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'Eeeeello, 'ello, 'ello, all!  So two of my awesome blogging buddies, Bekah and Morgan, have both tagged me!  Let's get right down to it.

Bekah's tag:  The 5 Things I Like About How God Made Me Tag

1. List 5 things you like about how God made you (God made everything about you; the family you were born/adopted into, the fact that you enjoy the stuff you enjoy, your looks, your personality; everything. So, it can't be too hard to think of 5 things you love about how God made you. Right?)
2. Tagging other people/excepting a tag is optional
3. If you are tagged (and if you except), link back to the person who tagged you
4. Have fun!

(The accompanying tag picture!)
Okay, here goes.  (I'm sorta grasping at straws here, so please don't think I'm saying any of this in a bragging way!  I'm really not trying to do so.)

1.  My eyes (let's get the shallow stuff out of the way first, shall we?).  I frankly have a bit of a difficult time coming up with physical things I like about me, 'cause hey, I'm a stereotypical teenage girl, but I do like my eyes.  They're dark brown, and I was blessed with naturally long, dark, curly eyelashes.  (But just a side note, I like basically everyone's eyes.  Eyes are just amazing.  I love to look at people's eyes.)

2.  My attitude towards people.  In general, I'm usually pretty sympathetic and compassionate towards other people.  Though I have been known to allow people to irritate me when I probably shouldn't have:-/

3.  My musical abilities.  I'm about to go into my eighth year of piano, and my sixth year of choir.  I'm not always nuts about my voice (it's a lot, shall we say, lighter than I'd like it to be), but I'm gaining some confidence in it.  And I do love to play the piano.  I tend to speed up and consequently mess up when I'm playing in front of people, but on the whole I'm reasonably talented at it:)  Plus, I do think that I'm a fairly good judge of music *pretentious sniff*, if I do say so myself--but then, I probably have the problem of judging music mainly in terms of my own personal preference, in which case I wouldn't be.

4.  My writing--sometimes.  Sometimes I like my writing, sometimes I don't.  It's a kind of long story.

5.  My Myers Briggs personality test results, hehe;D  I am an INFJ, and I like how they describe INFJs.  It helped me to understand a little bit more about myself and why I do certain things, and why I have certain thought patterns.  So there, if you want to find out what I'm like, click on the above link:D  (Not really, of course, because it's not 100%-accurate-to-my-own-little-self, but it's basically a good description.)

Thank you so much, Bekah!  It's a very inspiring tag:)

Morgan's tag:  The Music Tag
Answer the questions on your blog (you can also put down more than one answer).

1. Who is your favorite band or artist?
Hmm…I don't listen to that many bands/artists very faithfully, but I suppose I'll say Moriah Peters.  Edit:  I forgot to mention Celtic Woman!  I love Celtic Woman.

2. Who is your favorite male singer?
Howard Keel.  Don't even get me started.

3. Who is your favorite female singer?
Probably either Sierra Boggess or Anna O'Byrne.  They both played Christine, but I've seen them in different Christine-roles:  Sierra Boggess in The Phantom of the Opera and Anna O'Byrne in Love Never Dies.  Edit:  Or one of the singers in Celtic Woman;)

4. What is your favorite "Type" of music?
( Classical, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Christian, or Misc.)
Soundtracks from musicals or folk ballads.  "Oh Shenandoah," for instance.  So. Flipping. Beautiful.

5. What is your favorite Musical? (It can be a movie or on Broadway.)
Ha.  Ahaha.  Sorry, I'm afraid I can't pin down my absolute favorite musical EVER, but I will say that recently I have been just a wee bit obsessed with Evita, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Phantom of the Opera, Kiss Me Kate, The Sound of Music, and The King and I.  I just watched TKaI for the first time in years the other day, and HEAVENS ABOVE.  

6. Have you ever seen a Musical performed on stage?
Yup.  We attend the musicals of one of our local high schools fairly regularly.  To date I think I've seen Beauty and the Beast, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Oklahoma, and Seussical.

7. What is your favorite duet song?
Ooh, yikes.  I've really been loving "Once Upon Another Time" from Love Never Dies, so here, have a listen.  This is the one with Anna O'Byrne, and I do apologize for the subtitles.  Sometimes YouTube can be most irksome.  

8. What do you think is the best music score?
As in, the best instrumental album that I'd actually enjoy listening to, all the way through?  Right now that honor goes to the soundtrack for the 2013 Romeo and Juliet.  What even.  (Go look it up.  Now.  I say this because I care about you.)  I actually bought the entire album--which, for me, is very rare, partially because I hardly ever find a soundtrack of which I feel the need to possess all the tracks, and partially because I lack money, hehe:D

9. Do you play any instruments? If so, for how long?
Yep, I play the piano.  About to enter my eighth year, actually!  I'm prodigiously excited:)  I've also dabbled in the harp and the guitar, but didn't stick with either for various reasons.  I'd really like to have the practical usage of guitar skills, though.  And I'd love to learn how to play the flute!

