Lovely Blog Party || Extremely Angsty & Incredibly Mushy: Romantic Fan Videos

I wanted my last post for the Lovely Blog Party to be something fun and lighthearted, so I thought I should share some romantic fanvids that give me all the gooey feelings.  It was only after I began searching out and looking through said fanvids that I realized that "fun and lighthearted" might not apply to all of them. :-P  A lot of them are nothing if not uber-dramatic and angsty and Very Adolescent Fangirl, if you know what I mean, their great quality notwithstanding.  

But I still love them, so I'm still gonna do it.  Because I think you'll like some of them too.  And because I am a fangirl, after all. :-P

I decided that for this post, I was going to limit myself to one music video per couple, and that I was only going to share videos I hadn't used in a previous post.  So, these should all be new.  Naturally, there will be spoilers in basically all of these, and there's minor swearing in a few.  Watch at your own risk, and all that. :)

Hope you enjoy! 

(As an aside, how talented are these YouTubers?!  Like, skillz.)

✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾

Hardison & Parker - Leverage || "At Last"


Though Parker and Hardison aren't necessarily one of my favorite couples--and I completely understand and respect preferring Eliot and Parker--I do love them, both individually and together; and I was happy to find this video.  It's nice and slow-moving and old-timey and highlights the quirkiness and sweetness of their relationship. 

Emma & Killian - Once Upon a Time || "Evermore"

Captain Swan set to "Evermore"?!?!  Yes, please!!

I really like how this one is done.  I don't always love fanvids set to songs from other movies, but this is an example of how it can be executed really well. ;)

Aragorn & Arwen - The Lord of the Rings || "Siuil A Run"

The editor of this one did a great job of matching the highs and lows of the song with clips from the movies.  It conveys both the emotion of the song itself and the sweep of the movie really well. 

Padme & Anakin - Star Wars || "Rolling in the Deep"

Excessively--one might even say unnecessarily or unhealthily ;)--angsty and negative.  But quite well-done, notwithstanding, and satisfactorily pathos-filled for SW fans. :-P

Henry & Danielle - Ever After || "Ships in the Night"

Who doesn't love these two? ;)  This song is used in a lot of fanvids, but it does lend itself towards various fandoms. :-P  This video will deliver a nice, romantic little bit of nostalgia to your day!

Hook & Tiger Lily - Pan || "Stitches"

I've only watched this movie once, and, while I liked it, it didn't become a favorite or anything.  But I really like this music video.  These two were really cute, a nice twist on the original story. :)

Han & Leia - Star Wars || "Young and Beautiful"

The lyrics to this one are kind of "eh"--may not all be entirely edifying, what--but the song also works really well for this couple, and the editing is awesome.  

Luke & Lorelai - Gilmore Girls || "Piece by Piece"

Awwwwwwww. <3  For all the mistakes these two make, and for all the messed-up relationships they get themselves into, Luke is definitely the one for Lorelai, and their friendship-to-romance arc is really good and sweet (fraught with complications though it later becomes).

Robin & Marian - Robin Hood || "Rewrite the Stars"

THESE TWO. <3  Loves them.  This video has grown on me; for some reason, I didn't love it when I first watched it. *snorts at silly self*  It's kind of wonderful.  You should watch it. :-P

✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾

Well, the Lovely Blog Party is over.  I really enjoyed making all these posts, but at least you'll (hopefully) get a reprieve from so much romantic nonsense. ;-P  Thanks for the fun party, Cordy!


  1. Whoohoo! These are always so fun to watch. Oh, I've never seen one for Ever After, but it was good! And those Star Wars ones are great! <3 But, of course, my favorite is the Robin and Matian one!! ;)

    1. Yes!! :D I know, I found some good Ever After ones; it was fun. :) Yesh! Ahhhhhh, Rarian. <3

  2. Fan videos!!! *hums "These are a few of my favorite things . . ."* *grins*

    Okay so I gotta say, I DON'T like Padme/Anakin and I'm not a huge fan of "Rolling in the Deep" itself; but the combination of the two is utter perfection. Truly. :D

    1. Heehee! Same here. ;)

      Okay, right?! Like, I'm not ga-ga over Padme and Anakin as a couple, either (though I do really like Padme herself), but I do feel bad for them and this song just fits so perfectly!

  3. That Robin and Marian fanvideo KILLED ME.

  4. Really liked the Parker/Hardison vid! And the Han/Leia one was sweet.

    1. Same here! It just captures their relationship well. :) Isn't it?

  5. The Aragorn and Arwen one<333
    (also, love the new look!)

    1. Right?? <3

      (Aww, thank you! I'm really glad you like it. :))

  6. Wow, I'm really impressed by the editing of the Aragron and Arwen one!! It was beautifully done. <3

    Unfortunately the Padme/Anakin one is blocked in my country due to copyright grounds. :(

    Aww, HENRY AND DANIELLE. <3333

    Wow, that Leia and Han one was really beautifully edited also. *sniffles*

    Ok, so I'm only up to the third season of Gilmore Girls, but I'm already shipping Lorelei and Luke S.O. H.A.R.D. (Also, btw, you mentioned recently that things go downhill a bit after the 4th or 5th season... does that mean I should stop around then, or do you consider it still good enough to keep watching? 'Cause you know, I don't want to ruin it, but I also don't want to miss out on hidden gems either. ;)

    *happy sigh* You're making me want to re-watch the Robin Hood series again... :D

    1. It was, wasn't it?

      Aw, too bad. :-/


      I know, right? It was really well-done.

      AAAAAAHHHH. The third season is a good one; it's what I'm re-watching right now. :) (Uuuuhhhhhhhhhh. *heavy sigh* Okay. So, I've only watched the first through fourth seasons and then the revival they did a year or two ago. I've watched certain episodes throughout the other seasons and then just read about what's happened in the other seasons. Basically, one of the characters makes a Really Bad Decision at the very end of the fourth season that kind of kickstarts this total turn-around in their entire self--in my opinion; I mean, this person changes a lot and kind of starts going downhill--and I just stopped watching after that because I read that Lorelai and Luke and probably other people start impulse-marrying people they shouldn't be with and then divorcing and then cheating and I think there's more sex in general and . . . *sigh* Just a lot of stuff. BUT, I'm actually going to do some more in-depth "research" because I am kind of wanting to watch the rest of the show anyway . . . I'm wrestling with what I think of it all, haha. ;) I do have a friend who's watched all of it and I think she'd say it's worth watching past season four. Hope that was helpful, not more confusing!)

      I knoooooooow. :')

    2. As someone who was OBSESSED with this show for a number of years, I agree 5, 6, & 7 aren't the best, and don't even get me started on that revival... however, I definitely think 5 is worth watching for Lorelai & Luke (the angst factor that mainly makes an appearance in the second half notwithstanding)... they also have some pretty great moments across 6 and 7, but unfortunately they are few and far between.

    3. Thanks for your input, Kirsty! That's helpful. (Whew, that revival was . . . somethin'. I didn't HATE it, but it was definitely frustrating in parts.) That's the general idea I get from the different things I've read about 5-7. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.


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