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'Ello, loves!  Because I don't want to keep throwing movie reviews at you, here's one of those random life update posts.  (And, Ivy, I am planning on doing that tag eventually!)


To the 2013 Romeo & Juliet soundtrack.  The above track, "Wedding Vows," is one of my favorites ever.  I just…GAAAAHHHHH.  I mean, that soprano!  I can usually hold my own as a soprano, but GOOD GRIEF.  She just…soars.  (That sounds cheesy.  But it's true!)  Honestly, this entire soundtrack just does something to me.  It's so ethereally beautiful and uplifting and mellow and exciting and all the goose-bump-inducing things that a movie soundtrack should be.  


Trying to complete The Bookshelf Project.  Progress is slow, but fairly steady.  At the moment I'm at the very beginning of The Last of the Mohicans following a failed attempt to start The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, after re-reading Lewis's Till We Have Faces.  I tell you, that man was brilliant.  BRILLIANT, I say!  Every. stinkin'. time., that ending just...


Obviously, I did not write that;P

Ehh.  Just school stuff, mostly, and a little bit of poetry/other devotional thoughts now and then. 


The Philadelphia Story so much that it's driving my siblings crazy.  I love that movie so ridiculously much.  I've also been watching Beyond the Mask recently, about which I have, let us say, mixed feelings;)  

I just recently finished watching the fourth season of Once Upon a Time, and…eccccckkkk, I DON'T WANT EMMA TO BE THE DARK ONE!  Too much draaaaaaammmmaaaaa!  Plus, if they make her do anything to Killian…

Oh, OH, and *SPOILERS*  when Belle had to banish Rumple, and then we saw her hanging out with that pathetic excuse for a Will Scarlet (okay, okay, I did kind of like him, but HE IS NOT WILL SCARLET), I kind of panicked that Rumbelle was coming to an end.  They've never been my favorite couple, and I don't think they ever will be, but…but…they were always THERE.  And they're Beauty and the Beast, for crying out loud!  I'm not a big Rumplestiltskin fan (I know, I know), but he and Belle BELONG together.  So I was glad that it all worked out as it did…that is, I would be, but for the various extenuating circumstances…*END OF SPOILERS*  And can I just say…ROWENA WAS CRUELLA!!!!  SQUEEEEE!!!:D  I was looking forward to that going into the season, and I was not disappointed.  First, that was one of the most perfect casting choices EVER.  I mean, just thinking about Cruella in the original book…Victoria Smurfit was perfect.  And then of course her LINES were hilarious…"There's a very good explanation, of course…you see, I'm a really terrible person, and I left her in the woods to die."  Her backstory episode kind of ruined it for me, though.  *shudders*


Pinterest:D  It's actually not being TOO much of a distraction, so that's great.  Thank the Lord…and the fact that I don't have the mobile app, so I have to get onto our family computer in order to check things, dontcha know.

Indian summer days in the middle of October *blissful sigh*

Watching movies with me mummy and daddy and siblings.


Choir répertoire and "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia--I might be playing and singing this with another friend for my Christmas piano recital!!!!!!  We're a little excited;)

Also, randomly bursting into snatches of music from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers:  "Theeeey kept occupied by sewin' lots o' little old togas for them tots/And sayin', 'Someday, women folks'll have rights!'"  "Yes sirree, spring disposes that it's all one supposes…"  "In November, the snow starts to fly/Piling up ankle-high/By December it's up to your knee/Still a bride's a bride to be."  I need to stop loving that movie so much.

Adios for the present, mi amigas!:D


  1. I agree with you on the Rumbelle-I honestly didn't like Rumbelle together, I never did, but somehow some way they work together-AND IF DARK SWAN HURT MY KILLIAN JONES, WE'RE GONNA HAVE SOME PROBLEMS.

    Also good luck at your christmas recital, and I also understand about the starting books and never finishing them-I have a couple books I haven't even read yet

    1. Right? They're not the best of couples, but they're THERE, and they NEED to be there. YES AMEN SISTA I AGREE. Seriously, I will be SOOOOO mad. Because I really love both Emma and Killian, and just all the PAIN would be too much for me.

