"Been quite a party, ain't it?" (sorry, Emma)

*sniffles*  Well, people, the end has come.  Legends of Western Cinema Week is drawing to a close.

I don't know about y'all, but I have had a BLAST with this thing!  It's been such terrific fun, and I've really enjoyed reading all of your loverly posts.  

Before I get too far ahead of myself, though, game answers!

#1:  Character 1:  "Well, 'at didn't pan out."  True Grit (2010), Reuben J. Cogburn

#2:  Character 1:  "Put his boots on him, Clute, and his gunbelt, and his spurs."  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Ransom Stoddard

#3:  Character 1:  "So what's your name?"
Character 2:  "Beans."
Character 1:  "That's a funny kind o' name."
Character 2:  "What can I say?  My daddy plumb loved baked beans."
Character 1:  "Well, you're lucky he didn't plumb love asparagus."  Rango, Rango and Beans

#4.   Character 1:  "Been quite a party, ain't it?"  Lonesome Dove, Augustus McCrae

#5:  Character 1:  "I didn't ride eleven hundred miles to finish second place!"
Character 2:  "Why did ya, then?"  Hidalgo, Frank T. Hopkins and, as Emma dubbed him, Annoying Guy

#6:  (Pardon the language in this one.)
Character 1:  "Are those tears for me?"  
Character 2:  "Yes."
Character 1:  "Well, I'll be damned."
Character 2:  "No…I don't think you will."  Okay, so…*sheepishly*  I actually don't know the name of this one…I thought I could find it on the Internet, but…I couldn't, hehe.  It was a movie of which I just caught the last five minutes or so, and I remember the end being really powerful.

#7:  Character 1:  "You know somethin', [Amos]?  The Lord poured your brains in with a teaspoon and somebody jogged His arm!"  The Apple Dumpling Gang, Theodore

#8:  Character 1:  "Never use money to measure wealth, son!"  Broken Trail, Prentice Ritter

#9:  Character 1:  "[Gideon], say something nice."
Character 2:  "Uh…nice night for a coon hunt."  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Millie and Gideon

#10:  Character 1:  "The truth of God's love is not that He allows bad things to happen.  It's His promise that He'll be there with us when they do."  Love Comes Softly, Clark

Players' Scores:
Miss March:  6
DKoren:  3
Jessica:  2
Emma:  16
JH:  4

Thanks, you guys!:D

Now, then, one last thing:  Don't forget to leave your links at Emma's original post!!!  Others want to read your contributions, too:)

THANK YOU ALL for this experience.


  1. *wild applause for you and Emma* YAY Grand party! I wish I could have participated but I'm just tooooo busy! =D Well done though!

    1. Thanks, Evie!! No worries, I totally understand! Life happens:)

  2. *sniffle* It's over. :-(


    Sorry?!? Sorry indeed! ;-P Well, it's okay, because I got back at you. *ahem*

    This week has been SO awesome. THANK YOU for sharing it with me!! Seriously, we've got to do this again sometime. I think we should make it an annual thing. :-)

    That picture from Rango is fitting. ;-P


    1. YES IT WAS.

      You most certainly did, you sneaky thing, you;)

      Of course!!! I'm so blessed you asked me in the first place:) YES. We definitely should make it an annual thing!

      Haha, I thought so;)

  3. Yes--please do make it an annual thing, you guys! It's been a whole lot of fun :)

    It's especially good for me because it gives me a whole bunch of suggestions for New Movies to Watch, as I've actually seen very few Western films. BUT my laptop is broken and so right now I can't watch anything, and it makes me sad :( That won't last forever, though.

    1. Aww, thanks, Jessica! I have a feeling we will;D

      Oh, good! We're so glad you've enjoyed it! And I do hope your computer is fixed soon:)


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