The Bedtime Movie Tag

Ivy has tagged me!  Thank you so much, Ivy; I love tags:)

1.)  A movie that kept you up all night
Hmm.  This is a toughie, 'cause there's more later about movies that made me scared and thus kept me up…oh, I know!  The Sound of Music.

:)  This marvelous piece of cinema has kept me and my family up past midnight almost every New Year's Eve that I can remember.  It's tradition;)  Along with opening stockings while watching, instead of at Christmas.  (Yes, you may now all be jealous of our awesome New Year's habits.)

2.)  A movie that made you scared to sleep
Little Dorrit.  *shudders*  Just…no.  Rigaud and Ms. Monotone (I don't remember her name) FREAKED THE EVERLIVIN' DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME.

I don't really like Little Dorrit.

3.)  A movie that made you go to sleep
I'm usually pretty good about keeping awake during movies, actually…but Fiddler on the Roof MIGHT have seen me nodding off the first time I watched it. 

To be fair, I was, like, six.  So I had a slightly shorter attention span, particularly if anything about a movie remotely depressed me.

4.)  A movie that left you tossing and turning all night in anticipation of its release
There haven't been very many, but lately I have found my thoughts turning to 2017 Beauty and the Beast of an evening.

I just can't decide if I can make peace with the casting of Belle.  I have nothing whatever against Emma Watson, but I've never seen her in anything; I only know some of the movies in which she has acted, and, I mean…I don't know.  I really shouldn't judge her aptitude for portraying Belle simply by hearsay and my own conjecture, but…I can't help but wish they'd cast someone who looks a little bit more like Belle.  Say, Alexis Bledel or Amelia Warner (Amelia Warner might be a bit too old, though).  But then again, Lily James probably wouldn't have been the first person to pop into my head for the role of Cinderella, and look how that turned out;)  

5.)  A movie that has your dream boyfriend/girlfriend ship of two separate movies
Like Ivy, I'm a wittle confuzzed.

6.)  A movie that would be your worst nightmare to live in
Um…I dunno…maybe Mad Max:  Fury Road?  I haven't seen it, but I saw the trailer, and I think that basically speaks for itself.

I remember the trailer exceedingly depressing me.

7.)  A movie that reminds you of nighttime
Maybe The Phantom of the Opera?  It's got a lot of nocturnal musicality about it…hehe;)

I guess it's supposed to remind you of nighttime.  The whole catacombs-of-an-opera-house-as-a-location thing really helps with that, don't it?

8.)  A movie that has a nightmarish cliffhanger
The Desolation of Smaug isn't exactly prime cuddle material.

But I was kind of done with that movie by that time, anyway, so…I didn't really care;P  I actually liked the third installment the best of the Hobbit movies. 

9.)  A movie you actually dreamed about
Isn't it so fun when you dream about movies?  Most of the time, that is?  I've had dreams with several movie characters in it…The Fellowship of the RingAnastasia…but one really interesting dream I had involved North and South (2004).

I dreamed up an extra scene where Margaret is crying about something, Mr. Thornton is comforting her, and then is asking her to 'reconsider.'  It was a very touching death scene, I cried when I wrote it little moment, if I do say so myself.  (I later realized that it didn't really fit with their relationship, since he would never have brought himself to petition her again until, well, the train scene, and she was not the kind of girl to be crying onto his shoulder about her own troubles.  The reconsidering thing actually would have worked better with Anne and Gil or Laurie and Jo, I think.)

10.)  A movie monster you would not want to find under your bed
*shivers*  Ew.  I'll go with Shelob.

Well, that was fun:D

Now, as to tagging…I nominate everybody who's reading this.  That way, if you want to fill out the answers, you've been officially tagged, and if you don't want to, there's no pressure.  (Tagging people stresses me.  I don't know why.  I think it's because I always forget someone, or I feel like I should tag everybody, which makes it difficult for some other people to tag people, so…yeah.)




    I read the fine print.

    Okay, I probably shouldn't even ask. ;-P

    *I* personally adore Little Dorrit to the moon and back. But...okaaaayy, I guess I might be able to see how someone wouldn't like it. (Sort of.) I'm not sure why, but Riguad never scared me too bad. I never imagined him slithering out of my closet or pouncing upon me on my way down the hall in the middle of the night.

