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I am about to emotionally abuse you.

Those of you have seen BBC's Robin Hood, that is.  The rest of you -- blissful, heart-whole people that you are -- may not be able to sympathize with us in our pain.  (Maybe you will.  I don't know.  I feel like it'd be pretty hard to be unaffected by the "I Dreamed a Dream" one.  But for anybody watching who hasn't seen the show or is in the midst of watching the show, these music videos do contain major spoilers, so watch at your own risk.)

. . . Actually, though, I'm going to be nice.  Only like four of these (there are ten total) are really tragical and feels-y and heartbreaking.  The rest are relatively happy and/or humorous. :)  However, those four tragical ones are really tragical and have been known to seriously mess with my coping mechanisms.  So if you're just coming off of watching the show, I might stick with the happy ones for now, since the sad ones might actually be a bit too much.  (I'm serious -- I speak from experience and tell you this because I love you.)

Also, we can all thank Natalie -- who actually wrote a very similar post! -- for most of these, as she is the one who introduced me to a lot of them.  {THANKS FOR THE HEARTBREAK.  (No, kidding.  I love you.  And I'm actually very grateful for them.  You know.  We've talked.  Plus you've also sent me lots of happy ones. :))}

OKAY!  To business.

Let's start with a lighthearted one, yes?  (Seriously, this is awesome.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Okay, now for a sad one.  (And I mean a really sad one.  It kind of destroys me, actually.  So yeah.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

*hands you tissues*  I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  Here, this'll make it better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

And another funny one:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I hadn't seen this one before, but I was quite impressed.  It's sad but also not, if you know what I mean, and I thought it was really well-done, especially as it includes other couples.  (PLUS THEY HAVE KATE AND ALLAN TOGETHER.  AS IT SHOULD BE.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This.  What.  x'D  (It's funny.  That was a crying-with-laughter face.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DEAD.  THE TEARS.  (But in a good way.  It's super sad but also super beautiful and it kind of breaks my heart but also makes me hopeful and gives me closure . . . ish.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Okay, a double-whammy: two really hard ones back-to-back.  I've showed you guys several that make me emotional, but this one actually makes me cry.  Like, physically.  (That is, I'm holding back real tears.)  And that's about the highest praise and best intro I can give it.  Definitely one of the top five best RH videos I've seen, and I've seen quite a few.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That was the last sad one, yay!  This one cracks me up from the moment Robin's mouth starts moving and Spongebob's voice comes out.  It is gold, I tell you.  ("BOMBS!"  x'D)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And I close with an adorable and precious and sweet and HAPPY Rarian video.  :)

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  1. I ONLY WATCHED THE FUNNY ONES. I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . . *guilty face* I feel like I should, y'know, feel the pain with you guys; but I tried watching sad ones on Natalie's blog yesterday and it was like, um, OUCH. Right in da feels. I couldn't do it.

    But I love the "We Will Rock You" one!!! That's one of my favorite bands--Queen--and I love the song and it was perfect for Robin Hood. *nods* (Plus, nostalgia, and all that . . . I remember me and my peers used to take great delight in screaming that song at the top of our lungs back in 2nd grade . . . :-P)

    Also "Holding Out For a Hero." Classic 80's--I approve.


    1. Shucks, that's okay -- THE SAD ONES ARE DAMAGING. SO I UNDERSTAND. (For some reason, I really want to show the "I Dreamed a Dream" one to my parents . . . even though they haven't seen the show . . . and it's heartbreaking . . . #idon'tknowwhat'swrongwithme.)

      Haha! Such a fun video, and definitely a song for screaming at the top of one's lungs with one's peers. ;)

      Hahahahaha, I can't. XD


  2. *sobs* *more sobs* *can't stop crying*
    Whoever combined Robin Hood and Les Mis is in trouble for making me cry so much!!

