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*grins*  Yes, it's that post.

To those of you who have seen the show, I apologize for all the feelings contained in the pictures and gifs that follow.  To those of you who have not, I admit that in including this somewhat overloaded stream of visuals aids, I am partially motivated by the hope that if you see enough you will want to watch it.  (Which is kind of mean of me, given the circs.  I mean, it's a damaging show, what.)


As you all know, I'm a big fan of the BBC's Robin Hood.  But why is that?  What is it about the series that so latched onto my heart?  

After all, it's not the highest-quality show (at least, so I assume).  The sets aren't the greatest, I get the feeling it's rather corny (I'm kind of a bad gauge of corniness, having a somewhat high tolerance), it could be accused of being melodramatic and even soap-operatic, and the costumes are inaccurate, to say the least. (Though I think the costuming inaccuracies may have been intentional?  Reading this -- the paragraph under "Styles" -- made me wonder.)

To be clear, I still think it's a GREAT show, one of the best things I've ever seen.  (Others would probably just disagree with me, and perhaps with good reason.)  But why, in particular, do I think that?  I was ruminating on this the other day, and the answer suddenly came to me. 

It's the characters.  

Whatever their faults, whatever the faults of the show, I just really love these people.

I love watching them live life.  I love learning their personality traits, their strengths and weaknesses, the unique ways they handle crises, their relationships (THEIR RELATIONSHIPS <3 <3 <3), their quirks and signature mannerisms/sayings, etc.  I love the fact that I Strongly Dislike even my favorite characters at least once during the show, but I still end up Passionately Loving and Rooting for them to come out all right at the end.  (Whether I get my wish in that is a topic for a whole other post, but *AHERM* we won't go into that.)

I love how even the characters I don't like very much (*cough* lookingatyouArcherandKate *coughcough*) generally manage to worm their way into some corner of my caring. 

I LOVE LOVE the way that characters who started out as enemies end up as partners and even friends *Semi-Spoilers* (yes, this is basically only Robin and Guy, but still -- THAT'S A BIG DEAL <3 <3) *End of Semi-Spoilers*.  I love how all the peeps work together -- the way they aggravate each other and love each other and all that good stuff.

I love that the villains are lovable but also hate-able.  (You know.  The whole "love to hate" thing.)  Vaisey is a big source of comic relief, but he's also evil.  You know that underneath his humor and his usual playfulness, he's really pretty wicked deep down.  {But then there is that whole thing with his sister.  "One does not know what to think" in that episode.  (But then again, that's the only episode like that.)}  Guy is a little bit more complicated *ahem*, because we all want to love him in spite of his Rather *cough cough* Significant Issues. (BUT THEN THERE'S THE THIRD SEASON WHICH IS A WHOLE OTHER CONVERSATION, TOO. *sobs*)  Isabella is really rather disturbing, honestly.  Especially because I actually do have sympathy for her -- I mean, life has been a bit unfair to her (*cough* speaking of Guy's Rather Significant Issues *cough*), and I think in the beginning she really just wanted love.  Sad face.  And then there's Prince John, who's basically fabulous despite his evilness. 

I LOVE THE ROMANCES.  A LOT.  THEY MAKE ME HAPPY.  (Except when they tear my emotional stability to shreds and leave me unable to think of anything else, that is.) 

And I refer to the REAL romances -- not things like Kate/Much, Kate/Robin, etc.  No.  The real deals. I refer to Marian & Robin (no, really, you?), Djaq & Will, Kate & Allan *Semi-Spoilers* (THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN A TIHNG) *End of Semi-Spoilers*, Guy & Meg (*sobbing*), etc.

I love the friendships.

I love the sad parts.  {That sounds super twisted.  (Probably because it is super twisted.)}

I love how even the characters who don't have super close relationships to other characters still care intensely about their wellbeing (think Djaq, S2 finale *sobs again*).

I love Marian.

I love Allan.  

(I love a bunch of the other characters, too, but one must pick and choose who -- whom? -- to mention specifically.)

I love how even after the season two finale, the characters *Semi-Spoilers* who are left *End of Semi-Spoilers* still manage to make us care about the third season.  They even manage to give us moments of humor and happiness and all that, despite the heaviness of the season in general.  (They just also tear our hope apart dish out plentiful servings of Pain, Rage, and Tears, too.)

I love that there's so much redemption available for the characters (*AHERM* GUY AND ALLAN). Going back to the whole villain paragraph, I love that there really aren't that many villains.  It's mainly the good guys, and they really kind of outnumber the bad guys, even though it doesn't always seem that way.