    The bunny picture was my favorite part. :-D


    1. Yeah, Rigaud/Blandois is SOO horrible you just know he doesn't REALLY exist. That's why he's never scared me too bad, either. ;-P

    2. Heh. Nope, I don't like it very much;P

      Okay, okay. The thing is, I get extremely "into" whatever I'm seeing/hearing/etc, to the point that I feel like I should be experiencing what other people are experiencing. Thusly, certain types of darkness in movies, I can't "do." ;) LD is one of those. I don't handle all the despair and depression and madness and *ahem* suicidal tendencies because when I watch them, I start to feel them. Know what I mean? BUT there were also parts of it that I really liked, like Calvetto and Sparkler and Fanny (I liked Fanny, haha) and Mr. Pancks and Flora and the ending which is just so cuuuuuuuuute:D

      Haha, I get that! Rigaud/Blandois definitely creeped me out at certain parts, but I guess Ms. Monotone kept me awake slightly more. I don't know why, but she just SCARED me. But then I read up on it and found out that there's really nothing scary to her, so that was all right;)

      I thought you'd like the bunny picture, Emma!:D

    3. Okay, it took me a really long time to figure out who you meant by 'Ms. Monotone'! Now I know. :-P She was creepy, yes.

      Yes, I totally understand that. I do that a lot too -- that's why I hate watching movies about the holocaust. For some reason Dickens movies don't bother me, though -- I tend to find the darkly depressing aspects amusing, even. Like, "That's SO Dickens." ;-P

      MR. PANCKS. Love him. "Anytime, Mr. Clennam!"

      Oh, and who's Calvetto? Is that the Italian dude who communicates in sign language?

    4. Hehehe;)

      Ah, yes, I get that. For me, it's kind of the opposite--I can USUALLY do stories about the Holocaust, but Dickens and I aren't the best of friends, ha. (Though I started this one Holocaust book, The Butterfly and the Violin, that was really good, but it was giving me panic attacks *ahem* so I had to take a break from it.)

      ISN'T HE THE BEST. "Mr. Bland-oyce." "Blandois."

      Yep, that's the one. I felt really bad for him so I was really happy that he had a happy ending:D

  2. What do you think of Luke Evans as Gaston?

    1. Oh, I'm excited for Luke Evans as Gaston;) But someone pointed out to me that it would have been cooler if he had been cast as the Beast, and now I rather wish he had been. Just BECAUSE;)

  3. Funny story: one evening, Lydia, Christian, Ava, and I really really wanted to go watch a movie. "Max" (the newish dog movie) was showing in a dollar theater near us, so Mom and Dad let us go see it. Ava was last to order her ticket, and the cashier accidentally gave her a ticket for "Mad Max: Fury Road", which, by the way, is rated R. So we had a laugh later, because Ava is 10, and does not look anywhere near 17-18.

    1. Hahaha! I agree with Erudessa, that's funny XD Imagine if poor little Ava had actually been taken to the Mad Max room/thingy! How awful!!

  4. I never actually saw Little Dorrit before in my life-and I've never seen Mad Max neither. I've only heard the soundtrack to the Sound of Music movie and honestly, when I saw Samug...I wanted to hug him. AND OR DEAR LORD I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT THE DAMNED SPIDER. I hated that spider so bad.

    1. *high fives* Standing in solidarity together!;) Oh, but you should watch SoM!!! It's SUCH a good movie. And I did LIKE Smaug, don't get me wrong;) Hahaha! Yes, I know--she's just FREAKY. I was actually expecting to hate her a lot worse than I did, but it turned out tolerably. I still HATE Shelob, obviously, but she didn't give me nightmares like I expected her to do, hehe:)


    Okay, I actually already knew you didn't really like it, so if wasn't that much of a shock. :-P I loooooove it though - it's one of the only 'darker' movies I really enjoy. :-) But yes, Blandois is a NIGHTMARE.

    We also watch the Sound of Music around/on Christmas! We have the saaaame tradition! :-D Isn't it awesome?

    ~ Naomi

    1. Haha, well, at least you knew;) There were parts of it I liked, but you know how you mentioned how there are certain types of darkness you just don't like in a story? That's basically me with LD:-/

