Red Carpet Eye Candy

Do you ever just scroll through pictures of red carpet dresses?  (Well, I know some of you do…)  I like to do that on occasion, and today I wanted to share a number that I found recently that I thought were pretty cool:)  You're welcome;)

I like red carpet dresses that are a little different, sometimes (probably comes from watching Project Runway so often with my sister XD ), so this confection really caught my eye.  It's rather surprising how well Jennifer Garner pulls off the orange!  I admire people who look good in orange.  

Of course, I could do with an *ahem* higher neckline, but that blue is gorgeous on Kate Winslet!  Plus, the style of the gown is quite flattering, no?

I quite like the off-the-shoulder look, and the color is really sumptuous.  It makes me think of wine, for some reason.  Though I don't particularly care for the way Keira Knightley dyed her hair 0_0  But I read that after she wore this dress, she somehow donated it and raised a ton of money for charity!  Dawwwwww.

Can't get over how well this glittery blue brings out Emily Blunt's eyes!!!!  And the way she did her hair, and the natural makeup…siiiiiigh.  

I know most of you have seen this gown before, but…I wanted to include it just because….look at it!  I was happy to find a front-facing picture of it so I could get the full look of the piece:)  Penelope Cruz, ya done well.  

So I know this is a maternity dress, but isn't it beautiful?  Such a good shade of magenta on Natalie Portman...

Again, a slightly weirder one, but I love it, hehe XD  I'm not entirely sure about the sequined top, but I think I like it.  And I like the ombre effect of this one, even if it does cascade into pompoms at the bottom;)

(All pictures taken from Zimbio.)


  1. Ooh, a post on dresses! I love it! :D
    I love Natalie Portman's and Penelope Cruz's dresses. The color and style of Emily Blunt's and Kate Winslet's are very pretty but I agree they need a few tweaks in the modesty department. (Well, Natalie's neckline as well for that instance!)
    Hmm.....that last''s interesting, to say the least. :P heehee
    Thanks so much for sharing these!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Natalie!:D
      Absolutely--ha, if only they could all be satisfied with modest necklines, such as Penelope Cruz's...
      Heehee, certainly is!
      You're so welcome! Thanks for reading:)

  2. OH! I love dresses!! My favourite was Peneloe Cruz's dress… It is so gorgeous! (and modest for that matter!)

    I love the colour of blue of Kate Winslet's.. But the neckline needs to be higher. You're right, it is very flattering.

    Emily Blunt is so gorgeous.. That dress looks stunning on her; thought I wouldn't wear it myself.

    Kiera Knightly's dress is very pretty on her as well… I might wear that one.

    I love Natalie Portman's: it is so gorgeous, especially for a maternity dress. (A few modesty issues though.)

    The first and the last ones are… Interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I know, right, Abby?!?! So pretty!

      Aaaack, yes, yes, yes, to everything you said;)

  3. That blue dress on Penelope Cruz is one of my favorite dresses EVER. Wow. I just want to gobble it up.

    I love Keira Knightley's too....that color!!!! You're right, it does make one think of wine. Very distinguished. :-)

    1. 'T'is beautiful, isn't it, Emma?

      Hee, glad I'm not the only one;) I know, right? So--so sophisticated!

  4. I love scrolling through red carpet dresses!

  5. My favorite is Emily Blunt--it's so simple but it looks LOVELY. And blue is one of my favorite colors.

    1. Exactly, Jessica! I love how she went for a simple, natural look--and pulled it off so well!

  6. These are definitely eye candy!
    Penelope Cruz's dress definitely caught my eye. Look how full that skirt is. Can you imagine twirling in a dress like that?
    Well, I can't quite imagine I'll ever wear something like that, but a girl's gotta have some dreams. :)

    1. Aaaack, yes, Ekaterina! Twirling in that dress...can you imagine waltzing in that dress? *shivers of delight* Hehe, you're right, we can and need to dream;)

  7. Penelope Cruz's dress!!!! DIVINE.

    I LOVE looking at red carpet dresses. Haha, I wonder, were you referring to me when you said that you knew some people liked looking at red carpet dresses? Because you might have been.

    A red carpet dress I have been admiring lately is Lily James's Cinderella premier gown. I love Lily James' style a lot. She has worn some beautiful things. I also like any gown by Elie Saab. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Yeeeesssss!

      Hee, yes, I was;) I remembered you'd mentioned that before;)

      Ohhh, yes, I think I've seen that one; it's a beautiful one! Yeah, she has a great sense of fashion--always (from what I've seen) pretty and feminine:) I'll have to check out some of Elie Saab's work!


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