LoWCW: Western Quote Game

Okay, time for a game for Western Week!  This one should be fairly self-explanatory:  Guess from which movie each quote comes, and bonus points if you can name the characters who say them!  Answers will come sometime at the end of the week.  (Oh, and I classify all these movies as Westerns, but some people might not.  #10 is especially tricky.)

#1.  Character 1:  "Well, 'at didn't pan out."

#2.  Character 1:  "Put his boots on him, Clute, and his gunbelt, and his spurs."

#3.  Character 1:  "So, what's your name?"
Character 2:  "Beans."
Character 1:  "That's a funny kind o' name."
Character 2:  "What can I say?  My daddy plumb loved baked beans."
Character 1:  "Well, you're lucky he didn't plumb love asparagus."

#4.  Character 1:  "Been quite a party, ain't it?"

#5.  Character 1:  "I didn't ride eleven hundred miles to finish second place!"
Character 2:  "Why did ya, then?"

#6.  (Pardon the language in this one.)
Character 1:  "Are those tears for me?"
Character 2:  "Yes."
Character 1:  "Well, I'll be damned." 
Character 2:  "No...I don't think you will."

#7.  Character 1:  "You know something, [blank]?  The Lord poured your brains in with a teaspoon and somebody joggled His arm!"

#8.  Character 1:  "Never use money to measure wealth, son!"

#9.  Character 1: "[Blank], say something nice." 
Character 2:  "Uh...nice night for a coon hunt."

#10.  Character 1:  "The truth of God's love is not that He allows bad things to happen.  It's His promise that He'll be here with us when they do."  

Go to town, people!:)


  1. Oh, my! I guess I don't watch very many westerns! These are all totally incomprehensible to me...that is, all except numbers 7 and 9. I know those!

    7. The Apple Dumpling Gang; Theodore speaking to Amos (That quote is hilarious!)
    9. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Millie and Gideon

    Sorry I can't guess on any of the others. I'm painfully out of it when it comes to westerns. :)

    By the way, this Western Week that you and Emma are doing is really cool. I'm enjoying reading your posts!

    ~Miss March

  2. Here's my guesses!

    3 - Rango
    9 - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    5 - Hidalgo

  3. I'm willing to bet #5 is "Hidalgo"--character #2 being, of course, Frank T. Hopkins. BUT that's the only one I know :)

  4. SO FUN!! I'm glad you decided to do a game after all. And quote games are the very bestest. :-)

    #1 Rooster Cogburn in True Grit
    #3 Rango and Beans in Rango
    #4 GUS McCRAE IN LONESOME DOVE (Excuse me while I have an emotional breakdown)
    #5 Frank Hopkins and Annoying Guy in Hidalgo
    #8 Print Ritter in Broken Trail
    #9 Millie and Gideon in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    #10 Um...is it from a Love Comes Softly movie?

  5. #3. Rango. Rango and Miss Bean
    #9. 7 brides for 7 brothers. Millie and one of them...I lose track!


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