      You DOOOOO?!?! Ahhhhh, that makes me happy! We have the same traditions!!!!:D

  6. Oh, that's so fun that you have traditions every year. :D They're the bestest. <3
    I'm sorry you were scared by Little Dorrit. :P I personally think it's a sweet little movie, but to each their own. ;) I don't like Rigaud, but I am not entirely freaked out by him. (Isn't Andy Serkis an amazing actor? It's crazy what diverse characters he can become!!)
    Haha, well, Fiddler on the Roof can be a little boring in some places. ;)
    AH I CAN'T WAIT FOR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!! EEEEKKKK! Super stoked and excited. :D
    Oh, haha, that bunny picture. Those eyes. ;P
    Eww, I don't think I'll be watching Mad Max anytime soon. Ahem. :P
    Yes, I suppose Phantom of the Opera does remind you of nighttime....I hadn't really thought about it before. :)
    Oh, yes the Hobbit!! Bard is awesome. :D And his family. They're my favourites. (And Bilbo, of course, duh.)
    How fun that you dreamed about North and South! Man, I'm jealous. ;D
    HAHA. Sometimes any big spider 10 feet away from you can feel like Shelob, but yes, I'd HATE to have her under my bed. *shivers*
    Well, I suppose there's no harm if I feel like answering the questions. ;) Let's see.....
    1) Well, perhaps not all night, but I remember going to bed Very Late after watching a movie called "The Taming of the Shrew" was a rather strange movie, actually. :P
    2) Um......perhaps Jurassic World? ;) I actually wasn't much scared but that though....let's say Sherlock. I'm not freaked out by them, but sometimes after seeing a scary episode I have to run to my bed and quickly hide under the covers. ;P Hehe.
    3) Oooohh, I rarely go to sleep in fact, I don't actually remember going to sleep in any. :P I remember COMPLETELY falling asleep while watching a cheesy documentary on Genghis Khan, but y'know, it was a documentary. You gotta expect that. ;P
    4) Well, something that I am NOW keenly anticipating is the Christmas special of Sherlock! Ah, I can't wait for it!! Also the new Star Wars movie, and the possibility of another Bourne movie with Matt Damon coming out....!!!
    5) I'm rather confuzzled with that too. Well, I'll just make a meaning for it. ;) I'll pick two characters from different movies that I think would make a 'cute couple'.....let me think....I'd say, Jason Bourne from the Bourne series and Ariadne from Inception. I think that could work. But I was never overly good at matchmaking, haha...
    6) Um....either The Hunger Games or Divergent. I'd hate to live in those futuristic worlds. Divergent, because I don't think I've ever be able to pick a faction and being separated from your family sounds awful, and Hunger Games because it is just a TERRIBLE place to live in. *shudders*
    7) Um....that's hard. :P All the scarier-than-Disney movies we watch at night time, so I always associate "big kids movies" with night, but as for a particular one....None come to mind, except maybe Les Miserables. :P
    8) Oh, I remember thinking about that but now I've forgotten which movie did have the cliffhanger....oh, I know! Inception, ha! They're so meeeeeaannnn....(Have you seen Inception? It's one of my fav movies. If you can't tell. ;D)
    9) I don't remember dreaming about actual movies. I've dreamt about the Queen, does that count? :P I suppose not. I tend to have memories, not fictional characters in my dreams. Or some TV celebrity.
    10) What an odd question, hehe. ;) I really don't know...maybe Smaug? :P I doubt he'd fit under my bed, haha.
    That was rather challenging, but still, it made me think. ;)
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Yes! They certainly are :)

      Hehe, yep. I don't like it very much. But YES, Andy Serkis is amazing! I actually did almost like Rigaud in his last scene. It was just…rather cool.


      Bard is awesome, yes! I really liked his character in the movies. And yes, Bilbo:D

      Oh, yay! I had fun reading your answers:) I haven't seen Inception YET, but I'm sure I will at some time; I've heard that it's good. And, apparently, it is?:D

  7. Thanks, Olivia! This looks like fun!
    1. Okay, I cannot think of a single movie that's actually kept me up all night. Nothing ever keeps me up all night. Nothing. Like I said to Hamlette, mein Schlafen ist sehr wichtig zu mir :)
    2. I don't think I've ever watched a single movie that was so scary I couldn't sleep afterwards. I don't do scary movies. Just . . . nope.
    3. Uh . . . I think I might've fallen asleep during a few Star Trek episodes when I was a little kid (like, four or five?)
    4. STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAAAAAAAKENS. Yeah. That. (By the way, Olivia, I really do think Emma Watson's going to do a great job as Belle--I haven't actually seen her in any movies myself but I did see a (very brief) Beauty and the Beast trailer on YouTube and it looks COOL. Have you watched it yet?)
    5. Mmmmmm . . . Well, I think I've said before that I want Steve Rogers to marry Fanny Price, but I don't regard either Frances O'Connor or Billie Piper as the real "Fanny Price" so I don't know if that counts. What I mean to say is, this would only work if there was an actual GOOD movie version of Fanny and there ain't. So far.
    6. Hee. I wouldn't want to live in "Thirteen Days"--you know, the Cuban Missile Crisis movie? It's a FANTASTIC film, don't get me wrong, but the threat of nuclear annihilation would be a bit much for me :)
    7. S&S 08. There's a lot of dark and/or shadowy scenes in that movie. Which I like, of course, because it fits well with the story. But still--it's rather dark.
    8. Hahahaha. Captain America The First Avenger. I mean, seriously . . . we all know what happens, but still, it was MEAN.
    9. I dreamed about Amazing Grace last night. Can't remember what the dream was ABOUT, but that doesn't matter :)
    10. Ummmmmmm . . . Darth Vader?