    Olivia, the Spongebob one had me laughing. Thank you for this post. I watch these videos too much. ;P Can that even happen? Wow. :)

    1. I KNOW, GIRL, I KNOW. I feel your pain. (THAT ONE. I KNOW.)

      Haha! The Spongebob one makes it better. :D I watch these videos too much, too. I can't watch the IDaD one just once.

  3. That first ones made me smile SO HARD!!! (I know, I know, what am I even doing watching these when I haven't even seen the show???? Spoiling myself, obviously. I do intend to watch it as soon as possible!!! Trying to convince my brothers to watch it with me!!! *fingers crossed* But, alas, I have already been IRREVOCABLY SPOILED - so what's a little more, right?!!!) Anyway. The number of girls he (almost) kisses. Oh, Robin!

    The second one: that song is GORGEOUS PERFECTION, Marian is so beautiful adgjkkhfdsasfgh and Guy's face when he stabs her aghhhhhh!!!! Why dies he look so sad when he did it on purpose?????

    We will rock you one: BAHAHAHA!!!! I feel like Guy and Robin just want to be friends??? Also Archer is... *whistles* very lovely.

    Safe and Sound: Guyyyyyyyy!!! Oh my word!! She pulls the sword OUT????? Agh!!!

    Ahhhhhhh Guy. *shakes head* The way he kept screaming with the music though!!! Also does he ever NOT wear all black????

  4. I dreamed a dream: OKAY I ALMOST CRIED. My arms broke out in gooseflesh... I just love it when musicals can be applied so afjkhgfssdghjkhfd perfectly to OTHER stories (like Empty Chairs At Empty Tables to Captain America, oh. My. Word. Soul = crushed.)

    But, wow, does everyone die????? First Robin AND Mariand but then also Allan and apparently Much AND Guy???? Whoa?????

    Also was Guy the one who killed Marian's father??? And did he just set her house on fire?????

  5. That SpongeBob one was perfect!! And so adorable! Like how did it match up so perfectly??? :D

    Sorry that I left... THREE comments on this... my tablet was running out of battery so I thought I should publish my thoughts AS I FINISHED each video... whoops! :)

    1. Kayla, YOUR THREE LONG COMMENTS MADE ME SO UBER-HAPPY YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I shall attempt to reply to all of them in one, though. ;)

      "But, alas, I have already been IRREVOCABLY SPOILED - so what's a little more, right?!!!" << HAHA. You ARE funny, my dear. ;D And the plethora of girls . . . *le sigh* Robin, Robin, Robin. You need help.

      GORGEOUS PERFECTION IT MOST CERTAINLY IS I AGREE. About Guy's face, I know what you mean. Richard Armitage himself said in an interview that he doesn't think Guy was meaning to kill her. He thinks he was just trying to grab her in this vise-like grip, and "since he has a sword in his hand . . . " I'm not sure if I agree with that theory, but I definitely think Guy was unhappy doing it. (After all, as Elle Woods so aptly put it in Legally Blonde, "Happy people just don't kill [other people].") And I think part of that look on his face was just reacting to the rejection from Marian? Like, not necessarily processing, yet, that he had just killed her. So . . . yeah. Whether he meant to do it or just totally lost his head or didn't mean to do it or it was a mixture of all three, I think it broke his heart. (And it was obviously wrong. Obviously. I'm not trying to insinuate it wasn't murder, 'cause it was. I just think he was devastated by his own actions, too.)

      "I feel like Guy and Robin just want to be friends???" << Well, I'm not sure if that's how they would have put it for most of their relationship, but NATALIE AND I SURE JUST WANT THEM TO BE FRIENDS.

      RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT I LITERALLY CANNOT. Yes, she does, and it's heartbreaking because she finds out that when the sword comes out, she's going to die, and JUST GAHHH ROBIN AND DJAQ AND MARIAN AND AHHHHHHHH.

    2. (Well, I was GOING to reply to all of them in one comment, but then it wouldn't publish it and said it had to be "at most [a certain number] of characters." Pssh. Whatever.)