10. Have you ever been to a concert(s)?
I think I have been to one band concert, a long time ago, that I don't really remember.  Other than that, I've been to choral concerts, a symphony, piano recitals, etc. 

Morgan, thanks a bunch!  I had a blast:)

Aaaaand, since I'm a lazy and mean person, I'm not going to specifically tag anyone, but just open it up and let y'all go to town;D


  1. Yay!! Thank you so much for doing my tag!! :)
    I tend to speed and mess up too when I play in front of other people. Besides my family that is. :D
    I like Moriah Peters too! I really like her song Brave.
    I just looked up Howard Keel and watched him sing Bless Yore Beautiful Hide from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I like it! I gotta watch that movie some day! :)
    Thanks again! :D

    1. Oh, thank you for tagging me!

      Yup. I guess it's just a part of life;D

      Really? Yay! I know so few people who, at least it seems, know/like her! Yeah, I love that song--and actually that whole album. That's another one where I bought the whole thing:D Have you seen this video of Moriah and her husband singing "I'll Wait For You" to clips from their wedding? It's the darling-est thing!

      Ooh, yay! YES WATCH THAT MOVIE. It's sooo happy and wonderful:D

      No problem! :)

    2. My pleasure!
      I guess so. :D
      I just went and watched it...very cute! :)

    3. You did?! Aaaaah, isn't it just the cutest? It makes me way too happy:D

    4. Yes, very cute! :)
      I was just curious, how old are you?
      I just turned seventeen last month. :)

    5. Yuusss:D
      Well, I don't actually like to post my actual age (stalkers and such) as of right now, though that might change eventually. However, I will say that I'm a teenage girl roughly around your general age:)

  2. I will look up Romeo and Juliet. Also, I don't know if you've seen it or not but the soundtrack to Mr. Holmes is now one of my favorite movie soundtracks. It's perfect.

    1. Yay, do, Meredith! I haven't seen Mr. Holmes yet, but I've heard it was really good. I'll have to look up the soundtrack!

  3. I'm commenting because you are the only INFJ I've ever heard of (besides myself:-) ) *high five* did you know that our personalities are found in only 1% of the population? I guess we're just special! ;)

    1. Awesome! *high five back* And yes! I read that in the description and, like you mentioned, thought, "Ooh. I'm special." Hehe;D Thanks a bunch for commenting!

    2. Heehee you're welcome!:-)

    3. INFJ Australia Represent!
      *disapears in puff of smoke*

    Oh! Yay! I thought I was the only person on earth who would randomly look at eyes and then say, "I like your eyes."

    Ooh, I'm gonna steal that music tag....

    1. YOU'RE SO WELCOME! It was awesome:D

      Nope, you're not! Heehee, well, that is, I don't often actually say that I like them, but I do have a tendency to rather stare at them, particularly if I find a pair that I think are especially beautiful;)

      Yes, do! It's a lot of fun:)

  5. I am going to 'steal' the 5 Things Tag, cool? :)

    1. Definitely cool, Laura! Can't wait to read your answers:D

  6. Celtic Woman! *squeal* I love them! Although, to be honest, I love Celtic Thunder even better.

    That "how God made you" tag is awesome :)

    1. I'm glad you like the tag I made :D!!!
      I'm also so glad that Olivia did it!

    2. Isn't Celtic Woman beautiful, Jessica?! And hey, Celtic Thunder is awesome, too;)

      It is, isn't it?:)

    3. Yes, it's so very important to learn to just be happy with the way God made you--and, weirdly enough, it's also pretty hard sometimes--so this tag is a GREAT encouragement!

      Yeah. I listen to Celtic Thunder practically every day of my life . . . I just love them SO much. To me, it's just perfect because their music always manages to be exciting and yet soothing at the same time. My favorite member is Colm Keegan--for many reasons, one of which is that he does a lovely song which has my name (my real name) in the title :) I won't tell you which song it is, but I bet you can figure it out ;)

    4. Definitely. I wonder WHY it's so hard...I guess just human nature and the enemy taking advantage of that. But anywho, yes--we have to strive to accept how God made us. I thought about it one time like this: every time you insult yourself or another person for their physical appearance, you are in essence "dissing" God's artwork. And I don't think that's something any of us want to be doing.

      They are pretty fantastic:D I haven't listened to as much from them yet as I'd probably like to, but some of their songs....hoooo, boy. Like "Ireland's Call," "Heartland," "Dulaman," "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears," "Over the Rainbow"....siiiiigh. Really?! That's so cool! Well, *sheepishly* like I said, I actually haven't listened to that much of their music, so I can't figure it out yet...but mayhap I will eventually;)

    5. That's exactly what I tell myself all the time! Like, God made me look exactly how He wanted me to look, so if I'm dissatisfied with my hair or eyes or figure or What-Not, then it's like I'm telling Him that He didn't do a good job. Which is obviously NOT TRUE.

