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Sometimes life experiences, however ordinary, must needs be shared with our bloggy friends, right?  In the spirit of generosity, then, here are some pictures I've found recently that I really enjoyed, and interspersed among them will be sweet nothings vaguely relating to what I've been doing/enjoying lately.

Now, obviously, this gown needs some work in the upper regions *ahem*, but still.  Is that picture not all ooh-and-ahh-beautiful?!

I haven't seen it yet.  But I want to.

I really like looking up random awesome pictures related to movies, etc.  This practice is particularly helpful for brainstorming future blog headers or future profile pictures, no?

Watching Gilmore Girls is therapeutic.  I'm just saying.

I read this article recently that was expounding upon the benefits of annotating in your "core collection" books (as in, the ones that have really impacted you the most), and I've been rereading Ivanhoe doing just that.  Do you know, I do believe I've gotten even more out of the subtle philosophical insights of Wamba and the impassioned interchanges between Rebecca and Bois-Guilbert through underlining and highlighting, or possibly scribbling small notes in the margins.  (Part of that may of course be due to the weird sense of aesthetic pleasure I get from seeing portions of text underlined/highlighted, but that is beside the point.)  So yes, annotating.  Good idea;)

Thanks for the link, ButterflyBailey!:D

Speaking of Viggo Mortensen, have any of you ever seen the film 28 Days?  If so, what are your thoughts?  I think it's pretty good, myself.  It's really tough to watch at times, and it's especially difficult to see Viggo as a struggling sex addict (don't freak out; I promise all will be well), but hey, it's real and poignant and humorous as well.  

Plus, I mean, it's Viggo Mortensen and Sandra Bullock.  Together.  

Sometimes, I just sit on the spare mattress below my loft (which is also where my bookshelf is located), and I simply drink in the sight of all me precious bookies.  I admit it.  Weird, I know, but also strangely calming and fun:D

Do you ever find yourself thinking or talking to yourself in movie lines?  (I strongly suspect that at least some of you do *wink wink*)  I've found myself doing it a lot recently.  For instance, when I'm in the bathroom in the morning and I look in the mirror, I usually think to myself, "Oh, I've got terrible dark circles under my eyes--and me so young," which of course is from That Darn Cat (pretty hilarious movie, by the by).  

YOU GUYS NEED TO WATCH EVITA.  Pretty please?  For me?  There are so many tingle-inducing parts in that movie.  The instrumentation, though.  There are times when it becomes too much for me:D  The end, for one thing, is one of the saddest, most bittersweet things I have ever seen, but it is also SOSOSO amazingly worth it because that waltz beforehand, and--I just can't.  Too many feels.

And I love Che.  I love Che muchly.

I hope to begin rereading The Lord of the Rings soon--very much looking forward to that (and to annotating, of course) :D

Watching movies and/tv shows with other people is the best.  Ofttimes I like to watch things by myself, but sometimes something is just too wonderful and you have to experience it with someone else, right?  

Legends of Western Cinema Week is nigh upon us!  Emma and I are getting soooo pumped:D  I hope you are, as well!  Boy-howdy, are we gonna have us a good time.  

BAHAHAHA--I'm sorry.  But that's funny.  It just is.

So I finally caved and watched Love Never Dies at the recommendation of some extended family members.  Verdict:  I'm not a huge fan of the plot, to say the least (though it is regrettably realistic), but the MUSIC.  Oh. My. Word.  "Till I Hear You Sing," "Once Upon Another Time," and "Love Never Dies" all thrilled me to no end.  I don't think I'll ever like it as much as the original Phantom, nor do I think I'll ever be able to watch said original production in the same way, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I can live with it, and the ending to LND, though still sad, is technically a little bit more cheery than that of PotO--if we're looking at it from Erik's perspective.   

Well, m'dears, I must away ere break of day, but in closing, Y'ALL DA BEST.  I love you all.  Hugsies.  


  1. Annotating is SO helpful. I've never actually tried it in any books that I own, but I do it all the time on my reading assignments for college--particularly when analyzing primary sources in history classes. There's something about writing down YOUR thoughts right next to the original words that just makes everything so much clearer.

    Which movie is that gif from? I'm gonna take a guess and say "Tuck Everlasting." But I don't know because I've never actually seen it myself.

    1. Absolutely! I'd never tried it with novels before, either--just school assignments or during my devotions. Exactly! That must be it; it's neat to see the correlation between what the author was trying to express and how you personally interpreted it.

      Yep, that first gif is from Tuck Everlasting. I haven't seen it either, yet, but I want to, because I love the book, and because Alexis Bledel plays Winnie :D


    That rosy picture of Belle reading a book is Gorgeous. I do that too! I just sit and LOOK at my bookshelf. Haha. We are weirdos. :-)
    And YUP I talk in movie (or book) quotes a LOT. 'Sink me' is the most-heard one. :-)


    Hugsies here too. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. YES I DID!!!! You and Emma inspired me, hehe;)

      Isn't it, though?! I found it and was like...what just happened. Oh, you do it too? Thank goodness! Someone else shares my weirdness;)

      Haha, it's a lot of fun, isn't it? The Scarlet Pimpernel! Ahhh, but that's an awesome story:D

      I KNOW I KNOW! I thought you'd like that one;) The dress, Naomi!!! The DRESS!!!

