Lovely Blog Party || My Top Ten Love Songs from Musical Theatre

I love musical theatre.  (I hope we all knew that, even though I don't talk about musicals on this blog as much as I could.)  I like daydreaming about performing in my dream roles, and I love listening to the romantic centerpieces of many of my favorite soundtracks.  So, since Cordy is hosting this wonderful blog party, I decided now would be a perfect time to give musicals some blog space.

These are my ten favorite love songs from musical theatre as of now.  As with almost any of my top ten lists, they are subject to change any moment. :-P

#10. "In a Crowd of Thousands" - Anastasia

(Derek and Christy are the cutest, goodbye.)

I like the melody and the duet elements of this one.  It all flows and rolls together well, and it's a neat moment with Anya remembering who she is.

#9. "All I Ask of You" - The Phantom of the Opera

So, unpopular opinion time: I don't actually think this is, like, one of the greatest love songs out there.  I've always kinda been like, " . . . But see that's kind of a lot to ask of a person." xP  

However, that said,  it does have some gorgeous melodies and high notes and such. :)

#8. "Ten Minutes Ago" - Cinderella

I came across this fairly recently, but I really like it.  It's simple and lilting and enchanting, very fairytale-esque. 

#7. "Isn't It Kinda Fun?" - State Fair

This is a flirty, fun little song, perfect for couples that are typically "love 'em and leave 'em" types but that now find themselves thinking a little more seriously about the other person in the equation. 

#6. "When the Children Are Asleep" - Carousel

"When today is a long time ago, you'll still hear me say that the best dream I know is you."

D'aaawwwwwwww. *hugs the song*

I would love to perform in Carousel someday as Julie Jordan, but this song makes me want to play Carrie, too.  It's such an adorable, pure duet. 

#5. "I Could Have Danced All Night" - My Fair Lady

I want to play Eliza Doolittle so muuuuuuuuuuch. *cries a little*

This song is exuberant and joyful and all kinds of thrilling to sing (the last note *delicious sigh*).  My only complaint about it is that it is pretty repetitive.  

Ah, well.  I still love it. ;)

#4. "Elaborate Lives" - Aida

Aida is life.  I love this entire album so much, and this song especially makes me Feel Things from the very first bars. 

#3. "If I Loved You" - Carousel

(It's difficult to find one single version of this song that I feel accurately captures what I love about it, since the song is typically sung in duet or reprise form.  I don't love this one, but Laura Osnes is, after all, Laura Osnes, so we'll take what we can get. ;-P)

I love this song.  It's really simple (and, again, a little repetitive), but something about it tugs at my crochety old heartstrings.  (Heh, just kidding.  My heartstrings are anything but crochety.  I will feel anything about anything, all day long.)  It's got a very romantic feel, to me.  (And, of course, it's quite wistful, something I'm generally a sucker for.)

#2. "Daffodils" - Big Fish


You guys.

Listen to this one.  Seriously.  It will brighten your day, you see if it doesn't.

#1. "Come What May" - Moulin Rouge

The soundtrack version of this song is good, too, but I prefer this one because it's more dramatic and has some goosebump-raising choral contributions.  (And the ending is higher and more orchestral and just bigger.  So, naturally, I prefer it. :-P)  However, I couldn't find a suitable video of this particular version of the song, other than this Faramir + Eowyn video.  (I utterly love this fan video, but hadn't been planning to use it in this post since I was considering it for an upcoming one.  But I guess today's the day!)  So, you get doubly blessed!  An incredible song and an emotional LotR video.   Lucky you. :)

As a disclaimer, I have not watched Moulin Rouge and do not intend to.  However, this particular selection is phenomenal (and appropriate).

It's really quite something, this song.  I don't even know what to say about it; you just have to listen to it.

(Plus, again, that video.  Sheesh.  I mean, the last minute and a half . . . CHILLS, I tell you.  Real, actual chills.)

What are your favorite musical-y romance ballads? ;)


  1. "If I I Loved You" from Carousel is just about my favorite romantic song of all time. It is so romantic. I also love "You Are Love" from Showboat. "When You're In Love" from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers would be my third favorite romantic song.

