That awkward moment when...

…People tag you, you procrastinate for about a month, and then decide to whip up the answers despite the fact that you haven't even formally wrapped up your latest Western-themed week.  Yeah.  That.  (I SHALL wrap up Western Week and draw/notify the giveaway winners before too much longer.  I SHALL.)  Anyway, Ivy and Anna have both tagged me (hence the spiel about tagging and procrastination)!  Thanks, ladies!  I do so love a good tag :)  Let's dive in.

(Also, there'll be a lot of random movie collages that have nothing to do with the answers.  I found a bunch of really pretty collages over the past few months and wanted to share several of them with y'all, being the kind soul that I am :))

~ Ivy's First Tag (Simple Questions) ~

Pass along the questions

1. What nationality are you?
For privacy's sake, I'll just say Caucasian.

2. What's your favourite animal?
Hmm…to be around, probably dogs.  Hypothetically, though, I like horses, dolphins, jellyfish (yes), kittens, songbirds, squirrels, and the entire population of Redwall Abbey :)

3. What's your favourite food?
I like salads, fruits, chips, and pizza.  Most likely one of those.

4. What's your favourite author?
C.S. Lewis, baby.  

5. Do you have pets? So yes, what kind of pet? And no, which one would you like to have?
I have (currently) one dog, Sasha.  She's a white husky mix of some sort.  She's rather pretty, if I do say so myself :P

6. How old are you?(you don't have to answer if you don't want to, or you can just be very vague)
I am somewhere between birth and death.  How's that? ;)

7. Do you have a big family? (cousins, uncles, and aunts included)
Yep, pretty big.  I'm one of six children.  My mother is the only one of her siblings who married, but I have a lot of first and second cousins on my dad's side.  Plus several aunts and uncles from both of my parents.

8. What is/are your favourite soundtrack(s)?
Romeo and Juliet (2013), The Prince of Egypt, Cinderella (2015), Brave, Spirit:  Stallion of the Cimarron…a lot of animated ones…hmm...

9. What's your favourite Disney movie? (only animated or drawn)
That's a tie between Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and no, I do not care to narrow it down any further, nor do I know if I can.  THEY'RE BOTH SO GOOD.

10. When is your birthday?
June 15 :)

~  Ivy's Second Tag (Five Favorite Couples) ~

1.)  Pick one couple from each category
2.)  Tagging is optional
3.)  Link back to my site

1.) Period Drama Couple
2.) Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couple
3.) Superhero Couple
4.) Preferred Couple (from a love triangle)
5.) Couple Ended Too Soon

There may be spoilers!!!  (Actually, there will be spoilers for at least the last category.  Obviously.)  

~ Period Drama Couple ~

Margaret Hale & John Thornton
North and South (2004)

I couldn't possibly choose a favorite period drama couple without it taking outlandish amounts of time, so I picked one of my favorites at random.  These two are lovely <3

The dynamics of their relationship--the tension, the misunderstandings, the pride, the passion, all that jazz--are just so. well. done.  I mean, seriously.  HOW.  I've loved this story, especially the romance between John and Margaret, ever since I first watched it some number of years ago.  It's just GOOD.  It's dramatic, but not melodramatic--in my opinion.  Some people do consider the movie rather melodramatic, I'm sure, and they are completely entitled to their wrong opinion :P  I love how Mr. Thornton keeps protecting Margaret even after she hurts him and he has persuaded himself (silly boy) that he no longer cares for her.  I love how Margaret grows to see the good in him, does her share of protecting him (riot scene, anyone?), and involuntarily begins to take an interest in him, even to the point of defending him from others' quips.  #hearts

~ Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couple ~

Han Solo & Leia Organa
the Star Wars movies

*clears throat*  WELL.  You asked me to pick a favorite sci-fi/fantasy couple, which encompasses several of my favorite couples (FARAWYN), but in the end I decided to go with Han and Leia, both because I love them to bits, and because the other day I flipped through this SW omnibus I bought at a thrift store recently, and reading all the swoon-worthy and laugh-worthy moments between these stubborn darlings warmed my blood-pumping organ.  

….. *ribbit* …..

That is to say, my heart.  This is what happens when Olivia attempts to be clever ;-P  

ANYWHO.  Han and Leia are doll-babies and they're excitable and ever-so-slightly arrogant (*snort*) and stiff-necked and they really care about each other and they're willing to sacrifice for each other and I HATE KYLO REN AND THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK IS MY FAVORITE SW MOVIE EVER, OKAY?!  (Though I also really love The Return of the Jedi.  You know.)  