      <3 :)

    2. YOU KNOW THE Scarlet PImpernel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!! I ADORE the Scarlet Pimpernel!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I ADORE IT!!!!!!!!! Have you seen the 1982 with Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour and Ian McKellan? I have seen that, the 1934 version with Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon and a spin-off set in WWII called Pimpernel Smith with Leslie Howard. Plus I have read 5 of the novels and 1 of the short story collections. And I am very excited about the SP Web Series that is supposed to be coming out in August.

    4. YES, I've seen the 1982 version!!! I really liked it a lot:D Oh, wow! You're committed, haha; I've only watched that one movie version and read the one book;-P

  3. So I don't think I've introduced myself in the comments yet, but now seems as good a time as ever to say hello. ;)

    Love these pictures! Especially the Audrey one. And Juliet. And that dress in the last picture. And Andrew Lloyd Webber. :D I don't know a lot about LND apart from that 'Til I Hear You Sing is gorgeous, but I've seen that before and it cracks me up.

    I've never plucked up courage to annotate a book myself... I always feel I'll regret it, and so many of the copies I own are old and rare and all that. But it does sound like a good idea! (Also IVANHOE. Isn't it wonderful? The Lord of the Rings too, of course. But that's a given. :P)

    1. Oh, hello! *waves* Thank you SO much! I love meeting new bloggy buds:D

      Thanks! I loved 'em, too;D Oh, I KNOW--that dress. So gorgeous.

      Hahaha, isn't that meme hilarious?! I was excessively diverted;-P TIHYS is SOOOOO beautiful. Oh mah word.

      That's basically what I was thinking for a long while, too:-/ I didn't want to spoil the pristine awesomeness of the pages in different books, and I didn't want to regret it, either:-/ That's why I don't think I'll mark up ALL the books I read--just the ones I'm "sure" of, if that makes any sense, heehee XD

      IVANHOE FOREVER. Another Ivanhoe fan!!!!! Isn't it incrrrrrreeeedible? I'm so in love with it:D Yesh. LotR goes without saying;D

  4. Do you ever find yourself thinking or talking to yourself in movie lines?

    Of course. Every day. All the time. Just a bit ago I was trying to get my hair off my neck, and I told myself, "If we had some shears, we could cut it off," which is from Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    I saw 28 Days once... but it was way back when it came out and I can't recall a thing about it now.

    1. Haha! Glad someone else does it, too;) I knew lots of people conversed with others in movie lines, but I wasn't sure how many talked to themSELVES in them:D

      It's a pretty cool movie!:)


    *ahem* I apologize for my indecent behavior. But he's just...yeah. :-) Okay, now you've got me wanting to watch 28 Days! I remember pulling out the DVD at the library because I saw his picture on the case and thinking, "um, this looks a little sketchy..." but if you say it's got good in it, I believe ya. I've only seen Viggo Mortensen in two movies, come to think of it; Hidalgo and The Fellowship of the Ring (which was yeeaaars ago). I REALLY want to see Appaloosa, the western he's in with Ed Harris (because Ed Harris is, well, another person who happens to be quite easy on the eyes).

    In that picture of Reese Witherspoon, I think she's wearing the dress from Walk the Line. Have you seen that movie? OH MY WORD, it's so good.

    Haha. Yes, I talk to myself in movie lines all the time. As well as to other people. But I do quote things to myself a lot just for fun, or to practice a certain accent, or because it makes me feel better...all sorts of reasons.

    You know, I never write in my books. It's just not something I do. I can see the novelty of it, but the thought of writing in my precious books makes me a little defensive. It's like writing on sheet music; I've never liked doing that either, which lots of people think is ridiculous, because EVERYONE writes on sheet music.

    Yay for Western Week!!!! :-D


    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! Bailey sent me the link and I LOVED it. And I was pretty sure you were gonna die over
      it, too;)

      I think 28 Days is worth watching, definitely, but I have to warn you, it's definitely one of those "rougher-around-the-edges" movies. The worst of it is over fairly quickly, and it's portrayed as slightly irresponsible, if not wrong. But yeah. There is some (aHERM) content, for sure. But it's dealt with and it's also really quite sweet and funny at times. Just be prepared that it's not exactly what I'd term a chick-flick;)

      "Another person who happens to be quite easy on the eyes..." Haha!:D

      Yeah, I thought it said it was from Walk the Line somewhere...no, I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard it's good:)

      Hee, the good reasons are endless!

      I get that. I'm not sure how I'll feel about marking up my precious LotR books...I'll probably just highlight. That makes it feel slightly more acceptable, to me XD You don't write on sheet music? Huh. My piano teacher just kind of does it, so...yeah:D


    2. Like Emma said OHMYGOODNESS VIGGO *Swoons*
      and and this is looooooooovelyyyyyy =D hehehe writing on sheet music.. for Oklahoma because the lighting was so bad we all had to photocopy our parts and highlight them?!