      I know, right. XD I actually didn't watch that whole thing, just enough to see that I wanted to include it (I had other things to do, hehe), but I want to watch the whole thing at some point. Hahaha, funny you mention that -- nope, he's always in black. Or armor. In fact, the Sheriff teases him at one point telling him he's got a message from Marian, which goes something along the lines of: "I'm not coming back, get over it, and for goodness' sake, change your clothes once in a while." Hehehe. ;D Guy has a different look of black leather each season, and it's my opinion that, overall, he looks the best in the third season. (Which is ironic, since he's the most distraught and disheveled and generally has Let Himself Go.) The first season is the worst, I think. :-P


      Hehe, um, well . . . not everyone . . . But it feels that way. A lot. :-P Much doesn't actually die (yay!) -- the guy who looks like him in that video is Roy, a merry man who's only in about three episodes of the first season (because he dies in the fourth *sobs*). And believe it or not, Roy's death actually caused me the most, um -- vocal grief, shall we say. I think it's because a) HIS DEATH IS SO TERRIBLE BUT ALSO SO NOBLE AND THE WAY THEY DID IT WAS JUST GAHHHHHH and b) I was totally unprepared for it. I was more prepared for the others, and I like to be prepared for characters' deaths.

      No, Guy didn't kill Marian's father (a really disgusting "clergyman" did). It was actually kind of sweet, as a matter of fact, how, when Guy found him, he was so upset for Marian. (But then he starts "making moves" at her, which is just wholly untactful, seeing as she has literally JUST come away from her father's corpse.) But yes, he does set her house on fire. :-P She Seriously Humiliated and Hurt him in the S1 finale, let us say, and so in the first episode of S2, he goes to get her and her father and he sets fire to their house. And it always makes me sad because those things were probably Marian's mother's, and she's so upset about it. :'( (DARN IT ALL, GUY!)

      Ahhhhhh, isn't it?! I love it so much!! I knoooooow, some YouTube vidders just leave me breathless with their skills. Seriously.


    3. Awwwwwwwww!!! I'm glad you liked them!!! I know I enjoyed watching all these videos and providing kind of a running commentary!! That is like one of my favorite things to do and I was all alone in the house because everyone was off somewhere doing something and watching them made me feel like I had some company in the house with me. :)

      Hmmmm. Yeah... I don't think it could have been an accident... but maybe he was so angry he didn't quite know what he was doing??? He just has the most shocked expression on his face like, "Whoa! I just killed her!"

      Well, in that one video Robin is flirting with him and it is hilarious. ;) I want them to be friends, too!!! They are so funny together! Not to mention total opposites, obviously... that was pretty evident in the SpongeBob video!!!


      Whooops! Sorry about that!!

      Certain people can really pull off the Letting Themselves Go look very well. Like Sherlock. Ahem.


      Ooops!!! You'll have to excuse me since I haven't actually seen the show yet and I'm just picking up bits and pieces from you guys!!! Agh, it sounds sad though!!!

      Gotcha. Oh. Poor Guy. He doesn't know how to handle women very well, does he??? :) WELL THAT WAS RUDE OF HIM.

      Hahhahhaha well thank you for sharing the videos!!

  6. Okay, here I am FINALLY commenting on this post. Sorry it's taken me so long! (And awww, thanks for the shout out. I love you too! And I'm really glad you don't hate me for sending you all those heart breaking videos. <3)

    Ahhhh!! That first one!!! I love it. It makes me happy. (Except for all the Isabella/Kate/other random women clips, but I get why they were in there.) Yes, we DO love you, Robin.

