Ask Me Anything Answers, Part 3

Here it is, folks!  The last installment of answers!  You all asked fantabulous questions--thanks for making it so fun!

Hamlette asked:

Have you ever stayed up all night long?  If yes, why?
I've never not gotten at least a little bit of rest in a day (those tricky double negatives:  I've always gotten at least…, let's go with that).  There have been nights when I've hardly gotten any sleep at all.  The worst examples of that, I think, were the first time I went camping (neglecting to bring a pillow = bad idea) and then another time recently when I was sleeping on a somewhat thin mat, and I could not for the life of me get to sleep.  I ended up crawling out to the couch and catching a few winks there;)

Do you read or write fanfiction?
Not much, anymore, but I used to love writing epilogues or sequels or just more in-depth stories about characters I liked:D

Chocolate and peanut butter, or chocolate and mint?
Sheesh.  Why you do that to me?!;)  I think I'd have to go with chocolate and peanut butter.

Natalie asked:

Which BBC Robin Hood character would you like to spend the day with?
Eeek!:D  I think I'd most like to spend the day with Marian or Djaq.  I think we could have fun together:)  (Or Guy, so I could try to persuade him that there really is hope in life.)

What is the lamest movie you've ever seen?
*evil chuckle*  I get to put down the dumb movies, now…and let's just be honest, that can be fun.  

I tend to at least moderately enjoy most of the movies I watch, but there have been a few.  I'll mention three that did not exactly, uh, make my top favorites.  (If I step on anyone's favorite movie, I do apologize.  I totally respect your opinion on it, honest I do =D )

My Dog Skip

Admittedly, it's been forever since I've seen it.  All I remember, however, is that it was fairly awful.  And sad.  If I watched it now, I might like it more, however.

A Knight's Tale

Technically, this probably shouldn't be on the list, because there were parts of it that I really did enjoy--well, to be honest, I enjoyed Rufus Sewell's performance and Paul Bettany's (except for the fact that he was naked in several scenes.  That I did NOT appreciate *scowls*).  That was about it.  Other than that, I couldn't really find the story too terribly appealing.

Man of Steel

I'm sorry, guys, but this movie was just…no.  Of course, I don't really like the whole superheroes movie thing anyway, but this one was just…I had some issues with it, let us say.  Such as the way-too-tight male costumes *ahem*.  Or the ridiculously annoying villain.  Or the exaggerated, overlong, can-you-just-die-already final fight scene.  

What would you wear on the red carpet?
May I just say, thank you for the excuse to look through red carpet dresses;)

Probably one of these:

I like the color of the first better, but I think the style of the second is more elegant.  I don't know.  You pick:)

If Much, Allan, Will, Guy, and Robin all proposed to you, which would you accept and which would you feel bad about rejecting? (hahaha)
My initial reaction to this question was basically this:

I think, though, if I was forced to choose, I'd probably accept Allan.

I think Allan is the one with whom I'd best get along.  He's got a happy-go-lucky personality sort of similar to mine, and we'd laugh together and have fun, I think:)  Plus, I just like him as a person.  Yes, yes, he has his *cough* issues, but then, so do we all.  (Will gets honorable mention, though.) 

As to who I'd feel bad about rejecting…Guy, of course.  I wish I could accept Guy, but, well…he's just so…

What would you rather attend-a grand ball, a garden tea party, or a regency-era dance?
Hmm…I'd have to study on that…well, I think going to a grand ball would be loads of fun, but it might drag a bit.  And I love the idea of a garden tea party, except - I don't like tea.  So I guess I'll have to go with regency-era dance:D

Which dress of Christine's in the Royal Albert Hall POTO would you like to wear?
YES.  ALL OF THEM.  But especially these two:

I actually really like the wedding dress.  You can't see it very well in this picture, but it's sort of a glittering, feminine white that's just quite pretty.

The 'Wishing' dress is just…ohhhh!  THAT CLOAK.  And it's all wistful and almost psychedelic and just generally awesome.

DKoren asked:

What's your ideal car?  Money no object…
Um, well…frankly, I don't have one.  There's this one particular type that I do find kind of cute and practical, but I haven't the faintest idea what it's called.  It's sort of like a hybrid of a Volkswagen Beetle and a minivan, if that's a thing?  Other than that…I don't really care.

Did you have a favorite tree to climb when you were growing up?
I did!  My beloved cherry tree:)

If you had your own horse, what would you name him?
I'd probably name him either Shadowfax or Rohirrim.  'Cause, ya know, LotR:D

Rebecca of York or Maid Marian?
Rebecca of York.  I think the character of Maid Marian is a strong one, regardless of the interpretation being discussed, but I prefer Rebecca.  She's just…amazing.  I mean, wow.  

If there is a marathon of all the Lord of the Rings movies near you, would you go?
If it was at a theater, probably not, because I could just as easily have a marathon at home with mah besties for free.  I've done that, actually, and it was, as you can imagine, a blast:D

Again, thank you all sooo much for your awesome questions!