~ Superhero Couple ~

Natasha (Black Widow) & Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Captain America:  The Winter Soldier

It was a thing for one of the movies, okay?!  And I, for one, liked it.  *glares icily at makers*  Seriously.  JUST MAKE A DECISION AND STICK WITH IT.  First Natasha seems to be with Hawkeye, and then she's with Cap, and then she's with Bruce?  "Do we detect a pattern here?"  As much as I care about any of the Marvel movies/characters (and that ain't much, to be blunt), I cared about Steve and Natasha.  I think they could've worked together as a couple :P  Ah, well, I'll get over it in time.  

~ Preferred Couple (from a love triangle) ~

Aragorn & Arwen
The Lord of the Rings

It took me forever to think of one for this, but technically there's a sort of love triangle between Aragorn/Arwen/Éowyn, isn't there?  And I'm definitely glad Aragorn ended up with Arwen (DUH).  Faramir is too perfect for Éowyn and Arwen is too perfect for Aragorn for there to be any thought of an Aragorn/Éowyn thing, I think :P 

~ Couple Ended Too Soon ~ 
(Oh, dear.  Natalie, I apologize in advance.)

Marian & Robin
BBC Robin Hood

I THINK MY POINT IS MADE. *goes off and cries forever*

~ Anna's Tag (Liebster) ~

1.) Link back to the person who tagged you.
2.) Answer the eleven questions.
3.) Tag 11 bloggers, and let them know you tagged them.
4.) Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions.

1.) Tell us four names (if you don't know the answer to any, just tell the ones you do know): one that your parents would have given you if you were the opposite gender, one they considered once they knew your gender, one you would choose if you got to choose your own name, and one you would NOT like to have.

Well, apparently, my two older brothers were each going to have been Olivia if they had been girls, so I was always going to be Olivia, it appears :)  One name I would choose for myself?  I'd have to really think about that…I like the names Charis, Rhiannon, and Arwen, and any of those might work for me, but I'm not sure.  One name I wouldn't be so very thrilled about is…Sue, I suppose, if I have to choose a non-favorite.

2.) If you were to adapt one of your favorite stories, what story would it be and how would you tell it? (movie, musical, webseries, play, book, etc?)

Oh, OH!  If I could adapt any story in any form, my choice would be--at least, right now--a book called In My Father's House.  It's by Ann Rinaldi, and if you and I are friends on Goodreads (WE SHOULD BE), you may remember my rather impassioned review of it a while back.  Guys, I can envision bits and pieces of the perrrrrrrfect trailer and the ENDING and the music and just I need it to happen!  Here's a glimpse of my dream cast for it:

3.) Tell us four of your favorite words.

Off (mainly) the top of my head:  gossamer, crystalline, twilight, shimmer.  (You think I'm a daydreamer?  Whatever gave you that impression?)

4.) What is a life lesson you have learned in the past year?

"Jesus loves me, this I know."

5.) Who is your favorite secondary character in a book you've read recently?

Hmm…well, I think the book I read the most recently was the original One Hundred and One Dalmatians (so charming!), so I'll go with Tommy Tompkins.  He's the Major's pet, and he's so adorable.  I like reading about Tommy :)

6.) What are five of the books on your TBR list right now?

Yikes!  *consults mental list and Goodreads*  Let's see here:  Lorna Doone (R.D. Blackmore), Behold the Dawn (K.M. Weiland), Surprised by Joy (C.S. Lewis), The Robe (Lloyd C. Douglas), and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Jamie Ford).

7.) Tell us one talent/skill you have, and one you'd like to develop.
One talent/skill that I've been told I have AND that I'd like to develop is singing, actually.  I've been in a choir for coming up on seven years, and I've just recently begun voice lessons.  I think it might be fun to try "dabbling" in musical theatre if possible, so we'll see where that goes.

8.) What's the best joke you've heard recently? (Awful puns are highly acceptable!)

Heh.  Hehe.  Puns…  One I heard recently at work was this:  "A neutron walks into a bar and asks, 'How much for a drink?'  The bartender says, 'For you, no charge.'"  (That was kind of a funny story, actually--there was originally some confusion as to the specific chemical entity that walked into the bar, but eventually all was straightened out and the joke was restored to its former glory.)

9.) Share a quote from the book you're currently reading.
"'Is not my house right before God?  Has He not made with me an everlasting covenant, arranged and secured in every part?  Will He not bring to fruition my salvation and grant me my every desire?'" ~ 2 Samuel 23:5

10.) What song is stuck in your head right now? (Or just share one that's been bouncing around recently if you don't have one right now.)

