BBC Robin Hood TV Series, Season 1 Review

First off, this part was the CUTEST. THING. EVER.

*takes deep, shuddery breath*

Okay, peoples.

I'm going to try my very best to get through this review.  It'll be hard.  Because what even is this.

For starters, let me say that I have only watched the first season of the BBC Robin Hood.  This is because the show is going off Netflix on February 9th *sniffle*, so I knew there was no way I'd be able to squeeze watched 26 episodes of a very feelsy show into a mere couple of weeks.  So I've watched the first season and will leave it at that until I can find some other way to watch the rest.  It was also because I know That Which Happens At The End Of Season Two, and I was so not about to put myself through that when there was a danger of not being able to watch the third season.  There is a possibility that I might just skip the second season and watch the third, even though that would mean missing so much of Djaq and Will and even though I've heard that the third season kinda goes downhill, just because I want some sort of closure to Guy's story all the loose ends.  Ahem.  

Now, the first season.  Hoooo boy.  I can hardly even.  Let's start with characters.

You love Robin.  You know you do.  Even though he can be pigheaded and frustrating.  

I did like Robin, more than I expected to.  He has his *ahem* flaws, but overall he's a great character.  He's very protective, and of a pretty forgiving personality.  

I - can't - just - okay, I'm gonna stop right there because spoilers will start spewing and nobody wants that, so I'll just say that this is Marian, and she is awesome.  Even though I have to say that she uses Guy.  She just does.  Admittedly, for a good cause, but at the end of season one when she finds out that he was, shall we say, using trickery to hurry the arrival of a rather important event, her sense of betrayal was a little strong.  I'm just saying.  "You lied to me?  What else have you lied about?"  Well, Marian, dear, you know what they say about karma.  Ha.  Just kidding.  But really.  I love her anyway, though. How can you not?

This part.  So good and feelsy and happy (and sad at the same time because Guy) and just YES.

Speaking of Guy...

Ahem.  Peoples, you don't know pain until you are a North and South lover who has to outright ugly hate a character portrayed by Richard Armitage.  You just DO NOT KNOW PAIN.  (That was a joke, obviously.)  Yes, I did have to hate Guy at times.  Not as much as I feared I would, thankfully, but I did.  (Episode 4, anyone?  Ha.  Yes, we'll get to that one.)  As I said, part of why I want to watch Season Three is that I've heard Rumors that Guy sorta-kinda gets redeemed, and I'm like, "Yes!"  Though it's going to have to be a heck of a redemption to make up for What He Does In That Second Season Finale.  *glares of irrepressible fury*

The sheriff of Nottingham was such an absolute pig, but at the same time he was so darned funny.  In a really sadistic way, most of the time, but still funny.  "A clue:  no." ~ "Your parties are much more fun than mine!"  There were times when you wanted to reach through the screen and strangle the life from his miserable carcass hurt him, but then there were times when you almost - key word, ALMOST - liked him.  This show has a thing for complex villains.

Guys, why is Djaq not in this picture?  If Little John is in it, then technically, Djaq should be in it too.

The Merry Men are all awesome.  Hearts them.  My favorite is probably Will or Much (or Djaq, but we've pretty much covered her).  Will and Djaq, though!  And Much and Eve!!:D

Sorry; that was probably to much picture in quick succession.  Ooh, but if you understand what I was trying to do with that last picture, a) we will be friends forever and b) you're welcome.

*sighs*  The long and short of it, peoples, is that this is a great TV show.  It plays an extremely rough game of soccer with your emotions (and that's just the first season!), but it's great.  They do stretch the original legend (ahem), but it…not to sound repetitive, but it's really good.  Though you have to get past the first couple episodes, as those aren't really that stupendous.  (The first is just stupid for the first fifteen minutes or so.)

On to some stats:

Episodes that were the hardest for me to watch:
~ "Parent Hood," Episode 4.  NOOO ROY!!!!  Let's not even go th - okay, never mind, let's.  

I was sobbing SO. FLIPPING.  HARD.  This was the episode that I probably hated Guy the most.  JUST. NO.  The whole thing with Roy aside, the baby though.  You sick and twisted excuse for a man.  I hated you wholeheartedly in that episode.

