A or B? game answers

I'm going to go ahead and post the answers to the game early, so as to avoid confusion during LoWCW, which promises to be absobloominlutely stupendous, but also a little hectic;)

#1:  Audrey or Katharine?  Answer:  B (Katharine)

Understand, now--I've loved Audrey's performances, as well, and I probably like her style more overall.  BUT I've seen more that I've liked (movie-wise) from Katharine Hepburn than from Audrey.

#2:  Hub McCann or Print Ritter?  Answer:  B (Print Ritter)

But just barely.

#3:  Winter or Summer?  Answer:  A (Winter)

I mean, look at that.

I love picture-perfect blue skies and bare feet as much as the next girl, but there's something about winter…for one thing, it isn't nearly as long as summer, and being someone who tends to get bored fairly easily if I don't have specific assignments, the long break from school over the summer, though I need and enjoy it, can tend to get a little long for me.  I love looking after a snowfall and discovering Narnia through my window.  Plus, hello--CHRISTMAS!:)

#4:  Which picture do I find prettier?  Answer:  A (from Romeo and Juliet 2013)

Just because.  I do absolutely LOVE that picture of darling Ella, though:D

#5:  C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien?  Answer:  A (C. S. Lewis)

I have been so impacted by C. S. Lewis' more devotional works (Narnia as well, but even more his other books) that I simply have to give him the top spot in my favorite authors list.  His personal life, too, is such an inspiration.  I do have to say, though, that The Lord of the Rings is possibly the "ultimate" fictional story I have ever read.  It's on a level all its own, though there are other stories that mean just as much to me, I think.  

#6:  Evita or Les Misèrables?  Answer:  A (Evita)

"Don't cry for me, Argentina--the truth is, I shall not leave you.  Though it may get harder for you to see me, I'm Argentina…and always will be."  

#7:  Cary Grant or Gregory Peck?  Answer:  B (Gregory Peck)

I love them both, but definitely prefer Gregory Peck.  I mean, he's just…Gregory Peck;)

#8:  Which BBC Robin Hood woman?  Answer:  B (Marian)

Okay, go ahead, hate me.  But I do love Marian.  (And Djaq as well!)  I think she's a strong character, despite not condoning all her methods.

#9:  Rebecca St. James or Moriah Peters?  Answer:  B (Moriah Peters)

Both are good singers, and Rebecca St. James possibly has a slightly stronger voice, but I really like Moriah Peter's infectious melodies and great lyrics.  Plus, her relationship with her husband has one of the most adorable histories.  I can't even:D

#10:  Which picture do I find funnier?  Answer:  A (Kittens)

I just do.  Sorry;-P  But it's a very close call.  

Players' Scores:
Abigail:  40/100
Jessica:  50/100
DKoren:  30/100
Emma:  70/100
Laura:  40/100
Miss March:  20/100
JH:  50/100
Lois:  40/100
Bekah:  50/100
Miss Meg March:  70/100
Natalie:  50/100
Naomi:  60/100

Wow!  Thank you all so much for playing:D


  1. Oops, so I got some of them wrong. :-) But then I got quite a few right too, so... yeaH. :-)

    I'm a winter girl too! Especially because hey, CHRISTMAS. As you said. I just LOOOOOVE winter. :-)
    I was right about C.S.Lewis! AND gregory peck! AND Marian. :-) (Not surprised about C.S.Lewis, though.) Haha.

    ~ Naomi

    1. Well, you got over half of them right! So I'm impressed:)

      Ooh, I know! It just seems a bit prettier than summer to me, if that makes sense;)

      See?! All of those! And yes, you definitely knew about Lewis:D

  2. Lol my phone case says "though she be but little she is fierce" :)

    1. Haha, really?! That sounds like a fun phone case:D

  3. I got the most right! Well, whaddya know! :-)

    See, I tend to get much more bored in the wintertime than the summer...schoolwork bores the heck out of me. By about February I get SO tired of being stuck up in the house. But that's right, you live farther south; up here in the North, winter is HARD.

    I love the picture from How The West Was Won. :-) Two of my very favorite film personalities!


    1. Indeed! You know me well, haha;)

      I get that. It can be extremely tedious at times--especially math, for me. Don't even get me started. And that's true about the cooped-up problem; it can be annoying:-/ But that's true--I live a little farther south than you, and though winter can be pretty frigid occasionally, it's never exactly arctic;-P

      Isn't it adorable?! I love it:D

  4. YAY! A winter person! It's my favorite season (summer is my least favorite). This was fun!

    1. That's awesome! My favorite is Spring, followed by Autumn, and then Winter, and lastly Summer:-P Glad you enjoyed the game, DKoren!

    2. Mine's autumn, followed by winter, then spring, and lastly summer, which I can't wait to end right now.

      I find it interesting that if I just picked the A or B I liked better (instead of guessing which one I thought you liked), I would have gotten four others right. Hee! But that's what makes these so fun!

    3. Cool! Yeah, I've enjoyed a summer respite, but I'm definitely looking forward to autumn;)

      Really? That's neat! Exactly! You can find out those things you didn't know about a person:D

  5. Wow, haha, I 'knew' more than I thought I did. I suppose I should have gotten C.S. Lewis though - I was just comparing Narnia to LoTR, not all his other works. :)
    Winter girl, aye? I'm not. :P
    I don't think I've ever seen a movie with Katherine Hepburn in it.
    Oh, and "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" is off Evita? I never knew that! (I knew the song, not the musical.) How very interesting. :D
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Indeed you did, Miss Meg!:) Ahh, I understand--yeah, I probably prefer LotR to Narnia, but overall Lewis to Tolkien, partly because I've read more of Lewis:D

      Hahaha, well, we all have to have our different preferences!;)

      Oh! You must! She's really very talented. I personally recommend "A Philadelphia Story" (my personal favorite) if you want to see her more sardonic sense of humor, or "Holiday" if you'd prefer her gentler humor:D

      Yes, it is! And it is SO good. Though the line I chose is from the SECOND time she sings it. And no one ever warns you that she sings it a second time--or that you'll be in tears at that part :'( But still, it is SO worth it--I just watched some of it today, actually:D

  6. Wow! Now I know that next time I should guess the opposite of what I think! I might do better that way! Ha ha! Thanks for a fun game, Olivia! :D

    1. Haha, well, whatever works!:D Thanks for playing, Miss March!:)


  7. Hmm, 40/100.. Not bad!

    I thought I guessed right with C. S. Lewis! ;)

    I love winter too!! (Although summer is probably my favourite, by a teensy weensy bit.)

    That was a fun game!!

    1. Not bad at all!;)

      Yesssss! Always:D

      Winter is great! As is summer--all the seasons, really:D

      Oh, good! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it as much as I did:)

  8. Gregory Peck excuse me whilst I swoon in the corner :P

  9. Replies
    1. Yay! Thanks for playing, Bekah!:)

    2. No prob! I failed, but it was really fun and totally worth it!

    3. Haha, aw, you didn't fail in my book;-P But great! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:)

  10. Well, I did a a little better than I thought I would! :) Thanks so much for the fun game! (even though you stole it from me, hahaha)

    1. Yes! Good job, Natalie! Haha, you're welcome--and yes, thank YOU for the idea;D


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