"Jeeves!" "Sir?" "I'm sitting on the roof." "Very good, sir."

(I was reading a certain blog post with a certain special announcement and remembered how nice it is to use quotes as titles.  So, for this random update post, I did, hehe.  Also, all the pictures in this post are edits I've been working on recently.  I've been having too much fun with them:D)

Well, I'm starting school again tomorrow, and thusly, I won't be able to post or comment as often as I have this summer.  'T'is a shame; I've really enjoyed having more time to hang out in the blogosphere during these last couple months.  But I'm sure it's all for the best--I can get some productive stuff done and you all can have a break from my persistent ramblings, haha;)

As you can probably tell from the title, I've been reading a good bit of Jeeves and W. lately.  Wodehouse was a genius!  Those conversations!  They're hilarious!  I try to imitate the characters' way of speaking in writing, but I usually fail, haha.  And the way he describes Bertie's thought processes are priceless, too.  Take this snippet from Joy in the Morning:

Well, I could readily understand Boko falling in love at first sight with Nobby, of course, for she is a girl liberally endowed with oomph.  But how she could have fallen in love at first sight with Boko beat me.  The first sight of Boko reveals to the beholder an object with a face like an intellectual parrot.  Furthermore, as is the case with so many of the younger literati, he dresses like a tramp cyclist, affecting turtleneck sweaters and grey flannel bags with a patch on the knee and conveying a sort of general suggestion of having been left out in the rain overnight in an ash can.  The only occasion on which I have ever seen Jeeves really rattled was when he met Boko for the first time.  He winced visibly and tottered off to the kitchen, no doubt to pull himself together with cooking sherry.  (Chapter 6)

Or this part from Jeeves and the Impending Doom:

"What do ties matter, Jeeves, at a time like this?  Do you realize that Mr. Little's domestic happiness is hanging in the scale?"
"There is no time, sir, at which ties do not matter." 

This one might be my favorite:)

Oh, so I have a question for you all.  I have a couple post ideas, but I'm not sure which one I want to do first, especially since I won't be having as much leisure time in the coming weeks.  Here are my ideas, and y'all can tell me which ones you're most interested in, and we'll see how it all works out, yes?

~ How people react when they find out I'm a vegetarian
~ A look at Padmé Amidala's costumes 
~ TV series review of Lark Rise to Candleford
~ Book review of "Anne of Green Gables," My Daughter, and Me
~ A-Z bookish questions
~ Movie reviews of The Importance of Being Earnest, Ever After, possibly some other movies

And that's pretty much all I got at the moment.  Thoughts?  Preferences?

Yes, yes, I'm that person.

Do any of you remember when I mentioned the possibility of a Robin Hood blog party?  Well, I'd LOVE to be able to do that, but unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to host it anytime soon.  There are so many other blog parties and events going on right now, and frankly hosting one just doesn't seem practical as I'm going into the school year.  So I miiiiight try to do it if I get a fall break, or I might do it in the winter, or wait 'til next year.  I guess we'll see.  But anyway, are any of you still interested in that?  I'm trying to think through it even though I can't make it happen right now:)

I didn't make this one, though.

Now go watch Gilmore Girls and eat fun foods before your summer is gone (if your summer isn't in fact already gone, and even if it is, too).  Have a great day, lovelies!:D


  1. HAHAHAH. That quote you used in the title. THAT QUOTE. Sooo funny. GAH I LOVE WOOSTER. And Jeeves too, of course. :-) But Wooster especially. :-)

    And PLLLLEEEEAAAAASE DO A LARK RISE REVIEW. Because you may expect a looong comment on my account. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Wooster is wonderful. I can't decide which I like more, but Bertie is so lovable and amusing and good-natured. I'm actually thinking of naming my typewriter Jeeves so I can look over at it randomly and say, "I don't mind telling you, Jeeves, this affair has me considerably rumpled in spirit" or something like that:D

      Oooh, yay! I thought I might be able to;) So I'm fairly sure I'll be doing it, but I'm a little nervous, to be honest! It seems a bit formidable to me--reviewing four TV seasons in one post (or maybe I'd split it up). Nevertheless, I look forward to trying my hand at it soon:)

    2. I tagged you! No pressure, though. :-)


      And reviewing 4 seasons in one post does sound tricky. Maybe you can make it a four-part-posts. :-)

      ~ Naomi

    3. Oh! Thank you so much, Naomi! I love getting tagged:D

      Yeah, a little. I guess we'll see!:)

  2. A post titled with a Wodehouse quote can only be good!

    Love the Edits - especially the Pocahontas one (I'm in a fall-in-love-with-Pocahontas-all-over-again phase).