~ "Brothers in Arms," Episode 7.  This was probably the episode wherein I hated the Sheriff the most.  Poor Allan.

~ "The Return of the King," Episode 12.  *SPOILERS*  How many times must you stab Marian, Guy?!?!  I knew before I started the series the ending of Season Two, so I wasn't really concerned when this happened, but still.  It's the principle of the thing.  *END OF SPOILERS*  Hahaha, but Djaq in that episode, though.  When Marian and Robin are having that moment, and then she just comes in:  "I love you, you love me, we all love each other."

My favorite episodes:
~ "Sheriff Got Your Tongue?," Episode 2.

~ "Who Shot the Sheriff?," Episode 3.

~ "Turk Flu," Episode 5.  WILL AND DJAQ, THOUGH.

~ "A Clue:  No," Episode 13.  CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.  JUST CAN'T.

I highly recommend, if you enjoy tales of merry old England and don't mind the fabrication of the legend.  And, of course, there is a pretty substantial amount of violence and a little bit of innuendo, but nothing over the top.

Go watch.  


  1. I believe this show is available on Hulu, all three season. I have not seen it, but hopefully I will get around to watching it!

  2. Oh, I should check that out!

    YES. DO.

  3. It so happens that I am sort of focusing on Robin Hood in my reading and watching this year, and so I've been wondering if I should try this show. Clearly, I should. I can watch it on Amazon Prime for free, but only for 9 more days! Ack! I'll have to try some eps over the next few days and see if I like it well enough to find a way to see the rest.

  4. Yes, I definitely recommend it! However, like I said, you have to give it a little time, because the first couple episodes aren't that great. Like all TV shows, you grow to love the characters;) I hope you'll like it, but I've also talked to people who didn't care for it that much, mainly because of the legend distortion. But give it a try, and if you're hooked, come back and tell me because WE WILL FANGIRL. Really, really hard. And also sob really, really hard. But that's okay because…just because:D

    1. Watched the first 2 eps last night, and I'm going to skip merrily around in seasons 2 and 3 now. So far, my reactions are: Robin is amusing, Much is delightful, I'm not a Marian fan (sorry), and Guy... Guy has potential. The sheriff also makes me laugh a LOT.

    2. Haha, well skip carefully;)

      Okay, just a heads-up about Marian: I didn't like her in the first two episodes either. She grows on you as the season progresses, though:D

      Isn't Much amazing?! I can't even begin. I love him so much. Hearts forever.

      Yes. Guy.

      Doesn't he? He's really funny, but in a really sick way!

    3. Well, I may change my mind on Marian after 2 more eps tonight, then. I have to say, I'm sorely tempted to do the free 1-month trial of Hulu Plus to get to watch the rest of this series -- if after this week I just Need More, I may end up doing that.

      I'll leave you another comment tomorrow telling you what eps I watched.

    4. Well, we can always hope!;)

      I think that sounds like a stupendous the way, my favorite episode of the first season was the finale. I know I said this enough times in the review but IT WAS SO GOOD.

      Yes, do! I look forward to learning:D

    5. Well, I watched "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" and "The Enemy of My Enemy" last night, and the very beginning and very end of "Bad Blood" for all the yummy Gisborne vs. Robin fighting. (I watched these with DKoren, who filled me in on Plot Points so I knew what was going on and why.) I wish we could have a whole series about the two of them snarking and brawling together! If I get a chance this week, I'll try to watch another couple eps before they disappear from Amazon Prime.

