Robin Hood Week | | Thoughts on a few different Robin Hood portrayals.

On this last full day of the party, I wanted to talk about some of the different Robins I've seen: basically, determining which characteristic of the Robin Hood legend I think each actor brings out the most in their role -- or which characteristic leaves the greatest impression on my mind -- and reflecting a bit on each role in general.  We'll see how it turns out. ;)

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~ Stuart Wilson {Disney's Princess of Thieves} ~

The shortage of pictures of this show is, as Rachel Lynde would say, perfectly amazing.

I think I've always liked Stuart Wilson's Robin . . . although, to be frank, I'm sort of wondering why after re-watching the show a few days ago for the first time in several years!  (Nah, just kidding.)  This Robin is older and trying to juggle raising a daughter (or, rather, trying to have her raised safely, since he's absent most of the time), fighting in various crusades, and now having the responsibility of bringing King Richard's rightful heir, Philip, to the throne before Prince John gets to him first.  Excusably, all this pressure creates a rather crusty exterior, and his relationship with his daughter, Gwyn (the heroine of the movie), has become strained.

But, as I said, I've always kind of liked him.  I guess just because he obviously does care about Gwyn, regardless of his inability to express it well?  And he grows some over the course of the movie, so yeah.    Also, he clearly has a very strong sense of patriotism, and hasn't decided that he's "given enough" and is entitled to retirement yet.  All in all, I like him. :)

Take-away characteristic:  { patriotism/loyalty }

~ Timothy Hutton {TNT's Leverage} ~

Hehe.  He counts as a Robin Hood, doesn't he?  He's sure called one enough during the show.  ;-P  

Nate Ford is historically not my favorite Leverage character (my least favorite, actually, but there are only five main characters, so let's be fair), but he has his moments.  He loves his team fiercely, and I think he kind of strikes the right balance between letting them know and trying to seem reclusive and independent.  ;-P   He's had a major tragedy in his life, but he manages to press through and try to use it to help other people.  (Now, he does this using methods "of . . . questionable legality," but still . . . )  This Robin is highly intelligent (duh, he's literally "The Mastermind") and seems to always know how to find a loophole in his opponents' schemes.  (Which can get a little annoying sometimes, tbh.  But mainly it's okay, since it means the team basically always comes out all right.)  He also tries to grapple with his drinking problem, and though I can't say that he was super successful, at least he got it under control, right?  (Was that a spoiler?  If it was, I am sorry.)

He definitely has his flaws, though.  For one, he seems a wee bit self-satisfied at times, and can be rather close-minded to the ideas and wishes of his team.  He also gets missile-locked on less-than-healthy goals now and then.  

However, he is overall a very decent fellow and I do care about him a little.  (Just not as much as the others on the team. ;)  But he's okay.)

Take-away characteristic:  { intelligence }

~ Sean Maguire {ABC's Once Upon a Time} ~

*Spoilers for seasons 1-5 of Once follow!*

Robin has never been one of my favorite characters on Once.  I'm not really sure why.  I guess, for the most part, I liked him well enough, but he was just sort of . . . there.  A nice guy, don't get me wrong, but for some reason, something about him seemed to get under my skin somehow.  Plus, there was the whole issue of the Regina/Marian thing, and regardless of how that worked out . . . he still didn't know that it wasn't really Marian, so it was still kind of adultery.  Anyway.  *steps off soapbox*

So yes, Robin hadn't been one of those characters to whom I was particularly attached.

Howevuh.  Then I watched that latterly episode in Season 5 where *BIG SPOILER* he dies, and I was sort of shocked!  I mean, not my favorite character, as I've said, but still!  I had no wish to see him die, especially like that -- without even the possibility of the underworld and a subsequent rescue therefrom. *MORE SPOILERS* But, although I have not yet seen the sixth season, I did read something that gave me hope that he might be reappearing on the show at some point?  I'm not sure, but I'd love for there to be some sort of loophole like that.  (His funeral made me feel like crying inside. :'(  And poor Regina!)  

Okay, done with the little fangirl rant.  Sean's Robin is very, very kind.  Compassionate.  You know, he tries to see the best in everybody.  All that good stuff.  :)  He's very devoted to his son, Roland (WHO IS BASICALLY THE MOST ADORABLE PERSONAGE EVER), and seems to always be open to developing friendships with any and everybody.  So, although he does some things that I disagree with and just isn't my favorite in general, he's certainly a nice Robin Hood.

Take-away characteristic:  { kindness/caring }

~ Jonas Armstrong {BBC's Robin Hood} ~

WELL.  *sobs buckets*  Where does one start?

I'm a bit biased towards him out of all the Robin Hoods I've seen, for obvious reasons. ;-P  For one thing, since I've spent 39 episodes with him, I've probably gotten to "know" him the best.  