My brother has been getting Hamilton into my head all week :P

11.) What do you want your life to be like when you're a little old lady?

Awww…that's such a sweet question!  Hmm.  Lemme study on that.  Well, obviously, I'd like to know that I've walked with Jesus all my life and fulfilled His plans for me; I'd like to have really followed Him and trusted Him--even if I feel like I'm not doing that enough now.  I'd like to be that Sage Old Lady who's still just as spry as she used to be, at least mentally, and is Full of Sound Advice for the younger generations, and all that.

~ The Tag-ees ~

For Simple Questions, I tag whoever can name the movie of the last collage I used for that tag.  (If you want to do it, that is.  Tagging is always a non-compulsory activity :D)

For Five Favorite Couples, I tag DKorenHamletteMeredithAbby, and Anna.  

For Liebster, I tag LauraErudessaKayla MarieIvyMaryMonicaFaithCatherineChloeMorgBekah and anyone else who wants to answer these questions!  I might as well just say all of you are tagged if you are so inclined (as per usual), but I specifically tag these peeps, I guess?  I tried not to tag people if I knew they had very recently completed a tag/don't often do tags :P

(Oh, and Liebster people, I am now almost too brain-dead to think up eleven new questions--sorry--so I'll just pass on the same questions to you all.  Here they are, for your copying ease, as I think I heard another blogger put it one time:

1.) Tell us four names (if you don't know the answer to any, just tell the ones you do know): one that your parents would have given you if you were the opposite gender, one they considered once they knew your gender, one you would choose if you got to choose your own name, and one you would NOT like to have.
2.) If you were to adapt one of your favorite stories, what story would it be and how would you tell it? (movie, musical, webseries, play, book, etc?)
3.) Tell us four of your favorite words.
4.) What is a life lesson you have learned in the past year?
5.) Who is your favorite secondary character in a book you've read recently?
6.) What are five of the books on your TBR list right now?
7.) Tell us one talent/skill you have, and one you'd like to develop.
8.) What's the best joke you've heard recently? (Awful puns are highly acceptable!)
9.) Share a quote from the book you're currently reading.
10.) What song is stuck in your head right now? (Or just share one that's been bouncing around recently if you don't have one right now.)
11.) What do you want your life to be like when you're a little old lady?  

Whew!  Why are my tag posts always so unearthly long?!  (Because you wait until you've accumulated like fifty thousand questions to answer, Olivia.  Duh.)  Anyway, for those of you who took the time to read this mammoth all the way or most of the way through, kudos and 'umble thanks.  To those of you who skimmed, I do that a lot, myself.  Talk to you all soon, lovelies!  *blows kiss*


  1. Aww so much fun reading this! I especially loved the gushing over favorite couples. All of those OTPs are my favorites (except I never really shipped Steve and Natasha, though I totally understand why you would... I was still shipping her with Hawkeye... *goes and sobs in a corner*). Also THE PICTURES OF MARIAN AND ROBIN HOOD??? There really is nothing that needs to be said. That show was merciless and I will never rewatch the ending of that episode again, lol. :D :D

    1. Thanks, Faith!! I know, I enjoyed that part myself :D WE HAVE ZEE OTPS IN COMMON! Yeah, I think if I watch the Iron Man movies I'll come to ship Natasha & Clint more. (Is Hawkeye in those??)

      I KNOW I KNOW IT'S NOT RIGHT. GAHH. That show is amazing and beautiful and I love it dearly but it IS NOT GENTLE ON THE EMOTIONS.

  2. It's more efficient to condense all the tags into one post anyway. :D

    Those are some awesome questions, so I'll be sure to answer them sometime before the end of the year. *adds to mental list of things to do*

    Also, Hamilton! I've heard so much about it the past couple weeks, so of course I had to check it out. Rap isn't normally my thing, but goodness, those songs can be catchy!

    1. Also, I can't stand Natasha with Bruce. Just no.

    2. Haha, see? You understand ;)

      Heehee, I'm the queen of procrastinating tags, so no hurry :P

      SAME. It's not my thing in general, but I do love some of the songs (like "Burn", "Helpless", "Satisfied", "It's Quiet Uptown", etc, plus some of the more upbeat ones), and I've got to admire the ingenuity of it all.

      Oh, really? Yeah, I haven't seen the second Avengers yet, but I'm not impressed with the idea so far :-/ Do you have a preferred ship for Cap and/or Natasha?

