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What-ho!  I've been tagged again, this time by the lovely Morg over at Fandom Fox (which, by the way, is an epic blog.  I think they may have something for literally every fandom).  She's created a great period drama tag, and I loves it, so I can't wait!  Let's get started:)

What is your favorite Austen book?
About that…I've only ever finished Pride and Prejudice, but I did really like that, so we'll go with good ol' P&P.  I've also read a good bit of Northanger Abbey, which I like.

One Austen movie you dislike the most?
Hmm…I don't think there's an Austen movie that I really dislike…I'll admit that I wasn't overly fond of the 1983 Mansfield Park, but it wasn't awful.

Favorite dresses?
I think this is going to be everyone's favorite question to answer:D  I was thinking of too many and the noggin was getting a little fried, so I narrowed it down to two (and I'm going to make them bigger than I usually do, because they look better that way).

I love the costuming in Cinderella, especially this dress that Ella's mom wears.  Look at the beautiful florals!  And I really like how they added the touch of Ella continuing to wear that little pink apron.

All of the dresses are stellar in Belle, but this magenta piece of gorgeous is what caught really caught my eye the first time I watched it.  So. Beautiful.  Although I wouldn't object to a slightly higher neckline.  (My second favorite of her garments is the lavender one, by the by.  'Cause I know y'all were dying to know;) )

Least favorite hairstyle?
Lady Harriet's--whatever that was in Wives and Daughters.  What in heaven's name did she do to her hair.  What was wrong with it before, pray?

Favorite film adaptation to Austen's books?
The 2008 version of Sense and Sensibility, followed by the 2009 Emma.

Favorite Downton Abbey character?
I don't really watch DA anymore, but when I did, hmm…I loved…William, I think his name was?  The servant Daisy married as he was dying?  And then Matthew and Sybil and Tom and Granny:D

Favorite BBC show?
Ahahaha, YES!  

Robin Hood

WHAT JUST HAPPENED.  THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.  I like…want this as a poster now.

This show has basically seared itself into my affections with pain and beauty.  (Wow.  Cheesy much?)  But seriously.  The love is strong.  As is the pain.

Lark Rise to Candleford

This is a much 'easier' show than my other two picks, but it's still a sweet, elegant drama that's very endearing.

Call the Midwife

This show is absobloominlutely great.  It can be very, very hard to watch, but IT IS SO GOOD.  You must watch it.  And then we must fangirl.  

Favorite Austen heroine?
Hmm…probably either Anne Elliot or Fanny Price.

One BBC you watched which you disliked very much?
I don't think I've seriously disliked a BBC (at least, one isn't coming to mind), but I'm not that fond of Little Dorrit.  I know.  I'm a terrible person;-P

Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen?
I'm assuming this refers to the Darcy debate, but I'm going to take it as just an actor thing.  In that case, I'd have to say Colin Firth.  I like Matthew Macfadyen, but I haven't seen him in very many movies, so I'll go with Firth, because he can play many different character types well.  And he's very gifted comically;)
"I have no idea where that came from."

Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, or Lucy Maud Montgomery?
Lucy Maud Montgomery.  I love her dreamy-ful way of writing, especially how she sees the magic in nature.

Which Charlotte--Claudie Blakley or Lucy Scott?
Now, that takes some thought.  I used to vastly prefer Lucy Scott, for the loathsomely shallow reason that my little-girl-self considered her prettier.  But, then my mother pointed out to me that Claudie Blakley makes Charlotte more real, more likable.  So I don't know.  I like both portrayals.

Thanks so much for the tag, Morg!  It was tons of fun:)

And I tag…

Everyone!  Whoever wants to answer these, please do so!  I've tagged a bunch of people recently, so I don't want to put any additional "pressure" on them.  So please, if you want to do this, consider yourself officially tagged by me:D  (And let me know if you do so that I can read your answers!)


  1. I really enjoyed your answers! I've been thinking about giving Call the Midwife another chance at some point - I tried it last year and it kind of terrified me, but I hear good things about it from various sources.
    I know I never finished the last tag you tagged me for, but I'm totally stealing this one. I like it very much indeed ;)

    1. Thanks! Oh, you should. Hehe, yeah, some of the episodes terrify me as well. But it's worth it :D

      Haha, go for it! Can't wait to read your answers!

  2. Yay!!! OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT 2008 SENSE AND SENSIBILITY!!! I LOVE that one! WAAAAAAY better than the Emma Thomspon one. :D

    1. Oh, and thank you for your sweet comment about our little blog! :D

    2. Yes, isn't it the best?!:D Aww, you're welcome:)

  3. I LOVE Belle's dresses. Oh my GOODNESS. You just want to eat them.

    I tagged you, if you're interested: http://allthingsbonnyandbeautiful.blogspot.com/2015/06/sisterhood-award.html


    1. YES. Me wants, me needs!

      Oh, thank you! I look forward to doing it:)

  4. Awesome tag and I'm totally stealing it. :) I need to watch Call the Midwife! I was planning on starting it or Stargate: SG-1 next as I just finished Psych but now I'm moving home to be closer to my new job so I won't be able to watch it on Netflix (internet is more tied up over there) so I'll have to figure out a different way to watch it. :(
    Someday though we can fangirl together. ;)

    1. Yay! YES WATCH CALL THE MIDWIFE! YOU MUST. Oh, well…yes, eventually we will!

  5. Lovely answers! I LOVE William SO much! He's so forgotten. :-( It made me so happy that you like him too. There was a time when I had a *huge* huuuuuge crush on him. That was before I really discovered Matthew, heehee. But I still ADORE William. I seriously cried my head off when he died.

    In other words, I had a cold. :-D

    ~ Naomi

    1. Thanks, Naomi! I think I inadvertently copied you on some of them, hehe;) Yes, William! It made me so sad:'( :'(

  6. Ahhh, I'm so totally doing this tag. I can not wait to fill it out.
    The two dresses you chose are very pretty...and squeep!! Robin Hood!
    Yes, that totally needs to be a poster, doesn't it????
    And yes...I can't believe how painful RH is....and I still love it. :)

    1. By the way your new header is sooooo beautiful.

    2. YAY!:D I can't wait to read your answers.
      Yes, aren't they? And…RH. That show has desTROYed me. But I still love it so much;)


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