    Ooh..and more Wodehouse. "There is no time, Sir, at which ties don't matter" Brilliant!! I should go about quoting Jeeves more often.

    I will definitely go watch Gilmore Girls (but not only because you tell me too).

    Hope you had a lovely summer

    1. My thoughts exactly, Rose!:)

      Thank you so much! Ooh, another Pocahontas fan! I'm glad you appreciate it. I rarely find anyone who likes that movie, because most people find it really annoying due to the historical inaccuracies, and I'm like, "Really, peeps? It doesn't pretend to be a biopic. Sheesh."

      Isn't it brilliant? I know, I need to make more of an effort at it myself;)

      Yay happies! You like GG too?! All these fandoms we have in common!

      Same to you:D

  3. I think Padme Amidala's outfits are gorgeous (but sometimes less than modest) but I can't stand 1,2 and 3 movies.
    I would read any movie review by you. :)

    1. Oh and Wooster! Yes! Your quotes make me want to re-read the books RIGHT NOW!!!!

    2. Me too! They're stunning. Haha, the newer SW movies really Irritate Me, too, but I do like to watch them because of Padmé:) And the storylines are pretty cool, but I do wish the acting was better, ha.

      Daww, thanks! You're so sweet!

      YES WOOSTER. Hee, you should definitely reread them. Right now.

  4. Another thing we have in common, Jeeves and Wooster! I absolutely adore Wodehouse, both the books and miniseries from the 90s with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. The writing is just pure comedic genius.

    I'll be sorry that you won't be blogging much, but I know how it goes with school. That must be top priority.

    My vote for your next blog post is Lark Rise to Candleford.

    Oh, and if you ever did a Robin Hood blog party, I would love to participate! He's one of my favorite literary heroes. :)

    1. Yay! Yes, I've read more of the books than watched the TV series, but I did LOVE what I have watched of that. And now I read the books in Laurie's and Fry's voices:D

      So am I:-/ Thanks!

      Cool! I'm think on I'll probably do the LRtC review first, and then either the Padmé or vegetarian one next:)

      Great! I think it'll be a lot of fun if and when it happens!

  5. I LOVE Wodehouse, and that quote "there is no time, sir, in which ties do not matter" is probably one of my top favorites :)
    I love your photos! By the way, where did you get the one about "then I shall have to make you wings"? It's gorgeous, but I don't recognize it.
    Oh, and I just watched Amazing Grace for the first time last weekend, and I loved it sooooo much. That ending scene . . . golly. That's all I can say.
    But I do have a question--does Barbara Spooner's wedding dress look weird to you? I think it's really beautiful on her, but it also seems really strange for a wedding dress. To me, anyway. Is it some kind of traditional thing that I just don't recognize? Do you know? Does anybody know? (As a history geek, I guess I'm just kinda curious :) )

    1. It is terrific, isn't it?:D

      Thank you so much! I got the screencaps for "wings" from movie-screencaps.com and then I edited them using Picmonkey:) The movie is Ever After. It's wonderful. Have you ever watched it?

      Amazing Grace!!!! Isn't it a splendid movie? And so powerful. Haha, I'm not as confused by the dress as by the weird bonnet/turban thing she wears to her wedding;) I mean, I get that their wedding apparel wasn't like ours, but still. What is that.

    2. No, I've never seen Ever After, but it looks lovely . . . maybe I should! What's it about?

      Yeah, the turban/bonnet thing, plus the dove-colored dress (as opposed to traditional white) actually looks sort of Quaker-ish to me. But I knew they weren't Quakers, so I was really confused.

    3. Jessica, YES WATCH IT. Oh my word. I actually just rewatched it last night, and SQUEEE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Anyway, it's basically a retelling of Cinderella, but SOSOSO good.

      Yeah! Very Quaker-ish. Huh. Odd.

  6. Oooh Wodehouse!! Yay! I just LOVE his books. The writing is just perfection. My sister and I quote Wodehouse all the time:
    "Oy!" or "Oo-er!" (from Sergeant-Major Flannery, Money For Nothing. We say this as in, "HEY!" We also use his pronunciation of "violent", which is "verlent.")
    "Jeeves!!!" (we say this as a kind of heart-cry, when things go wrong)
    "What ho, what ho!" (opens a conversation)
    and "Jeeves, this is the tie I wear!" (this is awesome for clothing criticism from outside parties.)

    Anyway. We get a lot of laughs out of that . . . I hope I didn't go on to long ;-)

    So yeah. I know what you mean - I've started school and I have only a teeny fraction of the free time I had during the summer :-)

    It would love to read a blog on what people say upon learning you are a vegetarian - but only if you want to :D

    Not, of course, that I want to be nosey :-)

    And I love your posts. Absolutely!!