    3. See, I'd much rather listen to other broadway tunes instead (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Mis, Phantom, etc).

      I'm not sure yet. In TWS, I liked them together, but I still haven't seen how they behave in Civil War so I don't know.

  3. Thanks for tagging me!

    Have you read North & South the book?

    I like Romanogers too......even though I have never seen the movies. I like it better then Cap/Sharon and Clintasha.

    1. And eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I didn't see the In My Father's House part of the tag last night!!! EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVESSSSSS that book!!!! And I recognize some of those faces. Who is who?

  4. You are so cool, Olivia. I love you and this post. :-)

    I think we have the same answer for "7.) Tell us one talent/skill you have, and one you'd like to develop." I've been in a choir for about seven years too; and I've just (much more 'just' than you!) started voice lessons. Musical theatre is something I want to focus on as well. :-)

    Hahaha, I love that you apologised 'in advance' to Natalie. :-P

    I agree, Margaret and Thornton are purty epic. I love them together. They're not my faaaaavourite couple though (well, N&S isn't my favourite period drama either) because they're both kinda moody (haha) and I tend to ship cheerful people more than moody people. But I guess they can't really help the moodyness; this IS Elizabeth Gaskell after all, ha.


    ~ Naomi

    1. Ohhhh and my sister and mama and I have started the third series of Call the Midwife!!!! Yesterday I watched the episode where they were going to see My Fair Lady and I had SUCH a double fandom moment. LOVE IT WHEN FANDOMS COLLIDE.

  5. "Somewhere between birth and death." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Han and Leia . . . ah, yessssssssssssssssss. They definitely are "ever-so-slightly arrogant," aren't they? ;-) But they are rawther epic, in their own way. And I HATE KYLO REN TOO. LIKE, SO MUCH.

    Haha, my parents wanted to name me "Joanne" before I was born, but they decided not to . . . And my grandmother wanted me to be named "Mae," after an Illustrious Relative of ours, but Mom didn't like it, and I'm SUPER glad she didn't because I kinda hate that name. ;-)

    I should try this Ann Rinaldi, shouldn't I? Everybody's been raving about "In My Father's House"; and that dream cast is BEAUTIFUL!!! Ohhhhhhhh . . . methinks I spy Chris Evans??

  6. Thanks so much for the tag!! :)

  7. First of all, I agree with you: John Thornton and Margaret Hale's story is one of my FAVORITES. I don't think the show is melodramatic. Just passionate, like the book tells us. Secondly, I love your header right now... I love that pic of Trixie! Your blog looks very homey and comfortable. :) Thirdly, is the last collage from that Marie Antoinette movie? I haven't seen that one, but the collage makes me think of it. : /
    Thanks for the post!

    1. EXACTLY. There's a difference between drama and melodrama ;D

      Aww, thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it! Yep, I like that picture of Trixie a lot, too :)

      Good question! Some of the pictures might be/probably are from that MA movie (which I haven't seen, either, but it also reminded me of it), but I couldn't say for sure. It's one of those "Ladies of Disney" collages on Pinterest (WHICH ARE AMAZING BY THE WAY).

      Thank YOU for your comment!!! :D

  8. Awww, dogs. <3 I'm totally obsessed with every dog I meet. It's something of a problem. ;)

    Piiiizzzaaaa! I know you're a vegetarian, so just out of curiosity, which toppings do you like?

    Oh, I really need to watch Pocahontas and tHoND! I want to read tHoND before watching it since I think I'll like the book if it's anywhere near as good as Les Mis. But there's no excuse for not having seen Pocahontas yet. ;)

    Oooh, North and South is in my stack of checked out-library books and I'm so excited to read it! But I'm also nervous too that I won't like it as much as everyone else does. When I do read I will watch the miniseries ASAP.

    Han Solo and Leia. <3 They're the cutest.

    Oh, dear. I'm advancing through Robin Hood very slowly, but I *ahem* get the feeling from what you've said that it's not going to end well for Robin and Marian. :(

    That Anne collage is pretty cute. Anything correlated to Anne is cute. :)

    Hamilton is catchy, isn't it? "Then you walked in and my heart went BOOM." xD

    Oooh, ooh! Thank you for nominating me! I shall enjoy the tag immensely.

