In which, behold, I steal yet another post idea from the blogging community

I'm going to do one of those "life update" posts.  I've never done that before, so we'll see how this goes;)

Lately, I've been…


Rilla of Ingleside, The Phantom of the Opera, Tuck Everlasting, and Wives and Daughters.  Not all at once, of course;)  See, I like to follow C. S. Lewis' advice whenever I get an excuse, and so when I came across a quote of his that goes something like this, "It is a good rule, when you have finished a new book, never to allow yourself another new one 'til you have read an old one in between," I half unconsciously decided that I would try that for an indefinite amount of time.  So far, it's been going well.  It can be aggravating, but I daresay it's good for me:)  

Anyway, "Rilla" and "Tuck" were rereads (and both very poignant rereads!), and PotO and "Wives" were/are newbies.  

My thoughts on "Phantom"…methinks perhaps I should save them for a post all their own?  Well…I suppose I'll just go ahead and spill them here.  I liked it, but…not as much as I hoped to, I'm afraid.  Of course, it is a Gothic romance, and that genre in general is not my favorite, truth be told.  So that's part of it.  But Raoul though.  Don't even get me started.  Was I ever shocked to find that Patrick Wilson's Raoul was alarmingly close to book-Raoul.  (Though, to be honest, I don't actually hate PW's portrayal too badly.  It's not exactly likable, but I don't hate it.)  What the heck?  Dude!  MAN UP.  I'm sorry, peoples, but the guy burst into tears about once every two pages.  Seriously.  He was like a male Elsie Dinsmore.  (And that, coming from me, is not a compliment.)  

*collects herself*  Ranting about Raoul aside, I did really admire the writing for the most part.  Leroux seemed as fond an italics-lover as I could wish a Gothic romance author to be ;), which I must say did get on my nerves occasionally.  But oh, my goodness, that ending was absolutely fantastic.  Wow.  When Erik comes and unburdens himself to the Persian…ohhhhh the pains and feels and bittersweetness!  And some of the phrases were phenomenal:  "Another sigh came from the abysmal depths of a soul…" ~ "He had a soul that could have held the empire of the world, and in the end he had to content himself with a cellar."  *Olivia applauds*  Well done.  Very well done.  So, overall, I did enjoy it, but as it is a Gothic romance it wasn't my favorite.

I'm finally approaching the end of that huge Wives and Daughters.  Granted, some of this progress was gained by--ahem--skimming, but hey, it's a free country.  I'm enjoying this one, as well.  Surprisingly, I'm really loving book-Cynthia.  Movie-Cynthia is nice, but I think that the book is giving me a chance to more thoroughly understand her, and she's just more likable.  The character of Cynthia is a very real one, I think.  She may not be an exemplary role model (cough), but she sure is real.  


Lark Rise to Candleford and Call the Midwife, mainly, with my parents.  I quite enjoy LRtC, but I NEED TO SPEW MY FEELS ABOUT CTM AT SOMEONE.  If any of you have watched this show, please comment.  I need to talk about Jimmy's idiocy and Chummy and Turner/Bernadette all that's happened in season two.  

Wasting time
I'm sorry this is so large, but I wanted you to see it in all its epic wow-ness.

Hanging out over at Zimbio, looking at celebrity gala photos and taking way too many purposeless tests.  I have to say, though, that in general I think the results I've gotten have been surprisingly accurate.  Except that every darn time I take their Disney princess quiz, I get Ariel.  Ariel.  Pretty name and all, but, no offense, she's like literally my least favorite princess.  Well…maybe Jasmine.  I don't know.  Don't hate me;)


Life :)


  1. I did start watching Call the Midwife, but I don't think I watched more than a few episodes. So, sadly I cannot engage in much conversation about it with you! I don't think I even really remember much about. I kinda forgot I was watching it! I have always wanted to give Phantom of the Opera a try too. Not sure if I would like it or not...

    1. Haha, well, thanks anyway:D I do hope you get a chance to watch more of it later, though. It definitely gets more intense, but it's also really good. Yeah,'s good, but not one I'd throw at a person like they absolutely have to read it:-/

  2. I rewatched Lark Rise to Candle ford this year! I love that TV show! I also like Call the Midwife a lot, but only the the first three seasons... The fourth one is not that good in my opinion....