    1. Hurrah for Wodehouse! I need to quote him more often, too:D But yes, "Jeeves!" works so well as a stricken cry, doesn't it?!

      School. I like it most of the time, but not when it cuts into my free time, haha;)

      Thanks! I think it'd be a lot of fun to write it out, sort of as a venting measure, haha:D No, you're not being nosy at all! I did offer, after all:)

      Aww, thanks, Rosie! I really appreciate that!

    2. Me too, "BUT not when it cuts into my free time." Sadly, it always does . . . I am taking a drawing class this year, though, and it is LOADS of fun, which makes up in part for the free time lost.

      Aaaand you are Welcome. Absolutely :)

    3. Yup. Haha, I'm taking an art class, too! It is fun:D


    4. Wow, you're taking an art class? Are you an artist? Are you??? Or is this just for requirements, or random enjoyment?

      I sooo want to be an artist - I have wanted to ever since I was very small. I'm planning on majoring in graphic design or photography when I get to college :D

      Oh and by the way, your new blog look is LOVELY!!! I love the dark, rich fall colors you used. And the new photos for your header are Beautiful.

    5. Hehe, well, about that…I really WANT to be an artist (at least, sometimes I do), but I've definitely got a loooooong way to go before I could ever call myself that. (Oh, and it's partly for requirements, and partly for random enjoyment. :D) I can copy things fairly well, but I rather lack inspiration and talent to execute original artwork:-/

      That's so cool! Best of luck to you!:D

      Thaaaaaanks! Jolly kind of you:)

  7. I have to pick up Jeeves and Wooster one of these days. . . My dad loves those books:)

    I start school tomorrow too! *sigh* Which levels of CC did you do? Tomorrow begins my first day of Challenge I.

    I think you should do a movie review or the A-Z bookish questions(anything relating to movies or books floats my boat!).

    1. You should, Meredith! They're irresistibly funny:)

      That's so cool! My brother's first day of Challenge I was today, actually. I wish you the best of luck with it!:) I did Challenge A-II.

      Thanks for the input! We shall see how it all works out:D

  8. Hmm, I wonder why Bertie is on the roof? ;-P

    My sisters and I started school this week. :-( Blaahhhhh. But we always start slowly, not getting into everything right at once, because our farm stand is still open and we're still so busy with that so my mom doesn't have time to drag me out of the math pits I get into once we start getting into advanced algebra. :-P (That was a long and probably pointless sentence.) Anyway, my condolences about starting school up again. I feel your pain. (I'm so encouraging, aren't I.)

    I have 'Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me' sitting on my shelf right now, waiting for review. I haven't gotten to it yet, in the face of that towering pile of other books to be read. ;-P

    Oooh, I'd be interested in reading about people's reactions when they find out you're a vegetarian! And a movie review of Ever After. And any and all movie reviews you can come up with, haha. :-)


    P.S. GIRRRRL YOUR PICTURE EDITS...ER MAH GASH. Too much, I tell you.

    1. Hehe, well, I will tell you that it involved rain, a rescue, an island, and an angry swan;D

      Eecccck. I enjoy school, usually, but...meh. I'm glad you guys get to ease into it some! We kind of are, too.

      I really liked AoGGMDAM! It was quite charming:) Ooh, did you start reviewing for Tyndale? That's how I got my copy. Haha, yeah...I just got a different book from a different site, and...I don't think I'm even going to read it. It seems pretty awful:-P

      It would probably be entertaining;) Yay happies! I just rewatched EA last night, so now I can't decide which to review first--it or LRtC:D

      THANK YOU. I had waaaay too much feelsy fun with them. And probably spent way too long on them, too;)

    2. I've gotten a few books from Tyndale -- none of them I liked very much, heh heh. :-) But I'm glad to hear you liked it! I've paged through it some, and from what I've read it sounds pretty entertaining.

      I have a love/hate relationship with Ever After. But I love it more than I hate it. :-P

      There is no such thing as too much feelsy fun, in my book!

    3. Yeah, it's a bit irritating how scarce good books are on those review sites:-/

      Well, I should jolly well hope you love it more than you hate it!;D

      Hear, hear!

  9. I love the graphics in this post, especially the Amazing Grace and Ever After ones; they're such good movies : ) I need to finish S2 of Gilmore Girls, I stopped on a cliffhanger...

