Name the Actor/Actress Game {2} Answers!

Thanks for playing, everybody!  Sorry that these answers are a little late:-P

#1:  Answer:  Matthew Goode  (I've seen him in Leap Year, Belle, and something else…I think…)

#2:  Answer:  Katharine Hepburn  (I've seen her in The Philadelphia Story, Holiday, Bringing Up Baby, and Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry)

#3:  Answer:  Harrison Ford  (I've seen him in Star Wars, Sabrina, Indiana Jones, Extraordinary Measures, and probably something else)

#4:  Answer:  Georgie Henley  (I've seen her in The Chronicles of Narnia and Jane Eyre)

#5:  Answer:  Joe Armstrong  (I've seen him in BBC Robin Hood)

#6:  Answer:  Claudie Blakley   (I've seen her in Pride and Prejudice and Lark Rise to Candleford)

#7:  Answer:  Rafi Gavron  (I've seen him in Inkheart)

#8:  Answer:  Idina Menzel  (I've heard her in Frozen, seen her in snippets of Wicked, and seen her in Enchanted)

#9:  Answer:  Christian Kane  (I've seen him in Secondhand Lions and Leverage)

#10:  Answer:  Drew Barrymore  (I've seen her in Ever After and The Wedding Singer)

Players' Scores:
Morg:  5/10
DKoren:  4/10
Hamlette:  4/10
Lois:  5/10
Emma:  4.5 (guessed first name but not last)/10
JH:  1/10
Bailey:  3/10
Rose:  2/10
Rissi:  2.5 (same thing as Emma)/10

Thank you all so much for playing, lovelies!:D


  1. Haha. Look at me with my 4.5 points. ;-P Fun game! Now I see I know several more of these people than I thought. (I don't know why I didn't recognize Idina Menzel. I guess I'm used to seeing her with green skin.)


    1. Hehe, yeah, good job;) Haha! She certainly does look different without it...


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