    1. Haha, the struggle is real ;)

      Hehe, WELL. This is where it gets complicated. You see, I'm something of a "pizza snob"--I only like toppings on my pizza if it's from Domino's (as a general rule). Otherwise I just like cheese. BUT, from Domino's, the only toppings I really like (and I REALLY LIKE them) are green peppers and/or onions. (This has always been the case, by the by--I've never liked meat on my pizza, even before I was vegetarian, hehe :P) Domino's is my faaaaaavorite type of pizza, and the only one with which I like toppings (though I like other pizza with just plain cheese). So, yeah. That's my silly pizza story :D What about you? What toppings do you like?

      YAAASSSS, GIRL, YAAAAASSSS! Though I will warn you, Disney-HoND is virtually nothing like book-HoND :P

      Oh, don't worry about not liking it! There are plenty of people in the blogosphere who aren't head-over-heels in love with N&S--you shan't be alone, should events take that turn :) But do be sure to tell me what you think of both the book and the movie, pretty-please? :D

      They really are <3 <3

      *ahem* Yes, well, "on this point it will be as well to be silent," to quote Mr. Collins :P (Oh, and yeah, the first season of RH really isn't that good, I admit.)

      Right?! Oh, by the by, my mom is also reading through the Anne makes me think of you, haha :)

      "Tryin' to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom; everybody's dancin' and the band's top volume./Gliiiiiide to the rythym as we wine and diiiiine; grab my sister and whisper, 'Yo, this one's miiiiiiiine'..." ;D

      No problem!!

    2. Ironically, all my favorite toppings have meat. Well, except cheese. I love cheese. :)

      She is? Which book is she on? I just finished it(as you may have seen on Goodreads) and Rilla of Ingleside is sooo goals. :D

      "Ooooh! She made her way across the room to youuuu!" :)

  9. Wooow... this is SUCH a deliciously long post. :D :D

    I don't know where to begin! Frankly, I don't really have time to say everything I could or would like to say, but to sum it all up - I loved reading this! And I shall pick out a few especially fun points. ;)

    First of all, ALL THOSE COLLAGES ARE WAAAYYY TOO PRETTY!!!!!!! I have to soak up all this gloriousness as much as possible... (also, I think that collage (#3) is from the movie, the Hundred Foot Journey, although I've never seen it. I've just heard about it, and it's on my to-see list. Do you recommend it heartily, then? :D)

    As soon as I saw that there was a Sci-Fi/Fantasy couple I guessed it from the start. ;D (And yes, I was right. Of course. How could you think otherwise?) THAT PICTURE OF HAN AND LEIA IS SO DARN CUTE!!!!

    Yeah, I guess it is a love triangle between Eowyn/Aragorn/Arwen, but it didn't last for more than a book, right? ;) Faramir was just TOO perfect for Eowyn, and Aragorn and Arwen are such a dreamy couple... <3

    I've only seen BBC Robin Hood one (or maybe some of it twice), and it WAS very disappointing when... *sniff* THAT happened. (Also, the ending basically killed me.) But Marian annoyed me for a lot it, and I thought the scriptwriters WERE very nice in regards to Marian and Robin, because they WERE together for the most part (even if they weren't publicly together :P). I think the more I see of her, though, the more I may warm to her. (However, other TV series are calling... *coughsuchasArrowandWhiteCollarcough*)

    Haha, I don't really like the name Sue, either. ;P

    Oh, I have "In My Father's House" on my TBR list! It sounds lovely. :) (AND THAT COLLAGE. I pretty much recognize all of them... that picture of Hailee is gorgeous. <3)

    Hehe! You just read "One Hundred and One Dalmatians"?! That's funny. :D

    Oh... your TBR mini list looks good! I have WAAYYY too many on mine. (Also, I really did like the book Lorna Doone, but the movie is just as good, in my opinion.)

    AWW THAT YOU'VE GOT MAIL COLLAGE!!! I've only seen half of that movie awhile ago, but it made me want to watch it (all of it) again. Despite the fact that I'm not a huuuge Tom Hanks fan. ;)

    MUSICAL THEATREEE!!! Yes!! You SHOULD. :D (Haha... sounds like something someone once said to me...)

    THAT ANNE OF GREEN GALES COLLAGE. <3 <3 <3 <3 Basically, ALL the hearts.

    Aww, I really liked that last question + answer ('what do you want to be like as a little old lady')! It really makes you stop and think about what you're doing with your life right now, and how it may somehow affect your later years. At least, for me it does. ;)

    Of course I read it all. :D (Also, dat Young Victoria gif... !!)

