The Awesome Food Award

The lovely Heidi has nominated me!:D

Thank you, Heidi!

The rules:
1). Thank the person who nominated you, as well as link to their blog.
2). Answer the 10 questions provided.
3). Come up with 10 more questions that relate to food.
4). Nominate at least 5 people.
5). Let those people know they've been nominated.

Heidi's questions:
1. Your thoughts on cheese?  Cheese is nice:)

2. Favorite pizza?  Green pepper and cheese from Domino's.  IT IS SO GOOD.

3. Have you always had a “traditional” dinner (i.e. turkey and all the fixings) on Thanksgiving?  Pretty much, but wouldn't you know it?  I don't care for Thanksgiving fare (HA!  I'm a poet, and you did not know it!) that much.  I like cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, but that about does it:-/

4. Favorite Thanksgiving dish to prepare?  See above;P  

5. Your favorite breakfast?  
Bagels from Mr. J.'s (have you had Mr. J.'s?  They're amazing) with their signature cream cheese.  Sometimes I like eggs with it, and sometimes I don't, but fruit always makes any meal better, so I tend to have that often as well.  

6. Favorite kind of bread (i.e. whole wheat, French, sourdough, cinnamon-raisin, etc.)  
I like baguettes a lot, and also garlicky bread:D

7. Favorite vegetable?  Good question!  Hmm…probably either carrots, green beans, peas, or avocados (are avocados vegetables or some other odd food group of which I'm unaware?).  I would say tomatoes, but then one risks being pulled into the vegetable/fruit debate…:D  (Even though, technically, I guess my other answers could also be debatable.)

8. Do you like sweet or sour?  Usually sweet.

9. Most unusual/unexpected ethnic dish you’ve ever had?  I am NOT an adventurous eater.  Nope.  If anything, I'm picky and squeamish.  So…yeah;)  Oh, but there are these packaged meals called Madras Lentils, that look absolutely disgusting, but taste surprisingly okay.  There is that.

10. Hamburgers or hotdogs?  *primly*  I'm assuming you are referring to before I became a vegetarian?  Then, it was hotdogs.  Hamburgers are revolting to my taste buds, frankly.  

I'm going to bypass nominating people (it stresses me, remember?) and inventing new questions, but if you would like to fill out these questions, consider yourself nominated!:)


  1. Fun! I'm going to do this one, too, just cause I feel like it. :)
    1. Cheese--I love cheese. Although I have to be careful how much I eat, because I had a dairy allergy when I was younger and am kind of slowly getting over that.
    2. Favorite pizza--Definitely my mom's homemade pizza with sausage and onions and mushrooms . . . MMMMMMMMMMM. That's all I got to say about THAT.
    3. Thanksgiving--Yes, except we usually have roast chicken, not roast turkey.
    4. The stuffing. Or the apple pie. Not sure which. :)
    5. BAGELS.
    6. Uh . . . this is a tough one. I think I'll just say any kind of bread my mom makes is my favorite. (She's an awesome baker, in case you can't tell. I wish I could be the same, but unfortunately I'm allergic to live yeast, so yeah.)
    7. Mmmmmm. I'm going to say either collard greens or mushrooms. Cause I love them both, and I can't decide. :)
    8. Sweet, usually, although sour can be quite good also.
    9. Hmmmmmm. I'm going to go with couscous, which I tried once or twice but didn't care too much for. (This was many years ago--I expect I'd like it much better if I tried it today.)
    10. Hot dogs. Love them. (We've had hot dogs and beans every Saturday night for years and years, and it's honestly one of my favorite parts of the week :) )

    1. Ooh, yay!:D

      Roast chicken is a better idea than roast turkey! I was never a huge fan of either, but I really DO NOT GET the appeal of Thanksgiving turkey. It's just so…dry. And rather tasteless. But maybe that's just me;)

      BAGELS. YES.

      Oh, you do? That's an awesome weekly tradition!:D

    2. I know, right? I look forward to it SO MUCH. It's a fun weekend thing. (Not to mention we have pizza and pasta for lunch every Sunday!)

    3. Another awesome weekly tradition! Your family has great meal plans, Jessica;D

  2. Yay! I love your answers. Hey, look, another avocado lover :)

    I want to do this tag :)

    Oh wait, you said I could! Now I'm happy. Okay. Here we go:

    1) Your thoughts on cheese -- I love cheese. Brick cheese, cream cheese, cheese on pizza, cheese, cheese, cheese . . . um, yeah. Those are my thoughts ;)
    2) Favorite pizza -- MOM'S PIZZA IT IS SOOO AMAZING AND OH MY GOODNESS. Aaaaannnd right now we have it every Sunday. With pasta :D
    3) Thanksgiving dinner -- We usually have chicken. And yeah, I guess you would say we have it with all the fixings. I mean, we have stuffing and cranberry sauce and green beans and mashed potato . . . okay, I'm stopping :)
    4) Favorite Thanksgiving dish to prepare -- well every year I help Mom with the cranberry sauce. Which is really cool. And the desert sometimes . . .
    5) Favorite breakfast -- I hope this can mean things we don't have everyday. If it does, I'm going to say MUFFINS. The kind Mom makes. (I guess by now you've noticed that I LOVE the stuff Mom bakes :)) And peoples, those muffins hot from the oven are just an AMAZING start to the day :D
    6) Favorite bread -- The kind Mom makes. After that comes French bread, Italian bread, rye bread, pumpernickel bread, sesame seed bread . . . I love bread. It's a thing :)
    7) Favorite vegetable -- Uh. So. Well. *coughs* I'm not good at telling what is a vegetable and what isn't. But I love carrots and mushrooms and collards and kale and lettuce and avocado. (I hope at least some of those happened to be vegetables :P)
    8) Sweet. Sour is good too, but I usually tend to eat more on the sweet side :P
    9) Must unusual dish -- That's tough. I eat a lot of things really. I know I don't like okra dishes. And anything TOO hot or sweet I don't care for that much. Of course the most unusual thing I ever ate was a piece of candy. Some sort of nut candy - but it tasted like plastic and rubber. Ugh.
    10) Hot dogs all the way! I don't know WHAT I'd do if we stopped having hot dogs and beans on Saturday :)

    Thanks, Olivia! This was soooo fun :) :) :) :)

    1. Yes! *high-five* I don't really like avocados "plain," (my mom sometimes just eats them by themselves) but I really like good guacamole and avocados are just such good condiments, don't you think?

      Your answers were so fun! Fresh muffins in the morning…yum…:D

      "I love bread. It's a thing." Haha! Yes!

      Hehe, I'm not, either.

      Of course! Thank you for doing it:)

    2. *high fives back* Yes I totally agree! Whoa, wait A SECOND, that IS a coincidence. Your mom eats them plain but you don't like them that way?! Oh my goodness! So does my mom. And I don't like them plain either. I like them in guacamole :D

      Glad you like my answers ;)

      Yeah, I actually say that a lot . . .

      You're welcome! It was great :)

    3. Really?! That's so cool that we're so alike in that, Rosie!:D


  3. YOU MADE ME SO HUNGRY. *Glares* :-P

    Ohhh, yess, the garlic-bread. It's SO GOOD. AND YES PIZZA.

    ~ Naomi


    And I love cheese too-and pizza...and many other delicious things.....

  5. 1. "Cheese is nice:)" Haha! What a staggering answer! I like it! *grin*

    3. You don't care for Thanksgiving fare? (Yes, you are a poet...but I did already know it. ;) heehee.) Cranberry sauce is the one thing I make sure to skip's too sour. Or something. Actually, I'm not sure if I ever tasted. But my eyes told me I wouldn't like it. :) Mashed potatoes are good, though, if they have enough butter and salt.

    5. Never heard of Mr. J's. But bagels, fruit, and eggs sound like a delicious breakfast.

    6. Oh, yes! Garlic bread! That is so good!

    9. I'm not an adventurous eater, either. Actually "picky and squeamish" describes me pretty well, too. My hat is off to you, though, in regards to the Madris Lentils. From my previous knowledge of lentils, and from reading your above description, I have a hunch I wouldn't even taste them. (Unless, of course, I had no other choice.) :)

    "Hamburgers are revolting to my taste buds, frankly." Haha! Well put. When I was little, I couldn't stand hamburgers. I would chew them and chew them and chew them, but I could never seem to swallow them. They're not so bad now, but they're still not my first choice. :)

    Good answers, Olivia! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Haha, thank ya ;D

      Heehee, I guess I should have really qualified: I don't like turkey or stuffing or gravy. Never have. But the other stuff, yes;) And mashed potatoes! Yes, they definitely need salt.

      You understand! I just…don't like experimenting with my food. Haha, it took me a looooong time to try them. And they're still not my favorite, but "they are tolerable, I suppose." :D

      Exactly. They just don't agree with me, at all.

      Thank you, Miss March!:)

  6. Here I am! And very funny. :) I always tend to like Christmas fare better than Thanksgiving in general, but I'm starting to like Thanksgiving food more as I get older. Perhaps it's an acquired taste?? ;)

    Bagels are so good and I think I have had those! And you're right.... lentils at all can often look... um... interesting on the plate, but then can be incredibly good. ;D

    I enjoyed your answers! :)

    1. Haha, thank you, Heidi! And thanks again for the tag!:)

      Hmm, yes, maybe Thanksgiving food IS an acquired taste. That would make sense.

      Yes! Bagels are the best! And lentils certainly are...somethin' ;)

      Thank you!


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