MEMM Day 12

Prompt:  Least-favorite costumes


I don't know…

Okay, I'll try.  Let's see here…I guess just the armor in general.  I mean…it's a bit bland (except for Aragorn's armor and the Elves' armor).  But then again, it's supposed to be, so…yeah.

Sorry.  I'm not really sure how to answer this one since I haven't really thought about it;)


  1. I think that would be hard to answer for many fantasy type of films, as that is where designer can be the most creative I think. They always tend to be so beautiful and elaborate. Have you seen Mirror Mirror? That movie is so gorgeous, simply because of all the clothes!

    1. I know, right?

      I love Mirror Mirror! The costumes are incredible - huge and weird and over-the-top and all around awesome! I think my favorite is the Queen's red ball gown. How about you?

    2. I cannot remember many of the costumes off hand, I will have to watch it again. I do just love Snow's dress that she is wearing in the music video. I can't remember what scenes she wore it in the movie. I have had watching this movie again on my to-do list, so I will let you know when I watch it again. I actually made a Snow White paper doll set before, with several dresses based off this movie. I will have to show you them.

    3. I set up a page that will be active for a little while if you want to check out those paper dolls I mentioned. I also stuck a few more in there for you to see as well:

    4. I love "Mirror Mirror" too! Especially Prince Alcott's swooshy-sleeved shirts :-9

    5. Yes, tell me when you've rewatched it! Ooh, I'm definitely going to check out that link!:D

    6. Yay! We have a fellow MM fan! *high five* Yes, his shirts! And his cape, teehee:D

    7. Ooh! Add me to the "Mirror Mirror" love! That movie is delightful, and the costumes are pretty magnificent.

    8. Yay! *high five*
      Girls, we should start a "Mirror Mirror" fan club, hehe XD Or a blog dedicated to fairy tale retellings in general;) That'd actually be really fun...


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