    6. Good deal! Oh, yes, the rivalry of Guy and Robin *indulgent sigh* Those silly boys. Seriously, though, in "Tatoo? What Tatoo?" when they're rolling around on the forest floor fighting, I'm just like, "Grow up, guys, really." XD

    7. That was the best part! I was quite sad when the fight ended, because it was so splendid.

    8. It was certainly entertaining, I'll give you that:D

  5. Hello!
    I found your blog through Naomi's Wonderland Creek blog and I got very excited when I saw you had a review of Robin Hood! A friend of mine introduced me to this show a few months ago and I fell in LOVE! Robin and Marian are my favorites, followed closely by Much and... well everybody. I just adore all the characters. And yes! Guy of Gisbourne! I too watched North and South before this, so seeing him as a bad guy was hard.....
    The show just has such cute couples....Robin and Marian, firstly, and then yes, Will and Djaq and Much and Eve!
    Ugh certainly does play with your emotions...and if you think season 1 was hard....
    But in all seriousness, I heartily recommend season 2. I think I might even like it better than season 1 (mainly because Robin and Marian are adoooorrraaabbble in it-and so are Will and Djaq! Especially episode 12...awwwww) except for the ending of course. I was sobbing and was kind of depressed for a couple of days....I think it would have helped if I knew beforehand....but I didn't. I only had suspicions...
    Anyways, I'm sorry for this long and rambling comment but I just get so excited over this show! :)

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by:D (May I just say that YOUR PROFILE PICTURE. Respect. XD )

      YES. ROBIN HOOD. And Robin and Marian are just too precious. Can't even. Haha, I know how you feel. Somebody asking, "Hey, which is your favorite character in Robin Hood?" Me: "Ha. What?"

      *heavy sigh* Guy. You want so badly to like him (well, privately, I DO like his character sometimes), and you do feel bad for him.

      Doesn't it, though? Everybody's so cute!

      Uggghh yes, that's why I'm torn…I know it'll totally mutilate my emotional wellbeing…but at the same time, I really want to see how it all ends…Yes, I'm VERY glad I knew beforehand about the monstrosity that is the Season Two finale; I think there would have been problems if I'd watched the second season with knowing the ending:( But yes, if I can figure out a way to watch the rest of the show, I will!:D

      No, no, thank you so much for commenting! Comments (especially long comments) thrill me beyond all reasonable reason =D I'm going to head over to your blog and have a look around!:D

    2. Haha, thanks!!
      "Ha. What?" is such the correct answer.

      I too do feel bad for Guy sometimes...ESPECIALLY season 3. I really like him in season 3. I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I can't say anymore...

      Yes, mutilate your emotional wellbeing, it will. But still. I recommend trying it. After season 2 I felt pretty done with RH, but my friend encouraged me to watch season 3 as well. I'm glad I did, even if it's not as good as the previous seasons (don't even get me started on some characters...). But incase you didn't know, there is an ammaaaazzing Marian scene in season 3. I won't say anymore (hopefully I didn't ruin anything for you) but it ALMOST makes up for her death. Well, not really, but it helps. ;)

      I watch RH for free on this website:
      It gives free links to the episodes. Maybe it will work for you!

    3. Haha, yes, you'll find that I overuse that phrase--a lot.

      Oh, goody! Now I want to see it even more;) Though, let me guess, he dies at the end, but he dies a redeemed and self-sacrificing man, right? Darned tv producers! (Don't actually tell me, though.)

      Yes…okay, I will try:) Oh, good! I love Marian--didn't like her at first, but she grew on me so much during the season:D Haha, yeah, I'm pretty sure that NOTHING will EVER make up for her death, but I get what you mean XD

      Okay, thanks! I'll check it out--if I can figure it out, I'll probably write a review of the second and third seasons sometime:D

    4. Oh, good news! RH actually DIDN'T go off Netflix, so I can still watch it easily!:D Reviews will be coming!

    5. Haha, I won't tell about Guy I promise. You'll have to find out for yourself...
      Good! I'll look forward to your reviews! I have to review RH myself sometime (along with a bunch of other things...) but I have such a hard time blogging regularly. Once a month is probably my average. ;)
      Yay! Have fun watching them!!

    6. The way that Guy ended, though...:(

      YES! Please review them!!

    7. I was perusing your RH reviews for ideas on a certain post on mine, and I just realized THIS IS HOW WE FIRST "MET". *cries from nostalgia* Who would have thought we'd be meeting for real only in little over a year....! Love you, friend. <3

    8. Hahaha, I also realize I still have not reviewed RH. *facepalm*

    9. Awwww, NATALIE!!! You're gonna make me cry. *has tears*

      Seriously, this comment made my day, I think and THANK YOU FOR IT. *hugs you*

      I know!! I'm still amazed, sometimes -- thinking about how much my blog has grown from what I could have expected it to, and realizing how many beautiful, CLOSE friends I've met through it . . . and yaaaaaasss, how I got to MEET SOME OF THEM AFTER ONLY A YEAR!!!! I mean, I thought it'd be years and years before I could meet with any of you. God is so good. <3


      Hehehe, aherm, yes, I'm still waiting for that. *taps foot* (But I understand. IT'S HARD.)

