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Abigail tagged me for this!  Thanks, Abigail:D  Apparently, I'm supposed to list my--you got it--top ten theme songs.  And I don't feel like taking the time to rank them:-P, so here are ten of my favorites!

(By the by, I haven't actually been able to watch these yet, because our YouTube isn't working, yet somehow Blogger is allowing me to access it from the post.  Oh, well.)

From  Brave

From  The Chronicles of Narnia

From  Leverage

From  The Lord of the Rings

From  Beauty and the Beast

From  Gilmore Girls

From  Once Upon a Time

From  The Phantom of the Opera

(This is an awesome medley.)

From  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

From  Swan Lake

There you have 'em!:D  Thanks again, Abigail!  It was fun:)


  1. Great selection of songs and themes, the phantom of the opera is one of my favorites the talent she has with that instrument is amazing,swan lake I love hearing this theme over and over again, I find the melody so beautiful, charming and at the same time very strong.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, I am having quite a good time exploring yours.

    Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday.

    1. Thanks, Laura! Oh, I know right?! Isn't it amazing, what she does with that instrument?

      Yeeesss, the Swan Lake theme is great!!!!! So so beautiful.

      Aww, you're welcome! Thank YOU so much for commenting here! I really appreciate it:)

      I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, too!

  2. The Narnia Soundtrack/Theme song always feels so...nostalgic Like I've gone on those adventures with the Pevinsies and I miss them. It's such an emotional, epic, and wonderful soundtrack.

    1. I agree! There are lots of melodies that just fill me with nostalgia, and this is often one of them. I love how, even if you haven't seen the movie over and over, the theme just reminds you of something, even if you don't know what:D

  3. Great choices! I love so many of these. :) You know I didn't even remember the theme for Once Upon a Time! I only ever watched the first season a couple years ago.... someday I'll get around to the rest of it. And I love that Phantom of the Opera medley! Lindsey Sterling is really good!
    And.... and.... and LEVERAGE!!!! I was craving a watch of it after having finished it a couple weeks ago so yesterday to calm my nerves before my test I watched my favorite episode- The Rashomon Job. :) What's your favorite episode? Or do you have one? It's so hard to chose favorites!
    And duh I love the LOTR music... who doesn't? ;)
    I'm tired and hyper.... ;)

    1. Thanks, Lois!:) Yeah, you should try the rest of Once. The first season wasn't the best, in my opinion. The second and third are better;)
      I know, right?! Isn't that PotO medley awesome?!
      LEVERAGE FOREVER!!!!! Aw, that's so fun!:D Oooh, favorite episode, that's tough. I really love The Office Job, The Christmas Job, The Winery Job, The Rundown Job…I love most of them XD
      Exactly. Who couldn't love the LotR music?

  4. A great selection of themes!
    You've got it all covered from epic to dramatic to quiet and laid back.
    That Phantom medley is also one of my favourite videos:-)

    1. Thanks, Rose! Yeah, it's a great video:)

  5. Oooh, Narnia! It's so, so pretty and gives me a strange, longing feeling(am I the only one who experiences this?). And LotR, Swan Lake, and Beauty and the Beast are epic too. :)

    1. No, no, Meredith, I get that too! Nostalgic soundtracks are the beeeesssst:D

  6. Ooooooh I'm doing this in my Q&A along with disney and all your questions! xDDDDDDDDDD I've played Swan Lake!!! and we are playing LOTR in a joint concert and our conductor is dressing up as Gandalf! squeeeeeeeee

    1. Yesyes, Evie! Do it!!!!:D You've played Swan Lake?!?!?!?!?! *gapes* And your conductor is dressing as Gandalf when you play LotR and I just….*faints*

  7. I have a confession to make: I haven't seen Leverage. I actually bought the first season last year, because I'm a fan of both Timothy Hutton and Christian Kane, but I haven't managed to start it yet. :-( Maybe later this summer, after I finish Cranford and Agents of SHIELD's season 2...

    1. But you HAVE it ready to watch! That's the important thing! :D

    2. Indeed:) And you're gonna love it! Except some of the episodes are better than others :-P

    3. I have a bizarre love for con artists, and I understand the show involves con artists, so... yeah :-D

      All shows are that way. No show has only good eps. Not even Combat!.

    4. Haha, I get that. It's a really fun show:)

      Yep, I just didn't want you to, ya know, give up after the first episode like some people do:D


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