      Thank you so much! Oh, I know, right? I eventually just had to commit to reading through all the as-of-yet-unread books on my bookcase, haha.

  2. School writing - oh believe me, I understand :)

    Yay! Fall days are here!! Except where we live, I don't think we could call them 'Indian summer days' exactly, because they still are Rather Warm. But that's just how it goes :)

    How neat, you have a Christmas piano recital? Good luck!

    1. Yes! *high five for morale*

      I know how you feel! Yeah, that's why I called them the Indian summer days, actually--my mom alerted me to that term and I really like it:D

      Yes! Sometime in December, I think. Thanks a bunch!:D

    2. Thanks a lot! *high fives back*

      Oh I get it, I think I was confusing it with another term. Anywho :)

      You're welcome! :D

    3. Haha, I totally understand. I do that, too;)

  3. I think it's awesome that you write poetry--that's something I've never been able to do very well (although I once wrote a "free-verse" poem in German for German class that I don't think turned out too bad).

    I actually just read some beautiful German poetry by a guy named Jose F.A. Oliver, called "Ich war ein Kind" (that means, "I was a child.") It was basically about his life as a kid and how he became a writer, and . . . I dunno. I just really loved it :) I like being able to feel that I can actually read/understand/speak some German--even though I'm not VERY good at it yet, it's still fun to use another language!

    1. Awww, thank you so much!!! I bet that free-verse poem was wonderful, and, wow, you wrote it in German? You can speak/read/understand German?? That's so awesome. I'll have to look up that poetry sometime…when *I* can actually understand German;) I agree, it is such fun!!!

    2. Well, you see, I have to have two years of a single foreign language for my B.A. degree, and I picked German because I have a fair bit of German ancestry and plus, I THINK THE LANGUAGE IS BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I get so mad at people who say German is ugly. It's NOT :)

      So yeah, I'm in my fourth semester right now and so I can speak/read/write it . . . to a certain extent. I'm not GREAT yet. But I do find myself saying random things in German sometimes, which I suppose means I'm getting better :) Like, when I'm sick, I often say "Ich fuehle mich nicht wohl" instead of "I don't feel good." Oh, and I can listen to German songs on YouTube and understand them (sort of anyways). Even though you don't know German, you should really try this song:

      It's basically all about imagination. The title, "Nur in meinem kopf," means "only in my head," and I think it's SO CUTE. Especially the little girl :)

    3. Oh, awesome! I should investigate the German language a little more thoroughly someday…

      That's so fun! Oh, wow, that song is really cool. I have no idea what he's saying, but it's still cool;D

    4. He's basically singing about all the amazing things he can do with his imagination, and he wishes they were real--but nope, they're all "only in his head." But he still has fun with them.
      I loved it SO much the first time I saw it, and I still do. It's a great INFJ song, now that I come to think of it, because we spend so much time inside our own heads :)

  4. Have you ever seen High Society, the musical version of The Philadelphia Story with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby? I actually prefer it, though some people throw things at me when I say that. But I do.

    1. I haven't seen High Society yet, but I have heard of it, so I'll be keeping my eye out for it. I mean, MUSICALS <3 I'm slightly concerned that I won't like it as much as TPS, though…hehe, I guess we'll see!:D

    2. *Emma sticks her head in on a conversation she wasn't invited to*

      I LOVE High Society!!!! Haven't seen TPS, so I can't compare the two, but HS is hilariously fun. You should watch it, Olivia. :-D

    3. Haha, you're right, I should, Emma! I should watch HS, and you should watch TPS;D

  5. Oh, that Romeo + Juliet song is....haunting. It sounds like a very dramatic movie. ;)
    I know what you mean about "mostly school stuff" - my stories have been sadly neglected a good deal lately. :( Reality calls me away from them....*sniff*
    *Passes over the Once Upon a Time things because Meg doesn't know anything about it*
    AHHH!! It's Eowyn and Faramir! I loves them muchly....and that Phantom of the Opera quote. Oh, the combination is enough to give me thrilling chills. :D
    I'm afraid I don't know Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - I wanted to see it but I can't get it ANYWHERE! I was hoping to see it before I bought it, because I don't particularly like buying things without seeing it first. :/ And besides, it was expensive. *cough*
    Well, this post was most enjoyable. Jolly good. ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Isn't it, though?! Yes, it's very dramatic;)

      Yes *sniffle* Ah, well. We must simply grin and bear it!