    1. Thanks, Ivy! I knooooww--SUCH good movies. I'm now falling in love with EA all over again:D

      Yes, do! Although I will say that the season finale of S2 is a bit disappointing in terms of choices that *ahem* Certain Characters make:-/ But I really love seasons 3-4:D

  10. Please do a Lark Rise to Candleford review! I would so enjoy reading that! :) It's tons of fun to hear other people's opinions on movies that I've seen!

    Oh, I love your first picture of William Wilberforce and Barbara. "I'll never forgive him." "I'll never forgive her." Haha! And to think that it all ended up so splendidly! (I love that movie!)

    You're making me want to read Jeeves and Wooster. Sounds hilarious! I really need to check them out at the library sometime.

    Hope you have a wonderful school year! And I'll look forward to reading whatever posts you have time to write! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Okie dokie! Thanks, Miss March!:) I agree, it is so much fun to talk about movies/TV shows with others.

      Thank ya kindly:) I'm partial to that one myself--they have such a precious relationship. I really like when they're eating and she tries to start up a conversation, he says "Why on earth would you think I'd be interested in something as tedious as botany?" and then she cracks up:D

      I highly recommend them! And the great thing is, you can start with basically any of the stories and not be lost, just caught up into it.

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it:)

  11. AMAZING GRACE!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!! Do you mind if I pin it? And Ever After! Can I pin that too? Lovely post Olivia and I love your edits!!

    1. Oh and a Robin Hood blog party sounds awesome. AND I THINK THAT I MIGHT GET TO WATCH THE BBC TV SERIES SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really excited!! I really want to watch it!!

    2. YEEESSSS! Oh, no! I don't mind a bit if you pin them (in fact I'd be flattered). Thank you so much:D

      YOU MIGHT WATCH MAH BABIES?!?! That makes me so happy. Seriously. That show is my jam;D OHHHH WATCH IT! And then YOU BETTER TELL ME WHEN YOU DO;-P

    3. Thanks!!

      OH I ABSOLUTELY WILL!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL RAVE ABOUT IT TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Ooh, YES PLEASE. I'll email you shortly!:)

  12. Oh my, the Amazing Grace one!!! So perfect! :D
    I need to read the Jeeves and Wooster books. Soon.
    Ooh, those are all great post ideas! I have to admit I'd be interested in the vegetarian one...or the Anne book review....or the Padme's costumes post. I used to be a huge Star Wars fan....I still am, but not quiet as much. :) I absolutely adored Padme and Leia's costumes and actually made some Barbie sized replicas that I'm still quite proud of!
    Oh, that's so funny you mentioned the RH blog party because I JUST thought of that the other day....please still do it! I have a post in mind for it. Although, I could still do the post even if you don't do the party.
    I hope your new school year goes well for you! Sorry you won't be on the blog-o-sphere quite as much! :(

    1. Thank you, Natalie!

      Yes, you should! They're hilarious and clean--at least, mostly. There is the occasional swearing and/or taking God's name in vain, but I don't think I've seen anything that atrocious. So yeah:D

      Awesome, thanks! I'm excited to see how these post ideas go!:) I know; I love SW but usually it isn't my absolute favorite fandom;) Oh, wow! Good for you! I liked making clothes for my American Girl dolls, but I don't think I could have made stuff for Barbie dolls! Seems a bit too detailed for my limited seeing skills, hehe.

      Oh, yay! I'm so glad you're still excited for it!;D

      Thank you! Aww, thanks, I'll miss it.

    2. Olivia,
      Oh thanks for letting me know! Do you recall if they use God's name with the d-word at all? If you can't remember, that's fine. :) I'll just take a look at them next time I'm at the library or such.

    3. No problem!:) No, to the best of my knowledge, I've never encountered that in one of the books. The d-word is used occasionally, as is God's name, but I don't think I've ever seen them in conjunction. I COULD be forgetting, but I'm usually able to remember that in books, so...yup:)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Okay, thanks so much! :D

      And oh my...your new header, your new header, YOUR NEW HEADER!! I love it!!!! It's so beautiful! I'm glad you're using it now. :)

    6. Anytime!:D

      Eeeeek, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I really appreciate it:D

  13. Ohhhh.....I love your collage pictures! They're so dreamy!
    I'm still totally in for the Robin Hood Week and I think I'd most like to see a review on Ever After. That movie was a lot of my childhood. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Thank you, Miss Meg!!!:D

      Awesome, thanks for the input!

  14. Any time you want to host a Robin Hood party, I am so in.

    Movie and book reviews are always good! Also, I need to read more Wodehouse. Stat.

    1. Goody!

      I agree--they're always fun:) Yes, do! He's awesome, no? Oh, and I'm getting excited about the blog party coming up…;D


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