MEMM Wrap-up

Well, folks, the Middle-earth movies meme is ending for me, today.  I've had a blast!  But I realize that those of you who aren't into LotR are probably rejoicing that I'll finally be posting about other things (and I will, I promise!) ;)

Day 27 prompt:  Favorite end song

Definitely "The Last Goodbye" by Billy Boyd (though "In Dreams" and "May It Be" and "Into the West" all make it very difficult to choose).  Forever and ever.

Day 28 prompt:  Favorite Middle-earth related item you own

This is fun!  I have two things I particularly love:  

~ My Evenstar necklace (my brother got it for me for Christmas:D)

~ My LotR piano songbook

This is a compilation of tunes from LotR, and I love it.  Some of them are relatively easy, some of them slightly harder, and it's great!

Thank you soo much for hosting this party, Hamlette and DKoren!  I had fun:)


  1. There are people that aren't into LOTR???? ;)
    I have an evenstar necklace as well. :)

    1. Haha, I know, right?! Incontheivable.

      Aren't they the best? I love them so much:D

  2. I have an Arwen Evenstar necklace too! And I think I have the exact same piano book as you do. I was playing out of it just last night.

    Thanks so much for joining in the fun! DKoren and I thought it would just be us, and then when you and a few others started doing the meme too, it was like, "WHOA! Other cool people!" Hee.

    1. Aahh! Aren't they awesome?! Right now I'm learning "Gollum's Song" from the piano book, and I like how it changes tonality (is that the right word?) so much:D

      Of course!! It was such fun!!

    2. Changes from sharps to flats a lot, doesn't it? And it's very satisfyingly minor.

    3. Yes, it does, and is. The lyrics are so sad, but at the same time it's soo good.


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