      I KNOW THAT PICTURE MADE ME SO HAPPY WHEN I FOUND IT. I was all, "A Farawyn/PotO crossover? Heck yes!" ;D I've never been the biggest fan of that particular song, I'll admit *ducks the wrath*, but I luuuuuurve that picture.

      Ohh!!! That's so sad:'( I totally understand how that is; you want to watch something SO BADLY but you just CAN'T, and you don't want to buy it without watching it…I hope you're able to find it soon!

      Thank ya kindly, old bean, I'm glad you enjoyed it:D

  6. First off, that teacup/book picture is beautiful. Pinterest, right? :D

    So what did you like about Beyond the Mask? My opinion is mixed too- the music and acting is pretty good(did you recognize the actor for Gimli?), but I thought the plot got a little cheesy and unrealistic in pieces.

    Speaking of writing poetry and school assignments, I just a few days ago finished my re-writing of "Defense of the Alamo" for school. It's surprising how much fun re-writing poems can be. (Yeah, it sounds weird!)

    And, lovely picture of Eowyn and Faramir of course. But that should go without saying...

    1. Thanks! Yep, Pinterest!:)

      Ha. Ahaha. Okay, SO. I really enjoyed watching it, but that was partially because I enjoyed certain characters/elements, and partially because I could laugh at it mercilessly;D The romance was very, very sweet, and did make me go "awwwww" at times, but I also think, like you, that the whole thing was pretty cheesy and unrealistic. I think it would have been better if a) they stopped trying to ape so many other adventure movies and b) Charlotte was ever actually the least bit upset when something new about Will was revealed. She just always took it in stride and it seemed a bit unrealistic to moi. But yes, I loved Gimli! John Rhys Davies is just…wonderful, as ever:D

      Oh, did you? That's so cool! I know! I LOVED reading "Defense of the Alamo"--it was so touching and epic.

      Right?!?! It makes me really happy.

  7. When OUAT Season 4 ended earlier this year, leaving us with that awful cliffhanger, I was dying.

    And I am absolutely in love with that pic of Faramir and Eowyn with the quote from Phantom. It's too perfect. :)

    1. I knoooooooooow! I mean, she finally "said it", so that was cryingly great, but--but--but NO!

      Isn't it?! I was freaking out:D

  8. That song from Romeo and Juliet was so beautiful!!! I really need to watch that movie *mentally adding it to the ever growing to-watch list*
    I still haven't watched The Philadelphia Story, but I've been watching a lot of Cary Grant movies this month - that man was brilliant.
    And OUAT!! Finally someone else who feel the pain! I really did not see that cliffhanger coming! I've just started watching season 5 and I'm really excited where they will go with this story arch - as long as they don't kill Captian Swan - that ship must be protected at all costs!
    And so glad they didn't kill off Rumbelle for good - you're right, they just have to be there in the background. And you're right Cruella was brilliantly acted - she was my favourite new villain until they revealed her backstory (did not see that one coming either) Ok, my need to ramble is over now.

    I consider randomly singing SBFSB completely normal. Is it possible to go through a winter without singing that lovely snippet about the winter months? I think not. (Especially because I've just watched it again, so I'm singing it even more than usual)

    1. Yes! I really did like it, even though I had mixed feelings about it. It was an enjoyable, gorgeous movie, and the MUSIC is fast-becoming some of my favorite EVER.

      He definitely was! I've seen, of those with Cary Grant, The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby, Holiday, and His Girl Friday. You?