    1. Sure thing, Jessica! Ooh, yay, you answered them!

      *sigh* Wish I could read what you wrote in German…that is, I thiiiiiink I can pick out a couple words, but nothing intelligible:P

      The BatB trailer is out already?? How did I not know this?!?! No, I haven't watched it, but I will. Thank you for letting me know;)

      Oooh, yes, S&S '08 is a bit "darker." AND IT'S DA BEST. But then we've already discussed this;D

      Ohhhhh, yeah, that Cap America ending WAS pretty terrible. Eck.

    2. Okay, so I can't promise that it was an "official" trailer for B&B--but it indisputably had footage of both Emma as Beauty, AND a verra verra scary-lookin' CGI "Beast." Wait, lemme see if I can find it . . .
      Okay, I can't find the exact same one I saw before, it was probably taken down--but yes, the Official Trailer is out, and here's the link (if you haven't found it already ;) ):
      Enjoy :)

    3. But that's a fake trailer -- Daniel Radcliffe isn't in BATB. They've just superimposed faces over stuff from other movies and cobbled things together.

    4. No, Daniel Radcliffe isn't in it--but DAN STEVENS IS!!! AND HATTIE MORAHAN AND EMMA THOMPSON!!!
      Okay, calming down now. :)
      Now I'm confused, though--if it's not the official trailer (and it seems it definitely isn't), then what's with the "Official Trailer" label? Somebody is not telling the truth here ;)

    5. Yeah, it's a fake, "official" label notwithstanding. Somebody wants attention, I expect.

      I'm still in glare-mode over Luke Evans playing a character I despise, but Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, and Ian McKellen all have my very excited. And I really like Emma Watson and Kevin Kline too :-)

    6. Wait HOLD THE HECK UP Hattie Morahan is in it toooooooo?!;D That makes me so happy; I love it when actors who've played together in one movie come to work together in another. It just satisfies me:) I obviously need to check up on the BatB updates again...

    7. I honestly don't know which characters I'm supposed to like/dislike (except for Belle and the Prince of course) because I've never watched the Disney movie :) Well, okay, I've seen clips of it, like, in kindergarten--but I didn't enjoy it because it was scary, and so that doesn't count ;) So, if you asked me if Luke Evans is playing a good guy or a bad guy, I would have no idea . . . but I'm really, really, REALLY excited about Dan Stevens (because of course he plays Edward in S&S 08) and Emma Watson (because she's always amazing).

    8. I actually don't care that much for the animated Disney version -- I rewatched it recently for the first time in probably 15 years, and I was like, "Nope, still doesn't really touch me." So maybe I'll like this version better! You never know -- maybe Gaston will be redeemable somehow. Or maybe Luke Evans will just be so good I won't care.

    9. I like the animated one, but I guess I can understand how it wouldn't appeal to everybody. It's not one of my absolute favorites, but it does have some really greta parts. Haha, "Maybe Luke Evans will just be so good I won't care." ;D I'm interested to see what I think of Emma Watson! She'll probably blow me away just as Lily James did:)

    10. Both it and "Sleeping Beauty" have never attracted me much, not just the animated movies either, but the fairy tale stories too. Maybe because both have heroines that feel a little too good to be true to me?

  8. I love that bunny picture!

    The Sound Of Music is awesome. Period.

    You dreamed about North&South? Wow! I dreamed about Mr. Darcy after watching P&P (both versions). After the '95 one, I dreamed that he smiled at me - I know, right?!! - and after the '05 one, I dreamed that he came and gave me some sort of present :)

    I didn't do the tag because I haven't really watched THAT many movies :) But I liked reading your answers!!

    Haha, I'm not surprised Jessica dreamed about Amazing Grace - she just watched it with me last night :) That was AMAZING!!! It was the first time I'd seen it. OH MY GOODNESS when William Wilberforce goes "No matter how loud you shout, you will not drown out the voice of the people!" He is AWESOME. And when *Captain Wentworth* throws the chair at *Mr. Woodhouse*. Wow. It was a great movie :D

    1. Isn't it adorable, Rosie?:D

      Yes, I did! It was great fun;) Oh, really?! That sounds really cool, and I don't even like Mr. Darcy!