    1. I know, isn't it a fun show, Morg? I love all the eccentric characters in LRtC:)

      Ooh, you've seen CtM! Ah, well, I haven't seen seasons three and four yet; we've just finished season two. And what the heck, Jimmy?! I'm still mad at him. Probably because I will never ship Jenny with anyone but him. (Ha. Watch me be sucked into the Alec/Jenny ship.)

  3. I haven't seen Call the Midwife before-it looks and sounds interesting...and I've only watched the movie version of Phantom and not read the book :(

    1. You should give CtM a try, Brittany! It's a good show:) Well, I like the musical versions of Phantom a little better than the book, anyway.

  4. AH, what a lovely post!! :-) RILLA OF INGLESIDE. That's one of my favourite books EVER. :-D It always makes me cry and cry and cryyyyy. Especially the bit where Rilla reads Walter's letter... oh myyyy. *sobs*
    I love the book Cynthia too! I actually don't hate the movie-Cynthia either - she IS annoying sometimes, but - as you said - she's so REAL. :-)

    Ah, Dorcas Lane! How I love her. :-) Her many one weaknesses, haha.
    I've seen one Christmas Special of Call the Midwives, and it seems SO much fun. :-)

    Rihanna's big pizza gown is ridiculous. :-P I LOVE Reese's gowns, though - she has such a lovely gorgeous style. I waste my time looking at gowns at lot -- Probably more than you, don't worry. :-)

    Aww. I love life too.

    ~ Naomi

    1. Thanks, Naomi!:)

      Oh my goodness, yes, I cried when Rilla read his letter. WHY SO MANY FEELS AND PAINS?!?! I love Walter so. much.

      Yep! Cynthia's a great character.

      Heehee, Dorcas is the beessst:D

      Yes, CtM is fantastic. Heavy, but awesome:)

      Hee, yes, I think Rihanna's dress WOULD be ridiculous, except that it was at a costume gala with a specific theme, and for that, I'll admit, I kind of like looking at that picture in general XD Oh, YES, Reese has a beautiful style. I love how she's never overly revealing. Just like a true Southern belle:D Hehe, glad I'm not alone in gown-spotting;)

      Yes, life is beautiful:)

  5. A male Elsie Dinsmore! That sounds terrible! ;-)

    Alas, I have not seen CTM, otherwise I'm sure I would be all too happy to bear some of your pain. I've felt the same thing many times-- mostly about Downton Abbey. So yes, I understand the feels!!

    I enjoyed reading your little collection of random thoughts. ;-) Have a swell day!


    1. He was terrible *scowls at him*

      Well, the moral support is always good too;) Why must TV shows be so ridiculously feelsy?!?!

  6. LOVE LRtoC when it was more current. Such a darling, happy-go-lucky show. And I still adore Call the Midwife. It has its ups and downs, but overall, it's a BBC favorite still. Hope it gets better(?) for you. :)

    1. Yes! LRtC is such sweet fun:)

      Oh, yes, I LOVE CtM, it's just that it's very feelsy;)

  7. I have to admit I like the Phantom musical better than the actual book, but YES AND INDEED THAT ENDING WAS MARVELOUS. I was so heartbroken....and the part where's he like, "I kissed her and she did not die." Ohhhhhh.
    And when he spoke of his mother and just how pitifully heart broken yet happy he was....:( Tears.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!!!! And when their tears were mingling and it was just so SAAAAAAD!

  8. I adore the music from The Little Mermaid but Ariel is an idiot and the movie is pretty dumb. I'm not afraid to say it. I read PotO a couple years ago and I thought Raoul was an idiot too. I've only seen the 2004 version to compare it to but I thought the movie was better and still I don't care for it much. I like the music though. :)
    Don't you dare spill spoilers about Call the Midwife! I haven't watched it yet and I've been dying to for a year. I keep getting caught up in other shows like Leverage... which I loved so I'm not sorry for getting caught up in it but still!

    1. Thank you! I mean, it may be a classic and all, but...Ariel bugs the heck out of me *scowls*

      Oooh, you should watch the 25th anniversary concert staging of PotO! It's absolutely incredible:)

      *restrains herself* Okay, I'll try not to, but WATCH IT SO WE CAN TALK! (But by all means, finish Leverage, because that's one of the bestest TV shows ever.)

  9. Ooooooooh! I LOVE this post!!! xD
    CTM?!!?!?! Liv! That's like my show at the momnet! Email me asap mmkay?

    1. Thanks, Evie!
      CALL THE MIDWIFE!!!! Email, done and dusted;)


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