    10. I'm so sorry this reply is super duper late!!!

      OH no! Don't cry because then I'LL cry too....*sniff.* *hands tissues*

      AMEEENNN. To. All. Of. What. You. Said. Yes yes yes. God is so good and I'm so very grateful. <3 I always need to remind myself of our meet up when I get kind of down about life and how unexciting it can seem at times. Because then it's like, "Um GIRL? You MET five blogging friends at once after only a few years of blogging, what is wrong with you?? And not only are they just five friends, but five BEST friends." :D *hugs*

      LOVE YOU TOO. <333

      (Oh dear....don't wait TOO long. At this point I'm not sure if it will ever happen! *sad face*) (But if I ever do write that post, I'm going to dedicate it to you for your extreme patience. :D)

  6. I just finished this season last night and I need to fangirl about everything. So I found this post and here I am. :)

    Haha, Robin is self-centered and obstinate and obnoxious but I do like him. xD

    Ahhh, Guy is tricky. The Sheriff, one can loathe with passion and no remorse, but's just not that simple. Sometimes he's awful and one may hate him and sometimes he's awkward with Marian or mistreated by the Sheriff and then one must feel bad for him.

    Oh my goodness, I loooved the "I love her...I think I like her" exchange. I went back a little back so I could watch it twice. xD

    "Special girls' food." LOL

    Ohh, I forgot about Eps. 4. Yeah, I definitely don't like Guy.

    That last gif is absolutely perfect by the way. :D

    *goes to order Season Two from the library system*


      I had no idea I hadn't responded to this, honest!! Thank you so much for the comment; I love comments on old posts, especially when they pertain to gushing about BBC RH. So THANK YOU! <3

      *nods head at your summation of Robin* Yep. Basically. That is, I can't remember feeling that he was self-centered, but maybe he is in the first season and then matures. :-P It's been a couple years since I've watched the whole thing, so I can't really say.

      RIGHT? RIIIIIIIGHT?! Like, why. WHY IS GUY SO COMPLICATED. (But I like that he's complicated. <3)

      Isn't it adorable?! Will and Allan are basically the best, as is Djaq. (As are practically all of them!!!)

      Djaq's sass is first-class. :D (Um. What. What did I just type. *face palm*)

      I HATED GUY IN EP. 4. The only episode where I unadulteratedly despised him, and despise him I did.

      ISN'T IIIIITTTTT. <3 *hugs it*

      Ahhh, I'm so happy! And your library system has it?! You lucky girl, you. :D (Well, actually, mine might, too -- I'll have to check again!)

      THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENT! Please, never hesitate to hit me up if you're feeling the need for a Robin Hood rant. :D (And again, I'm SO sorry it's taken me since JANUARY to respond to this!)

    2. Haha, you're totally fine. XD I'm a little surprised I wrote this in January myself-- it didn't seem like that long ago!

      I guess I didn't mean self-centered as much as a little self-absorbed...on occasion. You know what I mean? But yeah, self-centered is the wrong word because he's actually pretty selfless.

      WHYYyyyyy. :P

      Well now I'm at the beginning of Season Two(I watch tv shows so slowly, haha) and I definitely do not like Allan. I think I could though after some development in the right direction. BUT Djaq and Will= yess.

      "sass is first-class" I love it. xD

      Yes, my library system does have it! They don't have it in the nearest library, so I have to order it from a different one and then wait a few weeks for it to get all the way to my library(which is why I watch it so slowly)...but I'm still grateful because I don't have Netflix so for a while I couldn't figure out where to watch it.

      Of course! Thanks for fangirling with me:D I'll probably hit you up on your Season 2 review with more RH discussion when I finish that season. xD


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