  1. HAHA. My Dog Skip. Yup, I remember thinking...blaahhhhh.

    Uh-oh, you just insulted A Knight's Tale-- which I believe Hamlette really likes! It's been nice knowing you. ;-P

    Seriously, though, bashing dumb movies is one of my favorite things to do. ;-) One of the worst movies I've ever seen is In Love and War, a movie about Ernest Hemingway when he was young in WWI and a nurse he fell in love with. Stupidest love story ever. It dragged ON and ON, and when it ended I felt like killing something. Another really awful movie is Angel with Romola Garai-- I LOVE Romola Garai, but that movie was soooooo bad. We tried to watch it twice, and neither time could get through it!

    I also really *ahem* dislike the second Captain America movie. But I could be assassinated for saying that, so don't spread it around. ;-P

    That dress Penelope Cruz is wearing is absolutely swooningly GORGEOUS. Wow.


    1. be fair, though, I did add a qualifier;)

      Haha! Yes, I've heard Angel was truly terrible.

      Heehee, since I don't love the Marvel movies in general, I don't really mind. Of those, though, I will say that I did like the second CA. But I understand how one could not. (It did drag a little. And it was a little freaky, too *shudder*)

      RIGHT?! I can't get over it. The bodice could use being slightly less *ahem* tight in some areas, but it's The elegance;)

  2. Yay!! You answered my questions! :)
    Eek! Yes!! I too always wished Djaq and Marian became friends!!!!!! Why didn't they?!?! They would have been perfect friends and such fun to have an adorable female friendship in the series.... :(
    Hahaha, my family loves to make fun of dumb movies. ;)
    Love your red carpet choices!! Especially the second one. I've seen it before and really liked it. It's so elegant and vintage-y! :)
    GURRL. hahaha Your choice was good. I'm not exactly sure who I'd pick, but I'd definitely feel bad for Guy.
    And HA! Your use of the Pocahontas gif was hilarious. Perfection, my dear.
    Those are my two favorite Christine dresses too!! :D
    Ugh, I'm totally missing out on the Ivanhoe bandwagon. I need to read it soon!

    1. Of course I did!:D
      Right?! 'T'is sooo vexing. I mean, other than that part where Djaq saves Marian's life, there really isn't much to suggest a bond there...:(
      Heehee, I take a rather naughty delight in it myself;)
      Thanks! I know, isn't it gorgeous?
      Haha, thanks:) Haha, I was so happy when I thought of that gif for that question...;)
      Yay! Twinsies!
      YES. READ IT. Be prepared, it takes a little while to get into, but then...whew:D

  3. Apparently I just need to watch the Robin Hood TV show.... someday when I have time! ;)

    1. Yes, Lois, you do! Maybe if you watch Robin Hood and I watch Doctor Who, we'll both be happy:D

  4. I like your taste in dresses. Both with Christine's and the red carpet choices. There are so many insane creations that come up on the red carpet, so it's nice to see someone wearing something classy and romantical. As for Christine's clothes, she does wear some pretty awesome stuff throughout the play. The only one I really dislike is her masquerade dress. It's just... really bizarre. I would like the dress she wears during Past the Point of No Return much better if it was full-length - I've never really understood why it's so short. But you're right, the Wishing dress is the best, hands down.
    LOTR marathons at home are the way to go. I mean, if you're going to be there for twelve hours, you need the freedom to move around and talk and sprawl on the floor. It's intense.

    1. Why, thank you, m'dear:) Yeeaahh...some of the images that came up when I searched it were, um...quite somethin'.

      Indeed she does! Haha, yes, the masquerade one is...princessy, shall we say;) HAHA, okay, so does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that in the Past the Point of No Return song, she's trying to dance around seductively while dressed in that, and with boots?! XD For some reason, it really cracks me up. I agree, though, it'd be very nice if it was a full-length.

      Heck, yes! And you need your friends there for moral support and all.

  5. Love those red carpet dresses, particularly the style of the second one. So beautiful!

    Awww, love that you chose Allan! Allan is so cool.

    I really enjoyed reading all the questions/answers. Just neat to get to know our online friends a little better. :-D

    1. Me, too! Me wants, me needs…

      *smiles* Yes, he is:D

      Thanks! I know, isn't it tons of fun?:)

  6. I loved your pick of red carpet dresses (the second one is my favourite though), and Christine's wedding gorgeous!

    Yay..regency era dance! I wanna go too!

  7. I'm so glad you think Man of Steel is the lamest movie you've ever seen. I share the sentiment. I do like A Knight's Tale though, if only for Paul Bettany and Alan Tudyk. :P

    If you're interested, I tagged you on my blog to list 10 of your favorite screen characters:

    1. Yeah. I was just…not impressed at all. Haha, yes, as I mentioned, I technically shouldn't have included that one, since I can see where the charm in it lies, and I too really enjoyed Paul Bettany's performance:D

      Oh, thank you! I can't wait to do it:)

  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait... you're not a fan of A Knight's Tale? Wow. Huh. Guess it takes all kinds ;-)

    BTW, I've tagged you over on my blog, here. Play if you want to!

    1. Hahaha! And now I see that Sarah just tagged you with the same tag! Oh well, you're doubly it now :-)

    2. 'Hem, yes, well, I do actually like some parts of it (I mean, it's got Rufus Sewell and Paul Bettany in it!), but it's not quite my favorite.

      Thanks! Double tag!:D


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