First Line Game Answers!

Wow, that game went better than I thought it would!  A lot of you joined in, even if you didn't know very many, which was very encouraging, so thank you:) <3

As promised, here are the answers to the lines:

#1:  "In that pleasant district of merry England which is watered by the river Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest, covering the greater part of the beautiful hills and valleys which lie between Sheffield and the pleasant town of Doncaster."  Answer:  Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott

#2:  "There was no possibility of taking a walk that day."  Answer:  Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë

#3:  "First the colors.  Then the humans."  Answer:  The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

#4:  "All children, except one, grow up."  Answer:  Peter Pan, by J. M. Barrie

#5:  "This story begins within the walls of a castle, with the birth of a mouse."  Answer:  The Tale of Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo

#6:  "In the year 1815 Monseigneur Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel was Bishop of Digne."  Answer:  Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo

#7:  "The year that [blank] was born, the most beautiful woman in the world was a French scullery maid named Annette."  Answer:  The Princess Bride, by William Goldman

#8:  "London.  Michaelmas term lately over, and The Lord Chancellor sitting in Lincoln's Inn Hall."  Answer:  Bleak House, by Charles Dickens

#9:  "The morning sun shone brightly on the canvas of the covered wagon, promising an unseasonably warm day for early October."  Answer:  Love Comes Softly, by Janette Oke

#10:  "When he was thirteen, my brother [blank] got his arm badly broken at the elbow."  Answer:  To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

Players' Scores (each line guessed correctly is worth 10 points)

Reyna Nicole:  100/100
Chloe Linn:  20/100
Lois Johnson:  10/100
Hamlette:  40/100
Patricia:  40/100

Also, thank you to everyone else who participated, even if you didn't have definitive answers:)

There you are, lovelies!  Thank you all for playing!:D


  1. Haha...I was right. I only knew a couple of them, and I figured I was wrong. The only one I would have gotten right was #5. I am surprised I was right with that one!

    1. Haha, like I was telling some of the others, I have a feeling I would fail miserably if I participated in a game like this XD Good for you! Yes, I really like that book:D

  2. Ah! I should have gotten #10! I had to read that book for school. That was a bunch of fun, you should do another one!

    1. Haha no worries! I don't know if I would have gotten it either. Did you like TKaM? It's such a sweet story:)
      Thanks! Yes, I have a couple ideas; maybe I'll try a new one each week and see how it goes:D

  3. Fun game! Sorry I missed it. :-) These are some really awesome books, by the way. I haven't read The Book Thief yet, but my best friend tells me I must! And everyone else says it's really amazing.

    I read The Tale of Desperaux several years ago and was completely weirded out. The movie is is also super strange; so sad and creepy and yet cute at the same time. Eeehhhh.

    To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my faaavorite favorite books. Ever. The End. Yup, I'm pretty crazy about it.

    Hmmm, looks like I need to read more classics....;-P


    1. Aw, I'm sorry you did, too! Never fear, more shall be forthcoming:D
      YES, read TBT!! I don't think you'll regret it…;)
      Haha, The Tale of Despereaux takes some adjusting in order to enjoy it. I mean, you have to get over the whole mouse-falling-in-love-with-a-princess for no reason whatsoever. And other things;P I wasn't crazy about it my first time around. I don't think I actually watched the whole movie, but the little bit that I did see displeased me greatly *fumes*

      To Kill a Mockingbird = Atticus, and Atticus = Gregory Peck, so…enough said;) Seriously, though. I've only read it once (gasp!), but I plan to read it again very soon, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it!:D


  4. Cool! I actually have read three of those, but they were all a long time ago, so that makes sense why I didn't recognize those three.

    1. Nice! Thanks for commenting on the original post anyway;D

  5. How did I not get #2?!?!?!?! ::Hangs head in shame::

  6. Time to re-read some classics. :) Thanks for posting this game, it was fun!

    1. Haha, hope you enjoy them!:D Thank YOU for playing! It seems that it was pretty popular…I'll have to do another one=D


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