MEMM Days 1 & 2

(Yes, I shortened the title of the meme into initials already.  I'm lazy like that.)  So, the first blogging prompt is "favorite moment/line in The Fellowship of the Ring."  At which prompt I splutter and gasp and make other noises of general disbelief.

Sha'n't do it.  *stamps foot*

Okay.  Fine.

This line:

After that, basically any scene with Merry and Pippin.  Because just yes.

Day 2:  Favorite characters from each race.

Ooh!  *rubs hands together in glee*

From the Elves:  I love many of them, but probably either Arwen or Galadriel.  Though I love Elrond as well.

From the Hobbits:  This will be the hardest of the races for me.  Urgh.  *takes deep breath*  IthinkI'mgonnahavetogowithBilbobecauseIjustlovehimtopieces.  Whew.  That was hard.  'Cause I also love Sam (who doesn't) and Frodo and PIPPIN AND MERRY.

From the Dwarves:  Eenie meenie minie mo…um…probably Fili.

From the Istari:  Duh.  Gandalf.

From the race of Men:  You all know the answer to this by now.


  1. What do you especially like about Fili? That's cool that he's your favorite :-)

    1. Great question! I love Fili mainly for three reasons:

      1.) His loyalty in general
      2.) His refusal to abandon his brother in Laketown.
      3.) His optimism, even in the darkest of times.

      So there you are:D

  2. I enjoyed reading through all of this, however, and don't faint or anything else, but I have only seen this series of movies once! For some reason I've always had a really hard time reading through books that are deeply fantasy like this. I think my mind is too literal with the English language while reading, that I just cannot keep straight and wrap my head around all of the creative names and places! I will never forget though, while my husband and I were watching the movies during a time when my daughter was really young, under 2, the age where they don't really even realize the TV. So we thought, why not? Of course, she had to suddenly decide to stare directly at the TV for a split second, the moment when golem was all crazy creepy! She burst into tears and started freaking out, it was terrible and funny at the same time. Well, I wont be participating, as I don't have much to contribute, but I will be enjoying reading through what you share!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Haha, I'll tell you a secret. *whispers* I've only seen them all the way through twice! I feel so terribly remiss…but they're long! And, of course, I have selected scenes several times:D

      I understand how you feel about fantasy. To be honest, I'm not a huge fantasy person either. Other than the writings of Tolkien, Lewis, and the Inkheart trilogy, I just haven't found that many fantasy books that grabbed my attention that much. I love the book Ella Enchanted, but that's about it other than the aforementioned ones;) I even started to read "Eragon" and wasn't able to finish it! I'll probably post about that sometime…

      Hahaha that IS simultaneously awful and hilarious! =D

      Aw, well I'm glad you'll stick around and bear with my crazy ramblings on it! I'm also going to be trying to post about other things, as well, this month, but this might be the focus:D

    2. I guess I should clarify, I do like fantasy, just not the kind with all the made up names and places I can't pronounce! I have yet to finish Inkheart, but I absolutely love her writing style. She writes so beautifully. That book is filled with so many quotable lines! I have also read some of Lewis, and I do like novels similar to Ella Enchanted. I, too, started Eragon once and didn't get far! I am a huge lover of fairy tales, so fantasy along those lines I love.

    3. Ohhh, I understand.

      Squeeep you're reading Inkheart? I love that book to pieces! Though I'm not nuts about the sequel...I've been planning on blogging about Inkheart soon! I will:D

    4. I can't say that I am currently reading it, but I pick it up and put it down a lot, continuing on. I love her style of writing! I do intend to finish it and try the other 2 in the series, but I am slow going with it. Hey, I recently discovered this awesome violinist on YouTube and was watching some of her videos (that are just amazing), and came across one of hers that has to do with Lord of the Rings and thought you might enjoy taking a peek at it:

    5. Gotcha. I love her style of writing too!

      OH MY GOSH THAT VIDEO LIKE WHAT EVEN!!!! I'd seen that around Youtube and wondered if I should watch it, so when you commented about it I did and OH MY FLIPPIN'. SHE SANG THE SONG.

      Whew. So yes. I like it a lot. Thank you for recommending!

    6. She is pretty awesome! I've only just discovered her, but I am thoroughly enjoying her music. I played the viola for 12 years or so, so I have a soft spot for anything stringed!

    7. She definitely is! I also watched her Phantom of the Opera medley, which was AMAZING.

      That's awesome! I might like to learn a stringed instrument some day; I absolutely love the sound of the string instruments:D Right now I'm taking piano, and next year I hope to learn flute:)

  3. Hahaha! Love that pic of Merry and Pippin. "That was good." "Let's get another one!" Those two are fabulous. Great answers! I love reading everyone's favorites, because all the characters are so great, it's just a matter of who speaks the strongest to each of us.

    1. I know right?! They're so epic.

      Exactly! It's neat how that happens:D


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