      You'll figure it out if you look at enough of Colm Keegan's songs ;) If you like "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears," you MUST listen to "Always There." It's . . . sheesh, it's fantastic.

    6. Yup. A hard lesson to learn and put into practice, but He is faithful!:)

      Okie dokie…I'm going to try to figure that out sometimes soon, hehe. Oh, yes, I'll definitely look up "Always There" too! Thanks for the suggestion:D

  7. HEY. I didn't know you were a Celtic Woman fan too!! (Or did I? I don't think I did. Maybe I forgot.) But ANYWAY. That's awesome. :-D

    I have seen soooooo many musicals done by high schools in our area. The best one EVER was just this spring, when we went to see Titanic (one of Sadie's friends was in it.) OH MY SOUL. Not only is that about the best musical EVER, but that cast was crazy-good! (But seriously, if you don't know that musical, LOOK IT UP. It's right up there with Les Mis. Have you noticed that I have an affinity for musicals in which everyone ends up dead?) ;-P

    I personally don't really care for The King and I. At least, I didn't upon last viewing, which was a few years ago...the lady annoys me. :-/ And I don't like many of the songs. BUT I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Sound of Music. Classics, all of them.

    I haven't looked up the R&J soundtrack yet, but I will! I'm always looking for new soundtracks to obsess over. Yes, I know you care about me. :-D


    1. Yep, I am! Haha, I don't think you knew that, at least I didn't specifically tell you;)

      Oh, wow. I must look that up! It seems there's a musical version of everything, doesn't it? And haha, I tend to like the tragic musicals, too--except in the ones I really love, only one or two people die! Weird.

      The lady in TKaI annoys me too at times, and I'll admit that I was pretty disappointed in the music (I think there was maybe one song I liked?), but I really like the story;D

      Yuuuussss, do! I think you'll like it. It's very fairytale-esque, and just really cool. My favorite tracks are "Come, Gentle Night," "Trooping with Crows," "Wedding Vows," "From Ancient Grudge," and "Eternal Love," but they're all SO good:) And yes, indeed;)

  8. 1. I agree! Eyes are awesome!
    2. Oh, yes. Letting people irritate you when you probably shouldn't. I can relate to that. ;) I think I would consider myself a sympathetic and compassionate person, too, for the most part; though there are times when I feel hard-hearted because I'm not feeling as sympathetic as I think I should be. :)
    3. You play piano? Me too! And I'm so everlastingly grateful for the ability, because the piano is my go to whenever I'm feeling out of sorts and need a bit of a vent, or when I'm feeling particularly happy and need a vent in the opposite direction! Playing and singing is excellent for releasing pent up emotions. For me anyway.
    4. Writing...oh my yes! So thankful for it and yet at the same time "Tis the bane of my existence!" Ha ha! :) "Sometimes I like my writing, sometimes I don't." I can so totally relate to that. Talk about a long story!
    5. Personality tests are very intriguing, and it's really neat when they can help you to understand yourself a little bit better. I've never done one, so I don't know what personality type I am, but I could see a little bit of myself in the INFJ. For example, I'm not very quick to share things about myself. Not because I don't want to, necessarily, but because it just doesn't seem all that important to bother somebody else about; or because I just want to be sure that they REALLY want to listen before I start pouring everything out.

    I like the picture you included of the girl lying on the grass--so pretty.

    This was a lovely post, Olivia!

    ~Miss March

    1. 1. Yes! They certainly are!
      2. Hehe, yep. There are certain personalities and personality tendencies that for some reason just get under my skin, and I have to keep reminding myself, "Okay, part of the reason this irritates you" (like if a person is very, um, shall we say, confident in their abilities) "is that it offends your ego. So chill." And then just sometimes super talkative extroverts can irritate me:-P Aw, I understand. It can be tough to be sympathetic ALL the time:)
      3. Yay happies! *high five* That's so cool that that's a relaxer for you! I personally sometimes wish I went to the piano more often as a go-to stress reliever, but sometimes, you're right, you just get The Urge.
      4. Hahaha, yup. "It's a stinker!" ;)
      5. Absolutely! I've done a lot of random ones, and then this one was really very enlightening. But yeah! I think for me the not sharing things about myself is partially due to wanting to protect myself emotionally, and also just that I often don't really have that much that I feel needs to be said;D

      Thanks! Isn't it, though? It's from Tuck Everlasting. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really want to, because I love the book, and because the movie has Alexis Bledel in it:D


  9. Aren't eyes fascinating? Mine are quite normal, though. Which saddens me... I tend to like anything a bit Unique. One of my favourite book characters has tawny golden eyes and very dark lashes, and they've always stuck with me although I've no idea what they'd look like in real life. And apparently they do exist in real life, as they were based off an actual person's... anyways.