    3. We should all get together and have a party and watch every Viggo Mortensen movie we can find!!!

    4. Evie, I KNOW. I know;) Haha, really?! I bet it was really hard to play that in poor lighting:-/ But that's so cool that you played Oklahoma!!!!

      Bailey, YES AMEN. I like this idea muchly:D

  6. Boy howdy! I talk to myself in movie/TV quotes constantly. (For instance, my favorite character on The Big Valley, Heath -- his trademark saying is "Boy howdy," so when I say/think that, I'm so quoting him.)

    28 Days is the first thing I ever saw Viggo in. And the first thing I ever saw Alan Tudyk in too, actually. I saw it once, when it came to video, and that was enough.

    I love Evita. Pretty well have all the songs memorized, and Che is splendid :-)

    1. Goody! Another 'un! Haha:D

      Heehee, I was kind of dissatisfied with the ending of 28 Days the first time I watched it, but then I watched it again recently and liked it much better:)

      YAY! Someone else! So few people I know like Evita. YES. CHE. He's one of my favorites:D

      (Okay, could you maybe explain to me how to utilize italics and liking mechanisms when commenting? Because I've seen you and then a few other people do it, and I haven't figured it out, hehe…would you be able to give me a hint? ;-P )

    2. Yeah, I can teach you how to do things in italics and bold, and link text. (I should put all this on a blog page cuz I end up explaining this every now and then.)

      To do italics, you type < i >Movie Title< / i > and it shows up as Movie Title -- but you have to remove the spaces between things inside the < > signs -- I have to put them there so they don't work in this comment, lol. Bold is basically the same -- < b >Excited Words!< / b > becomes Excited Words! when you remove the spaces between the stuff inside the < > symbols.

      Linking text is a wee bit more complex, but not much. To do it, you type < a href = "URL of whatever you're linking to" >Read My Blog!< / a > and it becomes Read My Blog! when you remove the extra spaces EXCEPT that you MUST have a space between the a and the href or it won't work.

    3. Thank you so much, Hamlette! It worked! :D And yes, I agree--you should definitely put this on a page. You explained it so well!

  7. You're welcome for the link Olivia!! I am about to finish reading LOTR and then next month I get to watch ALL THREE extended editions!!!!!!!!! My older sister got them for her birthday and I can hardly wait to watch them!! I have seen FOTR extended, but I have never seen the other two. One of the best parts will be getting to see more of Faramir and Eowyn.

    1. You're about to finish them?! Is it your first time?! YOU MUST TELL ME WHEN YOU FINISH. And the extended editions!!!!!! Oh my word, yes, you are going to SWOON over the Faramir/Eowyn scenes. They are beautiful and feelsy and sooooo wonderful:D (Definitely tell me when you finish the extended, too, would you please?)

    2. There's more Boromir when you watch the Extendeds! It's amazing!

      Also more of everyone else, of course. :-D Enjoy! They are such a treat.

    3. Exactly! What Hamlette said;)

      (Okay, is anyone else slightly incensed that they actually filmed a wedding scene with Éowyn and Faramir , but then they neglected to even include it in the special features of ANY dvd edition?! I mean, yes, I know that scene wouldn't really have "fit" into the actual movie, but they could've at least put it in the special features *fumes*

    4. :) I will have a long post of my raptures on my blog!! A WEDDING SCENE WITH Faramir and Eowyn!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?!!!!!!!!!! Wow!! And yes more Boromir. I can't wait to see the Boromir/Faramir scenes!!

      Btw, my blog is: thefloweringvales.blogspot.com

    5. Whew, I'm glad you included the link at the bottom, 'cause for a second there I was like, "Whoa, HOLD UP, she created a blog and I didn't know about it!" Haha:) Anyway. I can't wait for your first post, Bailey!!!!!

      And YES, isn't that so wrong?!?! The Boromir/Faramir scenes are all feelsy and gaaaahhhh.

  8. Writing and highlighting in your books! Gasp! I could never do it. I would rather have a spare notebook beside me and jot down all the stuff that strikes my fancy...but permanently writing inside the pages of a book, gives me anxiety! I never understand how people can do that. I watched a youtube video once that was talking about the same sort of thing, that making notes and highlighting in your novels is a sign of a good writer. It was, however, basically saying that if you lack this characteristic, your are not a good reader. While there might be benefits for some readers, I think the video was glorified to make that particular reader feel good about himself! I myself would constantly be drawn and upset by my own notes in the margins every time I picked up the book, I would eventually, sadly, stop picking it up!

    1. I definitely get that! The particular article I was reading suggested that if you do decide to annotate, you only do it in those books that mean the most to you, that you know you'll be keeping for quite a while. And sometimes I do it, sometimes I don't; whichever strikes my fancy;D

      Oh, wow, but that YouTube video seems a little wacked. 'You're not a good writer unless you do this'? That's rather ridiculous.


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