Ask Me Anything Answers, Part 2

Here we go again!:)  I'm not sure if this'll be the last answer post or not; we'll just have to see.

An Elven Princess (Beth) asked:

Have you watched/do you watch Doctor Who, and please elaborate. :D
Okay, so, I've never watched an entire episode *ducks* but I have watched clips before.  I'm sure that if I ever were to start it, I wouldn't stop (it's rather easy for me to get sucked into a tv series and then scarred for life *coughRobinHoodcough*).  So there is hope yet!

Naomi asked:

What was the very first period drama you watched?
Oh, you'll be so happy.  'T'was Pride and Prejudice 1995:)  

At least, I think it was P&P.  It may have been Fiddler on the Roof or The Sound of Music, but we'll go with P&P.

Are you a skirts-only girl, or do you wear pants and skirts?
Both!  I tend to wear pants more often, because I have more versatile pants than skirts, but I do enjoy skirts as well.

Tell us about your family/siblings!  (feel free to ignore this one, if you don't want to answer it, of course!)
I have two parents and five siblings:D (I am the second-to-youngest.)  I think I can honestly (and happily!) say that I'm fairly close with all of them.  I'm undoubtedly closest to my mother, though.  We talk together about almost anything, silly or serious.  Oh, and we have far too much fun quoting period dramas and not acting our ages and all that good stuff:)

Abigail asked:

Do you have any hobbies?  (Playing instruments, sports…)
Yep!  I'm finishing up my seventh year of piano and I just recently completed my fifth year in choir:)

How "deep" into the Tolkien Fandom have you gone…Have you learned any elvish?;)
Ná, quetin Quenya.  (Yes, I speak Quenya.)  A very, very little bit of Quenya, that is:D  I hope to learn more over the summer.  

Favorite author?
That would be C. S. Lewis.  The man was a genius, and I'm not just talking about Narnia (though those books are absolutely beautiful).  

Have you ever done any cosplay?
Yes!  My friend and I dressed as elves to the premiere of The Battle of the Five Armies!  She was Galadriel (she made her dress herself!) and I decided to just go as a nameless elf;)

Do you enjoy skirts and dresses?
Indeed I do!  Especially if they have twirly or billowy skirts.

And sorry to put you on the spot…But, if possible, who is your favorite literary hero, and heroine?  (Only one hero, and only one heroine.)
Weeel, my favorite hero is Faramir, but you all knew that already.  My favorite heroine is probably either Molly Gibson from Wives and Daughters or Rose Campbell from Rose in Bloom.

Whew!  Well, I think I'll have to save the last questions for another day:)


  1. HAHA. "You'll be pleased." Indeed I am! Pride and Prejudice 1995 is a fantabulous way to start. :-D

    Oh, your family sounds so lovely! I'm very close to my mother too - she's a friend as well as a mother. Aren't those kind of mother's the best? Yes, they are. :-)

    I were both trousers (that's how British people like me call 'em!) and skirts too - there are those days when I don't feel like skirts AT ALL and also vice versa - those days when I want to dress up and wear really dressy things. :-)

    Thank you, Olivia!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Haha, my parents thought so too;)

      Yes, it's a real blessing to have a mother who's honestly just an amazing friend as well:D

      I like it! I should use the word 'trousers' more often! Oh, I get that--some days you just have to go with whatever's comfortable at the moment:)

      Thank you for your questions!

  2. I love Molly! Good choice. :)
    And yeah, duh Faramir! He's amazing. :)
    However, to be blunt, YOU NEED TO WATCH DOCTOR WHO!!!!
    Or else we can't associate any more. ;)

    Fine, I guess we can associate but at a distance... like through our blogs. ;)

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, Faramir forever:D
      Hahaha, all righty, then! I'll get right on that, ma'am;)

  3. I must say, I am always impressed by people who learn Quenya. I take my hat off to you, my dear.
    You have to watch Doctor Who. You just should. It's kind of hard to get started on it - at least, I thought it was - but it will take over your life, just like you said. :)

    1. Haha, thank you! I can only do it when reading carefully out of my Elvish app, though;)
      Yeah, that's what I've heard! I have a feeling I'll start it one of these days, probably fairly soon:D

    2. The 12th Doctor is my Doctor xD

  4. oooh, yay, more answers!!

    That's so cool you play piano.. Seven years! Wow, that's quite awhile! I play to.. Isn't it amazing the emotion you can create with music?

    That's so cool that you know some Quenya… someday I will learn it someday, but it is not this day.

    Yes, Lewis is my favourite author as well. His writing is just so beautiful, and heartfelt, and sincere. I seriously wish I had met him.

    I bet that cosplaying was fun, you should show pictures of your costume! I have never cosplayed before… But if they EVER do another Narnia movie, you can bet I am dressing up for that. :)

    I love full skirts to!!

    Ya, Faramir is pretty awesome! Although I have always been a Gandalf fan…

    Looking forward to the rest of the answers!

    1. Oh, you play too! Isn't it great?:) Oh, I KNOW! It's amazing.

      Thanks! I can only read a little apart from the dictionary, though;) Really hardly at all...

      YES LEWIS. I know, I'm looking forward to meeting him someday:D

      It was!:D Ooh, YES!! You should!

      Yup, Faramir's my favorite XD Though I do love Gandalf as well:)

  5. You haven't watched Doctor Who? Trust me, life will never be the same once you start watching it;)

    Seven years of piano..that's quite impressing. I play it too.
    And you sing in a choir? I'm so jealous!

    Twirly skirts are the best!

    1. Haha, that's what I hear. I'll have to start it soon!

      Thanks! Oh, yay! Isn't it the best?:)

      Yes, twirly skirts make me smile inside (and outside, sometimes):D


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