So much to say, so much to tell...

SO.  In case you all were wondering where in the world I've been for the past couple of weeks, nearly a month, I suppose, I shall tell you.  Basically, um…life happened.

So, first, I simply became lazy and fell behind on me bloggin' duties.

Then I was away from home and Internet for a week doing a summer-volunteer-camp-program-thingy up in the middle of nowhere.  Which was great, as it always is;)

After that, when I returned home, family that we almost never get to see was visiting, and that was absolutely an amazingly splendiferous time, because they are the BEST:)

The day following their departure from our home, we were on pleasure bent again off to see some more of our extended family, and while there, we actually had a giant reunion with the family-we-hardly-ever-get-to-see and the family-we-see-more-often.  'T'was great:)  And while there, I obtained a typewriter!!!

Also, I've been in the midst of planning two different blog weeks *wink wink* and trying to decide whether or not to participate in a couple blog read-alongs, and whatnot.

So, yeah, that's basically what's been causing me to be absent from the blogosphere, and if I haven't commented on your lovely posts, do forgive me.  I think I'm a little too behind to comment on all of them now, but I shall start afresh:)


  1. Glad to see you back, Olivia! :D

  2. Good to know, this. Haha, I did notice you were 'absent' for a few days, and I wondered "what happened to Olivia?" I totally understand. Life happens. And when it does, we embrace it. :-)

    Oooh, summer-volunteer-camp-program-thingy sounds cool. The middle of nowhere is awesome. ;-)

    Glad you're back with us!!


    1. Haha, thanks;) Yep! Embracing it is altogether the best practice:)

      It was, and is!:D You grow a lot spiritually while you're there:)

      Aww, thanks! 'T'is good to be back!

  3. A typewriter! How spindiddly. Is it manual or electric?

    1. I know, right?! It's blue, and electric. I'd sort of have preferred a manual, but this one's cool, too:)

    2. Blue! Very cool. Electric typewriters have a special smell to them that I really dig.

    3. Yep! Haha, I don't mind the smell either, but my mom doesn't like it at all XD

  4. Obviously, I've fallen sadly behind on your posts. Didn't see this one till today. Wow! This must be the time for family reunions! :) Glad you got to spend some time with your relatives! And volunteering at a summer camp? That sounds delightful!

    I'm glad you're back...even if I am a week late in saying so. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. No problem!:) Yes, family reunions must be a summer thing;) Thanks! Both were great:)

      Aww, thank you! I appreciate it:D


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