      YES! Yay, someone with whom to moan over OUAT! I wouldn't have, either, except my brother sort of told me *ahem* Oh, you did? That's awesome; I've decided to wait until it comes to Netflix, but my brother is keeping up with it on the ABC website. Yes, that ship MUST survive. I think they'll make it, though--I mean, the makers have got to know that the fans would collectively rise in revolt should anything happen to them…

      Exactly. It's like that part from Gilmore Girls: "It was comforting." "Like soup." :D YES! EXACTLY THAT! I was soooo excited that she was being acted by Victoria Smurfit, and I just loved everything about her, but then that backstory really messed me up. I just…aaaccckk. So freaky, and sad, and ruined it all.

      Haha, glad someone else does! It's just like the perfect musical, so wonderfully applicable and quotable.

    2. This far I've seen "To Catch A Thief", "North By Northwest", "Charade", "His Girl Friday", "Monkey Business" and "People Will Talk", but I still have long list of more titles I want to see!

      I admire your patience to wait till the season comes to Netflix, I could barely wait until the series premiere! (But then again, it must be nice to be able to watch as many episodes as you want, and not have to wait a week EVERY time)

    3. Ooooh, what did you think of Charade? I can't decide if I want to watch it or not…

      Haha, well, thank ya;) But, exactly--it's nice to not have to deal with any commercial breaks or difficulty finding a good site (though my brother is watching it on the ABC website), etc. Plus, school...

    4. It's been quite a while since I watched it, but I remember it as very exciting (almost too exciting at times). For me it's one of those movies that I watch one time.

  9. Indian Summer days in October. Yes, yes. :-D My imagination soars to its greatest heights on days like those. Yesterday my mom and Sadie and I took a drive through the country (we went to a quilt shop way out in the boonies...long story) and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. I died of perfect delight several times along the way. :-)

    Hey, who says you need to stop loving Seven Brides for Seven Brothers so much??!!!

    I am being hypnotized by that coffee gif on your sidebar. *eyes glaze over*


    1. Aren't they wonderful, Emma?! Aww, that's awesome! That happens to me at times when we're out and about, too:)

      Who, indeed?!

      Hee, yes, I thought that would be popular;)

  10. Oh wow, that Romeo and Juliet soundtrack is beautiful.

    Just to let you know, I will be stealing that gif of the tea on your sidebar (or coffee...or hot cocoa...).heh heh

    I want to read Till We Have Faces!! I only just recently heard of it.

    Haha, Beyond the Mask. Yes, mixed feelings. I LOVED Will and Charlotte's relationship-it was sooo sweet. And the plot was good...up to a point. The end I was pained by how much slow motion was used...and the explosions...and and....ugh. If they had only left out half of that action/drama.

    I REALLY liked when he wore the mask and saved people...I felt like it was a crossover of The Scarlet Pimpernel and Robin Hood. :)

    Eeek, that Eowyn and Faramir edit!!! With POTO!!

    You're singing Once Upon a December??? Oohh, I wish I could hear you do it. I absolutely LOVE the Anastasia movie.

    1. Isn't it gorgeous, Natalie?!

      Haha, steal away! I shall be flattered, even though I didn't make it;) (Yep, it's hot cocoa to me. 'Cause I don't like tea or coffee, y'see.)

      'Hem. Yes. Indeed. I knooooowww--I had a couple issues with their relationship, but mostly it's just so darling and kept making my inner romantic go "awwwww" :) That ending kind of cracks me up. TEN STRAIGHT MINUTES OF SLOW MOTION IS JUST TOO MUCH, PEOPLE.

      Yes, the plot definitely felt like a conglomeration of The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Count of Monte Cristo, Zorro, and some other stuff…which in some ways was good, and in other ways…well, on this topic it will be as well to be silent, as Mr. Collins would say;)

      I KNOW!!!!! It makes me so happy!!!!

      Aww, thank you! YES ISN'T IT DELIGHTFUL!!

  11. AGGGHH!!! You finished S4 of Once!! Wan't it heart renching?? How Hook died for Emma, and then she put off saying I love you to him, and then did at the last moment, and how Emma saved Regina, and oh my word.... I finished it in like January.... And had to wait all summer and fall till September 27... I have now seen the first two episodes of S5. And OH my adsfhadjkfhladkshfkljasdhfjkhadjfh gosh! It is so good! It's driving me nuts though... Sorry for that rant. But I miss fangirling about it. ;) I love that picture btw... Captain Swan forever!