BASICALLY THERE ARE JUST LOTS AND LOTS OF THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SHOW, OKAY?!?!  It's beautiful and amazing and heartbreaking and good.  And you should watch it. Because of reasons.



All of that is why I love BBC's Robin Hood.  

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  1. It made literally no sense that Guy and Robin made friends (after Marian it just never would have happened) and I couldn't get invested in the third series in the same way. Other than that though, yes to all of this! Saturday night TV in my tweens just wouldn't have been the same without Robin Hood :D Allan was always my favourite :)

  2. I think what you said about these characters--the way you really, truly care about them and want them to see them do good and great things, even when they annoy you and drive you crazy--that's why I like ALL my favorite books and TV shows and movies. Because of characters like that <3

    (I can't watch BBC Robin Hood, though. Rosie has forbidden it. She says it'll make me cry. :-P)

  3. All these pictures and gifs bring up too many memories, especially the memories of crying. I watched the series alone and one time, my mom came into the room and couldn't understand what I was crying about. It was either after the last or second to last episode of season one. That episode didn't prepare me for the end of season two.

    Like you, I love the series for its characters and how emotionally attached I became to them. I love Guy's character arc. I thought it was interesting that you pointed this out, and I didn't realize it until I read it. I loved and disliked each character at sometime in the series. For example, getting frustrated with Marian to laughing at the comical relief given by Vaisey.

    Thank you for writing this post! It summarizes everything I love about this series. :-)

  4. *wipes tears* This was beautiful. *sniffs and smiles*

    Yes, it's always the characters. Honestly, for me, that's what makes or breaks a story - the characters. They HAVE to make me feel for them and love them and go through a lot of emotion for them. I love seeing characters fleshed out and deepening what was already there, without ruining their personality.

    I also love how it's so fast-paced. 'Cause boringly slow stuff can get super annoying, and I'm glad this wasn't like that.

    Also, I disagree, I think. Robin and Guy as friends just... I couldn't get my head around it. It was kind of going too far. :P

    Love this series! (Now I feel like re-watching it!)
    ~Miss Meg

  5. "(I'm kind of a bad gauge of corniness, having a somewhat high tolerance)" Haha. I don't know why, but that seriously made me chuckle. :)

    As you probably already know, I've never seen this show, but I enjoyed reading this post very much all the same. It was quite fun! :) One day maybe I will watch it and then we can have a proper conversation about it. :)

  6. *sobs* This is lovely! :)

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!! I agree with all of that! It is my favorite tv show! "BASICALLY THERE ARE JUST LOTS AND LOTS OF THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SHOW, OKAY?!?!" So true!

  7. Okay, here I am. Prepare for an overly long comment. :P

    That first picture, though. *Pins it*

    YES. Exactly!! Despite any and all cheesy moments or mediocre film quality this show knows how to write good characters. That's what makes it so memorable (and heartbreaking).

    I JUST REALLY LOVE THESE PEOPLE, TOO. And awww, all the things you mention about them....and YES! ROBIN AND GUY WAS A HUUUUGE DEAL. It absolutely made the third season. <3

    The villains....*shakes head sadly*. This show has such superb villains. You described it so well. *sob*

    I'm so glad we agree 100% about all the various romances and "fake romances" in RH. :P

    I HARDLY EVER THINK ABOUT THAT BUT YOU'RE RIGHT. Djaq was crying when M died. CRYING. She hardly knew her (though they totally should have been friends). But she still cares about her and about Robin and just...agh. <3


    That gif of Robin saying "I love you." Whaaaaaatt. I forgot he said that. *Watches the scene on youtube* *Heart breaks all over again*

    This post was marvelous. <3 <3 <3

  8. So apparently I never replied to any of these amazing comments?! *sighs sadly at self and shakes head*

    Wow. I'm sorry, fam.

    BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS, CATHERINE & JESSICA & MISS MEG & MISS MARCH & MOVIECRITIC & NATALIE & EKATERINA! Rest assured that they made me very happy, each and every one of them, and I greatly appreciate them. <3 <3 <3

    I'm so glad we could all talk about Robin Hood during this blog party, and that I share a great love of the BBC version with so many of you! <3

  9. Thank you for this wonderful post on a much-missed show. This series was once my favourite thing in the world, and you've perfectly summed up why. I loved your post (and season reviews) so much I've linked to them on my retrospective of the series, if that's alright with you? ( It's so great to find another Robin Hood fan, and thank you for helping to keep this show alive :) x

    1. BritishBarbie, what a lovely comment! Thank you so much; this made me happy. :) I'm thrilled you liked my posts enough to link to them! I agree, it's always nice to find another RH fan. ;) Hope to talk to you more!

    2. Hope to talk to you more too! We are Robin Hood, after all...:D x


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