    Yep, I don’t agree with every detail, but overall I think that test knows me pretty well. And occasionally I have those “WAIT HOW DID YOU GET INSIDE MY BRAIN” moments. Haha. ;)
    I’m an INFJ too, by the by. Snap! I do like meeting others of my type. Partly because of our rarity… we’re a select group, you know. :P (Which is maybe a good thing. There are two INFJs in my family, and although we get on well as it is, I don’t think we could take another. Cough.)

    Ah, I remember Romeo and Juliet’s soundtrack impressing me when I watched the film. I haven't listened to it since, though. Sounds like I better had! (Or else. Ha. :P)
    Speaking of which, I love your profile picture.

    Ooh, and I play the flute. :)

    1. They definitely are! Aww, I'm sure yours are beautiful! I've been noticing recently that I think practically everyone has beautiful eyes in some way:D Those tawny golden ones do sound lovely...

      Haha, I feel you. You're an INFJ, too?! Wow! Hi! *waves* Haha, I can see it getting a bit tense with more than two in a family;)

      It is beautiful. GO LOOK IT UP. Thanks! I love it too:D

      Oooh! I love the sound of the flute!:D

  10. Hi, Olivia, I've just started following your blog. My sister (Jessica Prescott) told me about it. Yeah, we are sisters - don't get thrown by the online names :-D
    So - anyway, IMHO, your blog is Awesome.

    This is such a cool tag! Ohh you like music and writing! I love to write, though I've still got a long way to go before becoming a Great Writer . . .
    And music. You can play the piano!?? I've always wished I could do that - really well, I mean . . . *sigh*. I also have a secret wish to someday be able to play the guitar :-)
    I do play the flute, though - not very much now, but I took lessons for many many years. Ah, the days of my youth *grins*.

    I love Celtic Woman! And Celtic Thunder. Really, I have an obsession for that type of music, haha.

    BTW, I saw that you like the Sound of Music - I do too. Do you like the movie version only, or the new live play version with Carrie Underwood? Just curious. I like them both :-)

    1. Hi, Rosie! Oh, yay! Thanks a bunch for the follow; it always means a lot to me when I make new bloggie buddies:) Haha, oh yeah, I thought I might have seen that you two were sisters via somebody else's comments...I think...anyway, thank you so much! I appreciate that:)

      Yes, I do! Though to be fair I only write now and then; not faithfully at all. Keep going! Hehe, I guess we'll both just have to keep working at it
      until we become really good:D

      I know what you mean; the sound of the guitar isn't my absolute favorite, but it is really handy to be able to accompany yourself, so...hopefully I'll learn one day. Yay! We should learn together:D

      Ohhhh, that's so cool! The flute is so beautiful.

      Yuusss, Celtic music is so awesome! How does it even make such beautiful sounds? Like in Celtic Woman's "Teir Aibhaile Riu"--the instrumentation alone is soooo cool.

      Of course! Ooh, happies, another fan! (I don't quite understand how people could not like that musical, do you?) Oh, so about that: I haven't actually been able to watch the new Carrie Underwood version yet. I really want to, because I've heard it's really good (and Carrie Underwood, and Christian Borle!), but I just can't find it anywhere. It's so frustrating when that happens:( But anyway, so you'd recommend it?

  11. You are Welcome. Yeah, you probably did see that . . . I've told a few other people the same thing :)

    A Really Good Writer - oh the joy (if it ever happens to me. I've got a loooooong way to go :P)

    Yes, we should learn together. I just love the sound of a guitar, and I think they sound awesome, and I wish I could play one, and - *Ahem*. Stop going on and on, Rosie :) I did learn the flute, anyway.

    Celtic music!!! One of the ones I like is Buachaill On Eirne - it's so soothing.

    No. I don't know why - the Sound of Music is so awesome. How could one not like it??? I didn't know the Carrie Underwood version wasn't available :( We watched it on television, and taped it, too, so now we can watch it whenever we want . . . YES. I would recommend it. If you ever find it, WATCH IT. It is so awesome! I really liked Maria and the children, and I liked the Captain better than the other one. One thing they did was make the Nazis SCARY, not just a joke, so it was more real. I really enjoyed it :)

    1. Aw, haha, I believe in you! You can do it!:D

      Yup. This should definitely be a thing.

      Exactly. Some people are Just Weird;) Well, I can't seem to find it in my library system, or on Netflix, or on Youtube. It's a bummer:( But hopefully I can find it eventually. Cool! Oh, wow. Well, I don't necessarily think they made the Nazis a joke in the movie, but it's true that they weren't all that disturbing. I hope I can find it!:)


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