Lovely Blog Party || The Heart-shaped Box of OTPs Tag {created by Kiri Liz}

I thought I had finished writing and scheduling all my posts for this month, and then, lo and behold, Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore goes and creates a romantical tag a few days before Valentine's Day.  But not just any romantical tag--a tag that pairs the traits of fictional couples with various unique chocolate combinations.  I couldn't very well pass that up, now, could I??

The tag does not have any explicit affiliation with the Lovely Blog Party going on, but it's all in the same vein, so here we are. :)

The tag is divided into two sets of questions, the "basic set" and the "extended edition," but I've just combined them both.  (Before we begin, I perhaps ought to mention that not all of the couples I list here really have OTP status with me.  However, I do like all of them, and I had to pick couples that came to mind and that worked well with the different questions.)

✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾

1. Original Chocolate Heart - The OTP that started it all
I believe the first couple I can remember actually "shipping"--in my then-incomplete knowledge of the concept--was created by my favorite author, Lewis.  Shasta and Aravis for the win. ;) <3

2. Dark Chocolate - The OTP with the most drama
Golly geez.  So many, so many . . .

I'm tempted to say Robin and Marian?  But I don't want to because drama can be such a negative thing, and they're so good . . .

But at the same time they do have a lot of drama lolz. :-P  

Wait, scratch that--Percy and Marguerite from The Scarlet Pimpernel.  TALK about drama. ;-P

3. Caramel Filled - The OTP that's simple and sweet
Faramir and Eowyn?? :)

4. Raspberry Chocolate - The forbidden-love OTP
Forbidden love, forbidden love . . . where's my forbidden love couple at . . .

I don't think I actually do ship that many couples that are truly forbidden??  Like, I'm trying to think . . . I guess Phoebus and Esmeralda are a little forbidden . . . Oh!  John and Dido from Belle!  There were several things working against the two of them.

Waawww.  Don't you just feel all the things. 

5. White Chocolate - The odd OTP you still somehow manage to love
Almost everything is wacky and unusual about This Is Not What I Expected, but taken on their own, Lu Jin and Gu Shengnan are close to normal, though they certainly have their oddities.  Still, based on the quirkiness of the movie as a whole and the strangeness of how I happened upon it and low-key fell in love with it, I'll use them.  They're really cute.

6. Peanut Butter Chocolate - The OTP everybody and their sisters ship
I know there are Swanfire shippers (and I myself am none too sure of what my feelings would be should a certain individual have lived), but I think it's safe to say that Emma and Killian are not exactly suffering from a dearth of fans.


7. Cherry-Filled - The OTP that you fear no one knows about
I'll go with Jude and Jing-wei from The Hunting of the Last Dragon.  The relationship between these two adds so much to that book, and it's so good.

she's not the right ethnicity, but other than that

8. Chocolate with Almonds - The fun and nutty OTP
Johnny and Penelope are a little quirky, what with Penelope's zany clothing and Johnny's playful instrumental experimentation.  And they're precious and I love them. :)

9. Chocolate with Coconut - The OTP who came from different backgrounds
Reckless, swaggering, initially selfish freelance pilot and serious, politically minded, conscientious princess/senator, anyone? ;)

10. Mint Chocolate - The OTP you'll love until you die 
There are lots (like Faramir and Eowyn), but I'll mention Robin and Marian again.  Even if (as I suspect could happen) my love for the show itself will fade/become colored by how perhaps overly dramatic it is, I think this couple will always be special to me. <3  (Of course, I could be wrong.  Who can know.)

11. Orange Creme - The OTP you never expected to love
I don't think I ever really expected to love anything about Marvel besides Thor/Loki, so we'll go with Pepper and Tony from the Iron Man movies.  (I don't know that I love love them, but I like them a lot right now.)

12. Salted Caramel - The OTP who worked on their relationship
Jim and Pam from The Office.  When the going got tough, they didn't give up on each other.  (And that scene even used a verse from the Bible. <3)

13. Chocolate Covered Raisins - The young OTP you know will work out one day
I mean, I hope that Bryce and Juli from Flipped will work out. ;)

14. Chocolate Jalapeño - The OTP that can't be together but you ship it anyways
Obidala (Obi-wan and Padme, for the uninitiated)?  I get that it would wreak havoc on the entire plot of Star Wars, but still.  One feels that they could've been sweet. :)

15. Ferrero Rocher - The best dressed/best looking OTP
Okay, but that royal Persian fashion in One Night with the King . . .

16. Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean - The energetic OTP that keeps you on your toes
Maybe Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.  I only really love the first few seasons of the show--after that everyone starts going on marry-impulsively-and-then-get-a-quickie-divorce or sleep-with-married-people binges--but up until like the fourth/fifth season, before the two of them become an actual "thing," the repartee of their friendship is bright and spicy and full of denied attraction and affection and other good things.

17. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - The OTP that's just absolutely adorable
Hassan and Marguerite from The Hundred Foot Journey (also featured at the far right of my header) were really pure and precious, from what I remember.

18. Chocolate with Nougat - The OTP full of fluff and nonsense
Nicholas and Mia from The Princess Diaries 2?  They're fluffy and sassy and a little cheesy and a lot of fun. :D

19. Chocolate with Walnuts - The OTP with the bumpiest relationship
Jane and Rochester, bless their hearts.  They have genuine #Struggles.

20. Chocolate Butterscotch - The OTP with the best banter
 Charlie and Sophie from Letters to Juliet!  I love them. <3

"Can you imagine what would've happened if she hadn't seen sense?"
"Well, yeah: You wouldn't be here, and that would be an upside."
"What are you doing here anyway?  You some lonely American girl who has to live vicariously through others?"
"I'm not lonely; I'm engaged."
"Hmm.  My condolences to the groom."

✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾

What about you all?
What would some of your answers be? :)
Check out Kiri Liz's post for the link-up and a "clean" list of the questions!


  1. I loved all your answers!!!! :D


    I shipped those babies so hard <333 They were the perfect pair.

    1. Thanks!! :D

      YAAAAASSSSSSSSS. They are awesome. <3

  2. ALLL the ships!! Shasta and Aravis. Eowyn and Faramir. Robin and Marian (is the BBC Robin Hood good? is it appropriate? I'd love to watch it, since it includes Richard Armitage ;). Han and Leia. BUT OH MY GOODNESS SOMEONE ELSE WHO SHIPS OBIDALA??? That is one of my favorite never-to-be ships!! They would be so cute together and just ahhhh... XD

    1. BBC Robin Hood is SO good. I love it so much. :D (I mean, it's cheesy and historically inaccurate, but otherwise it's good. ;)) As for content: It's pretty clean, especially for a medieval show! There's kissing, of course; some innuendo-filled talk about wedding nights and stuff like that; a corrupt clergyman visits a prostitute, though you don't see anything; one of the main characters seduces and impregnates a castle maid and then tries to abandon the baby (again, you don't see anything, you just know it's happened); in a couple of episodes towards the beginning of the third season, there's a new character who's having an affair with a married woman and you briefly see them kissing in bed a few times, I think; one of the characters in the first season initially tries to pass herself off as a boy, so one of the gang accidentally runs into her when she's bathing and finds out that she's a girl that way, though it's all pretty innocent and in good fun (you see her bare back). There's violence, I guess, but it's pretty non-bloody and mild. Probably a little bit of swearing/God's name in vain. That's all I can remember! With the exception of a few episodes, I'd say it was pretty appropriate for most ages that'd be interested. :)

      Obidala would be really sweet! It's weird, I kind of wish that they had ended up together AFTER Anakin betrayed Padme and turned dark . . . I don't know. Anyhow, yes, they're cute!

    2. Hm, okay, I still think I'd like to see it... I love the tales of Robin Hood. I'll have to talk to my parents about it. Thanks for the info!!

      Ah yes, I do too!! They would have been so good together. <33

    3. I'd still recommend it! No problem. :)

      Indeed. <3

  3. WHOA! Another person who has seen One Night with the King! That was an interesting movie, huh?

    Obidala honestly made so much more sense than Anidala. Sigh.

    I still need to see Letters to Juliet.

    1. Oh, yeah! I've always liked that movie. :)

      It kinda did? I mean . . . no strange age gap and no choking-and-betrayal thing . . .

      Aww, you do! It's a really sweet, fun movie.

  4. I could just have this comment be a lot screaming agreement, but I'll try to keep it under control. ;)

    Shasta and Avaris! Love them. Faramir and Eowyn! Love them. Robin and Marian! Love them!

    YES. Bryce and Juli!!! <3 Yes, they will work one day!!! They are so sweet.

    Oh, Obidala would be so much better!!! True, the story wouldn't work at all, but still...

    1. Haha! That's always fun. :D

      Oh, yay, someone else who knows/likes Bryce and Juli!

      Exactly. :-P

  5. I love Shasta and Aravis :D I remember being disappointed that Hwin and Bree didn't end up together too, but looking back I'm glad they didn't. She was much too good for him, haha

    1. I was kind of rooting for Hwin and Bree, too, but I'm also glad that didn't happen! He had some maturing to do, no? ;)

  6. Oh, I'm not the only one who seriously hoped that Padme and Obi-Wan might work out!! He would have been so much better for her than Anakin. WHYYYY.

    1. Nope, you're not! Although I kind of wish they could have gone off together after Anakin betrayed her . . . but maybe that wouldn't be good . . . hmm . . . I'm thinkin' out loud, here. xD

  7. First off, you basically WERE this whole blog party, weren't you; I count a little under half of the posts in the link-up on Cordy's blog are from your blog, and I just have to say... girl, I am IMPRESSED.

    Second, YES, 10,000 times over to Captain Swan, Faramir & Eowyn, John & Dido, Mia & Nicholas, and Charlie & Sophie... I feel like Princess Diaries 2 and Letters to Juliet in particular are two very much underrated and underappreciated gems, so thank you for highlighting them.

    Also, do you have a favourite season for Captain Swan? Mine would have to be 4, with 5 a VERY close second.

    1. Haha! I was indeed a little enthusiastic. ;D

      YES! I agree, I rarely find people who love Letters to Juliet like I do, so I'm glad you mentioned it. :) Are you excited about the third Princess Diaries?!?!

      Ooh! Hmm . . . I'm thinking probably either 3, 5, or 6. I can't decide definitively. :-P Who's your favorite Once character?

  8. Hahahaha wow. This may be my latest response to a post, ever. xD

    I'm subscribed to your blog by email in order to stay "on top" of your posts, but apparently it isn't helping because this one has been sitting in my inbox since February.

    Now we're closer to Valentine's Day 2020 that not and I think I'm going to steal this for next year. :P

    I'm not going to comment on each couple BECAUSE GIRL YOU KNOW MY THOUGHTS but I do have to say that my mom and I just rewatched Belle and besides all the lovely nostalgic feelings associated with that movie I just---HEART FULL OF EMOTIONS HERE AT THAT SCENE. *clutches chest dramatically* <3

    Anyways. :) Ta-ta.

    1. Haha! I'm sure I've taken longer sometime or other, so no worries. ;)

      Ooh, YES! Definitely steal it! I'd love to have an updated post on some of your favorite couples. :) <3

      GAHHH YES. Much emotion. <3 <3

      Hee. ;) Thanks for commenting!


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