      AMAZING GRACE IS AMAZING. YES. INDEED. "When Captain Wentworth throws the chair at Mr. Woodhouse"--I never thought of it like that! That's awesome:D

    2. You don't like Mr. Darcy? Wow! He's never been my favorite Austen hero (I prefer Colonel Brandon :)) but it seems like sooooo many people think he is the GREATEST BESTEST MOST PERFECT HERO EVER, that I had kind of despaired of finding someone who didn't really like him either ;)

      Glad you like that - it was actually Jessica who first thought of that :) She watched it before I did, you see :D But yeah, it was AMAZING. I am sure I will never be able to talk about that movie without using CAPS CAPS CAPS :D

    3. No, I don't, to be honest! I'm so glad someone else understands:D

      Haha, I know how you feel;)

  9. Fun post, Olivia!! I'm not to sure about Emma Watson playing Belle either. I personally think that they could have chosen someone...better?? Or that looks more like Belle?

    I saw the commercial for Mad Max too, it looks scary. The Phantom of the Opera is a good one for nighttime.

    Yes, The Desolation of Smaug was a cliffhanger. When I was at the movie theater watching it, people got really angry when the screen went black and then the song started.

    Finding Shelob under your bed would be terrifying! The Sid picture goes perfectly with it, "No thanks, I choose life." :D

    1. Thanks, Morgan! I wish they'd picked someone who looks a little more like Belle too:-/

      Haha, Sid has a quote for everything, doesn't he?:D

  10. Haha, I actually tagged you for this before I saw that you had already been tagged. XD Oh well, now I know your answers. ;)

  11. We both picked DOS for the cliffhanger answer :-) I didn't care for that movie initially either, but after seeing TBOTFA, I went back and rewatched DOS, and it was orders of magnitude better. So much of it makes way more sense after you see TBOTFA, or it did for me, anyway. And the EE even more so. I hadn't bothered buying the EEs for AUJ and DOS, but then after seeing TBOTFA several times, I did, and I am soooooo glad I did because especially for DOS, the EE works even better.

    1. Great minds think alike;) Huh! Maybe I'd really like it better if I tried it again.

  12. Your New Years Eve traditions sound so lovely! Staying up till midnight watching a movie with your family is so much fun! And opening stockings! What kinds of things do you usually get in your stockings? We usually get candy and snacks. My mom used to put actual little presents in them, as well, but then we decided we wanted to save as many presents as possible for under the Christmas tree, so our stockings have become mostly a food stash. ;)

    Ms. Monotone! Haha! She certainly is that! I can't stand her or Rigaud! They're AWFUL!

    About Beauty and the Beast. That was actually my initial thought when I saw the picture you included. "That doesn't look like Belle!" Ha! It will be very interesting to see how it turns out. (By the way, what other movies does Emma Watson play in? I'm not sure if I've ever seen her in anything before, either.)

    I like your bunny picture. :) It's so cute and quizzical.

    "But I was kind of done with that movie by that time, anyway, so…I didn't really care ;P" Haha! Yeah, I feel like it's kind of hard to get involved in The Hobbit cliffhangers because the entire movie is so full of impossible narrow escapes that you really can't feel fear for the characters anymore. You know they'll get out. And it doesn't really matter when. :P

    Your North and South dream sounds really neat. I love it when I have "story" dreams. They're just so much fun!

    Oh yuck! Shelob under the bed? That's a horribly awful thought. Don't even want to think about it.

    I understand what you mean about tagging people. I can get stressed about those kinds of things, too. So, yeah, I'd say nominating everyone works just fine! :)

    I enjoyed this post, Olivia! Hope you have a lovely day!

    ~Miss March

    1. Thanks! Yes, I really love it:D We usually get candy and small presents, too;) Haha! That's awesome; when do you usually open stockings?

      YES. UGH.

      Hehe, indeed. (Well, I know she plays in the Harry Potter franchise and in Perks of Being a Wallflower, but beyond that I don't know.)

      Heehee, thanks:D

      Exactly. And they're *ahem* so long that you're kind of glad they're over.

      Yes, they are!

      Aww, thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed, and you have a lovely day, too!

    2. We always open our stockings on Christmas morning. :)

      Haha! Yes. I feel like the Hobbit films took much too long to tell us much too little. They're not as good as The Lord of the Rings.

      ~Miss March

    3. Cool!:)

      Exactly. I did really enjoy TBOTFA, but I'm not the biggest Hobbit fan anyway, so…yeah.


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