    I want to answer some of the questions, but I'll have to open another comment box as it won't fit. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

  10. Actually, I really liked the Liebster questions, so I might snag them. (Seeing as though I DID guess that collage, (presuming I got it right, haha) and yes I know these aren't the set of questions that goes with it, but shush. ;D)

    1. The name my parents would've given me if I were a boy: Oliver. ;)
    A name they considered (for a girl): Chelsea and Priscilla were ones my Mother loved, but my Dad... not so much, hehe. ;)
    If I got to choose my own name: I'd never actually thought about that much before. Maybe Hailee, or Chelsea perhaps? I like those names. :)
    A name I would NOT like to have: Sally... just *shudder*. No.
    2. Hmm... just 'cause I'm SO excited, I'd make a new Newsies movie with Jeremy Jordan and Kara Lindsay and have it just like the shows! (That way I can not be disappointed cause it's COMING TRUUUE!!!!! :D)
    3. Four OF my favourite words: mental blank on every word I know. Delicate/Slim/Vintage/Velvet/Swirling/Tattered/Quaint/Listless/Reflection/Explore... I'm sorry that was way too many. ;) I'm having too much fun!
    4. A life lesson I have learned in the past year... don't live as though you're trying to live up to people's expectations. You'll never manage to please EVERYBODY, so just do what you know is right and what works best for you and let others think what they will.
    5. Who is my favourite secondary character in a book I read recently? Ehh... the books I've read for the past few months were for school (and really boring :P) and the one before didn't actually have hardly any characters besides the main one. So, taking it back to when I read "To Kill a Mockingbird" for the first time this year, I really liked the character "Miss Mattie". :) (Also, Dill was HILARIOUS.)
    6. 5 books on my TBR... "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Baroness Orczy, "Nicholas Nickleby" by Charles Dickens, "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom, "Bread and Wine" by Shauna Niequist, and "Wonderland Creek" by Lynn Austin. (Among 10,000.) (Only kidding.) (Sort of.)
    7. One skill/talent I have and one I'd like to develop: Well, I'm quite good at archery, haha. :P (Not amazing or anything... I just enjoy it and can hit the target and bullseye quite regular.) I need to develop my singing skill (or what I have of it), as there's a lot missing, I think. ;)
    8. I don't hear lots of jokes, really... terrible puns, yes. But they're so terrible I don't wish to share them. ;P Um... how about this oldie: "Why did the elephant paint his toenails red? Because he wanted to hide in the strawberry patch." I always thought it was cute. ;)
    9. A quote from the book I'm currently reading: "I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, more than pride." (The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas... which is a rather hard book to quote.)
    10. A song that's been stuck in my head? Um... Taylor the Latte Boy. :P
    11. What I want my life to be like when I'm a little old lady: I have never thought of this before! (Besides reading your answer. DUH. ;P) I want to be an incredibly happy old woman, who still has a spring in her step, and can remember many memories from her life, and is a confidant to little children, and has a twinkle in her eye. ;)

    I loved this post! :D (And I loved the length of it, too. XD)

    ~Miss Meg

  11. My goodness! It's been far too long since I was last on your blog!
    I love all those movies so much :) North and South!!!! *cries*

  12. Thanks for doing my tag! Robin Hood and Marian are obviously well loved because you're the third person to use them in this tag 😀😀 Thanks for the Liebster tag too! I'll do it soon.

  13. Thanks for the tag! Will try and answer the questions soon :D And the Spirit soundtrack is epic, good choice :)

  14. Thanks for the tag! I love your answers and it was fun (and sad) to read this post :)

  15. Thanks so much for the tag!! I'm so excited about it, I'm going to pull out all my edits... So sorry for the late response, I'm rather an embarrassment to the blogging world with my track record.... XD

  16. (Sorry this is such a late comment!!)
    Margaret and John. YES. <3
    Han and Leia. YES. <3 (What book was it that you flipped through? If you recall. :))
    Aragorn and Arwen. YES. <3

    And what.


    Oh no.

    -cries forever-

    Sniff. -perks back up- Oh yes, you MUST read Behold the Dawn. SOON! :D

    Oh, and I love your vision of what you'd like to be as a little old lady. So sweet! :)

    The pictures in this post are so perfect. :D

  17. Oh! Hey, check it out, you tagged me! I am sloooowly catching up reading blogs after neglecting them for what, like 2 months? Anyway, thanks! That's a fun tag. I um... will answer it eventually, lol.

    And hey, guess what? I got married on your birthday!

    1. Also, I think Nat and Cap almost would have worked.

    2. I did the tag! Right here :-) Thanks again for tagging me!


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