    1. OH MY GOSH ABBY I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT. (Actually, I could, but there were times when I was--internally--freaking out with full-blown CAPS.)

      When he died for her and HER FACE and just all the feels and GAAAAHHHHH. And then when they got back and she ran up the loft so happily, and then their HUG and how they accidentally fell over onto the bed…I just…the cuteness:D

      (And that part earlier when he said: "Don't you know, Swan? It's you." At which point we all just melted into puddles. Collectively. As a fangirling unit.)

      Yikes! Haha, I keep waiting til the episodes are on Netflix, so I'm like months behind most everyone else;) I'm sooooo apprehensive about S5…what if they mess something up?!?! Abby! The danger!!! Oh, that's no problem--I like rants sometimes;)

      I know, isn't that picture just so cuuuuuuuuuuute?! It makes me happy:)

  12. I like posts like this! It's fun to hear a little bit about your life, and the things you enjoy doing.

    You didn't finish Huckleberry Finn? Why not? I always thought that was a really good book, but it's been a long time since I've read it. (Actually, I don't think I ever read it to myself. My dad read it to me and my siblings quite a few years ago.)

    You've been driving your siblings crazy? Really, Olivia. You shouldn't do that! Haha! Did you just recently discover The Philadelphia Story, or has it been a favorite for a while?

    Oooh, yes! Watching movies with your family! That is so much fun!

    Haha! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! That is such a fun movie! You know, I don't think I ever caught all the words to those songs. "Theeeey kept occupied by sewin' lots o' little old togas for them tots." THAT'S what they were saying? Wow, I'm going to have to listen more closely next time I watch it! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Aww, thanks! I do too, Miss March!:D

      You know, I'm not entirely sure why I didn't finish Huck Finn. I do plan to read it eventually, but…I think I just came to the conclusion that since I'm in the midst of the school year with a number of other responsibilities, I need my "leisure" reading to be able to draw me in pretty quickly, because I can't really be spending time trying to get into books that either moderately depress me or just aren't that interesting to me. And I guess HF fit into those categories somewhere…not really sure:)

      I know. Shame on me;P TPS has been a favorite for a while:) I just love it so much.

      Yes!!! I love SBfSB!! Haha, I'm still working on catching all the lyrics myself. For instance, it took me years to figure out what they say at the end of "Sobbin' Women": "And though they'll be a-sobbin' for awhile/We're gonna make them sobbin' women smile!" I thought they were saying something like, "We're gonna make them sob and ribbons more!" Yeah. Don't ask.

      Thank you for your comment, Miss March!:)

    2. That makes a lot of sense. With so many things to do, you don't want to waste time on a book that isn't really grabbing your attention. I start so many books myself and don't finish them. I tried reading Ivanhoe the other day (I was in an Ivanhoe mood because we had just finished watching the movie) but I didn't get very far before I decided to skim ahead to the part I REALLY wanted to read. And after I'd read that part, I didn't really care to read the rest of the book. :/

      Wow! I didn't know what they were saying at the end of "Sobbin' Women", either. I always I thought it was "We're gonna make them sobbin' with a smile!" Ha! Well, I guess I learned something new today! :) "We're gonna make them sob and ribbons more!" Heehee! I like that! It's funny how many crazy things we can come up with when you don't understand the words. :)

      ~Miss March

  13. Hurray! I loved hearing what you've been up too! :-D
    Gosh that R&J song, goosebumps, probably cause I'm an Alto and can't hit those notes haha. Well I can if I have proper diaphramic control and support but only rarely..
    This is basically me in choir.. xD hehe
    Loved this post!

    1. Thanks!:D

      Hahaha!!! I couldn't see every picture, but the ones I did were really funny. "You get to pretend that you're better than the sopranos because everyone knows a woman only becomes a soprano so she won't have to read sheet music." XD XD XD

      Thanks so much! Your comment made me happy:)


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