    I haven't watched the "My City" one in so long.....ouch. :(

    The "Sink or Swim" one makes me so happy!!!!! <3

    Hmmm, I'm noticing some copies. We certainly do like a lot of the same stuff, don't we? ;)

    I love how Safe and Sound incorporates so many characters. AND YES. KATE AND ALLAN. (You know, I reaaaallly want to write some fanfiction for them...the problem is I have so many things I want to write and it's so hard to find the time to do it. *sigh*)

    What. Did. I. Just. Watch. (Guy at the screaming parts, though. :'D)

    Saturn. <3 (I love what you said about it giving you hope and closure. It is SO sad....and yet there is an element of something almost happy woven into it, isn't there?)

    Okay, the mash of Les Mis and Robin Hood was a little unexpected, but it turned out beautifully. And sad. *sniff*


    Ho hey, I had that one, too! ;) (*cringes at my lame attempt at a joke*)

    This was so splendid, Olivia. It makes me really happy that we did twin posts on this. :D

    1. Haha! Oh, no need to apologize. :) (But I AM glad you commented, hehe -- I was looking forward to it!!) (You're most welcome! Heh, nope, I'm most indebted to you for them. ;-P <3)

      RIGHT! Except for the other women . . . ah, yes. Robin's such a silly boy but WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

      It's a nice "punch to the [feels]," isn't it? :(

      Yaaaaaaaassssss. <3 I'm so glas you sent me that one. :D (Well, all of them, really.)

      Haha, we do indeed! But we aren't surprised, are we? ;)

      YES. YES. (Ooh, what a neat idea!! I hadn't thought of that, but you should do it! Except for all the other reasons you mentioned. I do get that. :-P)

      "Right, that's what I'm saying." XD

      Yes, yes, there is! It's like terribly sad but it's also about a guy realizing that there was beauty in a relationship, even if it had a tragic ending. <3

      AAAAAAHHHH! So, I really wasn't expecting to be blown away by the I Dreamed a Dream one -- I was concerned it would rely too much on the feels of just the song itself and its connection with Les Mis, if that makes sense? But I ended up thinking it absolutely marvelously done. (Still do. ;D) The way it ties both stories together . . . just gah. I really, really appreciate and love that video. <3


      Hahahaha, I liked your "lame attempt at a joke" ;D (And it wasn't that lame. ;D)

      Thank you so much! Same here. <3 :)

    2. I guess we've already said everything there is to be said, but I just wanted to comment again and tell you I really enjoyed your reply. <3

  7. Yay. This oughtta be fun. :D (And haha, yes, thanks to BBC I only have half a heart now.)

    1. This song ALWAYS has me toe tapping! :D FUN.

    2. This one was very well put together! And so serious... *sigh* Why is it so saaaad. Also, that last scene made me think, "Marian holds a bowstring funny!" :P I'm quite sure you're supposed to hold it between your pointer finger and your middle finger. Oh well. Each to their own, I guess, heh. :P


    4. Haha, the "We Will Rock You" one is HILARIOUS. Especially the first part, with the "You've got mud on your face!" *cue angry Guy look* "You big disgrace!" *cue grumpy Archer look* XD

    5. I love how they have so many different people's perspectives and stories on this one! It was beautiful. <3

    6. Haha, I'm trying to hold in the giggles. XD Someone really doesn't like Guy/enjoys poking fun at him, haha!

    7. This one is precious. <3

    8. Wow. That one was hard. I only just made it through that one without crying. *sniffs*

    9. Haha, this was funny - and I've never seen Spongebob! XD


    ~Miss Meg

    1. (I feel you, girl, I feel you.)

      1. Same here! Such a ridiculous idea, but so catchy. :D

      2. I agree *sobs*. Haha! I wouldn't know (about the bowstring, I mean), but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the correct way and they did it wrong. :-P

      3. SAME SAME SAME!!!!!!!

      4. Haha! "*cue angry Guy look* *cue grumpy Archer look*" << I love that. ;D

      5. I knoooooooooow. <3

      6. "It's just so stupid," I love it. XD



      9. I haven't, either! But it still cracks me up. XD


      Thanks for your lovely comment, Miss Meg! :)

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