I like how this Robin seems to be just a normal person, cliche as it sounds.  He doesn't know how to handle life all the time.  He makes mistakes on a regular basis, sometimes out of stubbornness and sometimes purely by accident.  He's a good leader (albeit a tad cocky *ahem*), and he's committed to helping his fellow countrymen as efficiently as possible, but he's still just human.  He's still vulnerable, like any other person.  He loses his head sometimes when the safety of the people he cares about is threatened.

Like all the Robins in this post, he's got his flaws.  He struggles with ulterior motives at times, such as revenge, bravado, and the desire to be loved and appreciated by the people he helps.  *SEMI-SPOILERS* He comes very near to giving up, particularly after the death of one of the people he loves the most. *END OF SEMI-SPOILERS*  He even still has some class prejudice lingering in him, apparently, if we are to believe that second-to-last episode in S2 (with Much).  

But he does keep going, through all these issues.  *SPOILERS*  He forgives Guy, which is h.u.g.e. *END OF SPOILERS*.  He takes care of his gang and is willing to ask other people for help when he needs it.  And, obviously, he sacrifices greatly for his country.  

Yes, I love him a wee bit. ;)

Take-away characteristic:  { relatability }

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    *hugs you* My beloved Leverage has made it into the Robin Hood Week posts and now I have nothing more to wish for <3

    I've grown to like Nate more and more, the more I watch the show. He's deeply, deeply flawed; but he does try, so he's kind of inspiring that way. *nods* And I really kind of admire his intelligence . . . it's, well, admirable ;-)

    1. Hahaha! Ahhhhhh, your comments always make me so happy. :D

      *hugs you back* Well, I couldn't just not include it, could I? I wuvs it too much and it's too connected with the whole Robin Hood idea to do that. ;D

      Your summary of Nate: YES. I don't know if I've really grown to like him more, heh, but I'm fond of him in a reluctant, half-hearted sort of way, I must admit.

  2. Oh, I have only seen the BBC and Princess of Thieves, but the one with Nate Ford seems nice too. You described the characters very accurately, and really how I feel too *cough* BBC's Robin Hood *cough*.
    The forgive Guy of Gisborne dilemma was really really hard to me. First I couldn't forgive him, but later on, as he helped the gang and the whole Meg-thing...I forgave him anyway. But still some hard feelings towards him. :)

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Ruth! I'm glad you thought I did a good job describing them -- it was a little hard to do this post, so I appreciate the encouragement. :) (BBC's Robin Hood *cough cough* SAME.)

      Well, hard feelings are most certainly understandable in that situation, heh. ;-P (I mean . . . what he does is -- NOT OKAY. But I'm glad he's semi-redeemed by the end, and NOT by Marian loving him like he wants her to, like he said in the S1 finale.)

  3. I really can't say much on the other Robin portrayals you mentioned, but I had to comment anyways because of OUR Robin. *fangirls for a moment*

    Okay. That's done. :) This was a great post! And I love how you added a "takeaway characteristic" for each.

    1. Ya need to watch "Leverage" though . . . *nods*

    2. AWWW. <3 Thanks. :D "OUR Robin" << I like that. ;D

      Thank you so much!

      (P.S. Also . . . Jessica has a point. ;D)

    3. DOES sound intriguing. Maybe I will some day, for you two. :D

  4. I've not seen any of these except the last one. And I thought Jonas Armstrong did a marvellous job! :)

    Russel Crowe's portrayal, for me, was nice and all, but I didn't think he captured it to a T. It felt more like "Russel Crowe's style" than "Robin Hood's style" if you get me. ;)

    My favourite portrayal is still Errol Flynn, I think. He has the cocky, and the clever, and the loyalty and basically everything I liked out of everyone else's all rolled into one. Sentiment may also have a play in it, but it's still my favourite all round portrayal. :) You need to watch that one sometime! :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Didn't he, though?!

      "Russell Crowe's style" rather than "Robin Hood's style" << *nods* I get what you mean. I've looked into that movie a little, and I'm not sure it's the one for me. But yes, while I like Russell Crowe in general, I can see how that would be a concern in his portrayal of Robin H.

      AHHH, I just saw the Errol Flynn one yesterday! I really, really liked his Robin. <3 (And his banter with Marian?!?! Can we just take a minute?!?!?!?! And "didn't you notice how his eyes never left her?" AWWWWWW. <3) I can definitely get how it's such a classic and the ultimate Robin Hood for most people, and how everyone says it has just the right blend of everything. 'Cause it really does! :D

  5. You know the only one I have seen of these (great bit about him by the way). But, I have wanted to see Once Upon a Time for a while, and he seems like he would be pretty good!

    P.S. Sorry this is so late! I thought I had already commented!


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