriously happy.  Yeah.)

I'll also list the films in which I've seen these actors, in case that helps to identify them.

#1 is Keira Knightley (First, why does the 'e' come before the 'i' in her name??  It makes no sense.  But anyway.  I've seen her in The Phantom Menace, Princess of Thieves, Pride and Prejudice (2005), the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and in part of Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit.)

#2 is Martin Freeman (I've seen him in The Hobbit trilogy and bits and pieces of the BBC television show Sherlock.)

#3 is Lucy Griffiths (I've seen her in the BBC television show Robin Hood.)

#4 is Paul Bettany (I've seen him in Inkheart, A Knight's Tale, Master and Commander, and The Tourist.)

#5 is Daniela Denby-Ashe (I've seen her in North and South (2004).)

#6 is Robert Duvall (I've seen him in Secondhand Lions, Broken Trail, Lonesome Dove, To Kill a Mockingbird, and part of Tender Mercies, I think.)

#7 is Amy Adams (I've seen her in Enchanted, Leap Year, and Man of Steel.)

#8 is Billy Boyd (I've seen him in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Master and Commander.)

#9 is Emily Watson (I've seen her in Miss Potter, The Book Thief, Belle, and something else that's nagging me but which I can't place.)

#10 is Howard Keel (I've seen him in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Calamity Jane.)

Players' Scores

Emma, Plain and Tall:  70/100
DKoren:  90/100
Lois Johnson:  30.5 (guessed last name)/100
Chloe Linn:  30/100
Hamlette:  70/100

Thanks so much for playing, everyone!:D


  1. *goes back to check the pictures*

    That's Daniela Denby-Ashe?! Man, I never would have guessed that. What on earth is she doing with blonde hair.

    Isn't Robert Duvall amazing in TKAM? He's only got, what, two minutes, and he says nothing, but his very presence is just so awesome. Best cast character in the whole movie. He should have gotten an Oscar for that. (btw, did you know that was his first role? Not bad!)

    I actually just watched Tender Mercies a few nights has a classic American, old-timey feel that I enjoy, though it wasn't mind-blowing or anything. BUT HE SINGS. And he's actually really good. That's cool, we've seen him in all the same movies. :-) I've also seen him in Gods and Generals (Which Is Completely and Utterly Awesome), and a movie called Geronimo, which is reeeeaaaally sad. (Oh yeah, and The Great Santini. But we don't talk about that.) ;-P

    Oh yes, Billy Boyd. That was it. ;-)


    1. Heehee, yes, doesn't she look sooo different as a blonde?

      Robert Duvall as Boo made the rest of an all-ready perfect movie even better. I mean, for real. Gregory Peck AND Robert Duvall? What is this thing?!?! And yes, I love that it's his first Hollywood role:D

      Yes, I'd like to watch Tender Mercies again someday. I KNOW. He sings! It's so exciting! *fangirling* Ooh, I'd really like to watch Gods and Generals! I've heard elsewhere as well that it's amazing, but I haven't yet watched it. It'll probably make me cry, though, won't it?;)

    2. Yes, you'll cry. I reduce into a puddle of tears every time I see the Irish fighting each other, and hear those pipes playing.....*SOB* It's SOOOO good. :-)

    3. Irish bagpipes?! It does sound good...

  2. Wow! I've seen N&S, and very recently too, but I did not recognize Daniela Denby-Ashe with blonde hair! But that explains why she still looked familiar! Wow, so different like that!

    Very fun!

    1. Doesn't she look so different? When I first saw a picture of her as a blonde, I couldn't believe it was her!:D

  3. WHY did I not play this. I'm off to play your current game. I'm SO glad you do games too - I get tired of being the only one, sometimes. :-)

    1. Haha, sounds good! Games are fun, aren't they?:)

  4. Keira Knightley's mom misspelled her name on her birth certificate. Now you know :-)


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