    Loved reading your list!

    1. It's so quintessentially romantic, isn't it? Ooh, I don't remember "You Are Love"; maybe I should give it a listen. Ahhh, Seven Brides. ;D


  2. Oh, I love "I Could Have Danced All Night"! It is so wonderful!!! :D

  3. I think the only ones of these I've heard are "Come What May" (Collabro), "All I Ask Of You" and "Elaborate Lives". I agree, "All I Ask of You" isn't the greatest love song out there.

    1. Oh, I haven't heard Collabro's take on "Come What May"! Okay, thank you. I mean, it's NICE--it's PRETTY--but it's not the most earthshakingly amazing love song ever to exist. :-P

  4. Come What May is SO heartbreakingly beautiful! Definitely my favorite musical love song!

    Awww, yes, If I Loved You is so lovely & wistful!!!

    I also love I Could Have Danced All Night, When the Children Are Asleep, & In A Crowd of Thousands, and most of the others on your list. :-)

    Hehe, I completely agree with your sentiments about All I Ask of You. But it is still such a beautiful song!

    A few other favorites of mine are Only Us (Dear Evan Hansen), A Whole New World (Aladdin), Something to Believe In (Newsies), & You Shine (I love this version performed by Derek Klena & Christy Altomare:

    ~ Catie

    1. Isn't it gorgeous?!?!

      Yesh. <3

      Yay! I'm glad you like them, too. :D

      Haha, indeed.

      Ooh, yes! I considered "Something to Believe In" for this list. :) And ooh, I listened to that version of "You Shine" a while ago, I believe.

  5. In a Crowd of Thousands and All I Ask of you are two of my favorites! I also absolutely love Ten Minutes Ago, Could've Danced All Night, and If I Loved You are lovely too.

  6. Great choices! :D Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm really fond of "Come What May," too. It's so sweeping & soaring.

    I think my favorite is "I Don't Know How To Love Him," from Jesus Christ Superstar. I love how soft and gentle it is, but still heartfelt.

    1. OH and I'm also a huge fan of "Without You" from Rent.

    2. "Sweeping & soaring" -- exactly! And that music video captures everything I love about both the song and the couple. <3

      I remember you talking about that in your post on your favorite m.t. songs! (Whiiiiich probably inspired this post. ;))

      Ooh, I think I've heard Leslie Odom, Jr.'s rendition of "Without You," and if that's the one I'm thinking of, then YES. It is gorgeous. Especially the way he does it.

  7. I was extremely excited when I saw the words "musical theatre" in the title. :D

    Ohh, In a Crowd of Thousands is one of my FAVOURITES. It's so sweet and cute and gahh... *happy tears*

    I've ALWAYS loved All I Ask of You. :) <3

    Oh, any Cinderella song!! Aren't they just so sweet?!! Ten Minutes Ago! Yes!

    I don't know why, but none of the State Fair songs every grabbed me. Like, they never stuck in my head?

    There really are some gems in Carousel. <3 I looove If I Loved You - especially if Laura Osnes is singing it!!! :D :D :D When the Children are Asleep is very sweet, too. :)

    Haha, I Could Have Danced All Night is so fun!!! It always makes me want to sing and dance along to it... *happy sigh*

    I've never heard of Aida!
    Same with Big Fish - but gee, that song is fun!! My day is officially brighter. ;)

    Ohh, I'm not familiar with the Moulin Rouge songs... aww, that's such a tender song. But Faramir and Eowyn... :') <3

    1. Eeeee, yay!! :D

      I'm sure I owe discovering "Ten Minutes Ago" to you! I think I was looking for various songs from Cinderella since I knew you loved it. And then I found this, which I love now too! :D Thanks. ;)

      I was pretty underwhelmed by State Fair at first, although I did always like some of the songs.

      There really are. <3 Love that show/music.

      Saaaaaaame. :D

      They're both excellent! (Actually, I've only heard a few of the songs from the Big Fish musical, but I like those!) Aww, yay! I'm glad you listened to it. :D

      I KNOW. :') :') <3


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