MEMM Days 13 & 14

Day 13 prompt:  Favorite battle

The last one.  The culminating battle for Middle-earth, fought on the plains of Mordor under the shadow of Barad-dûr.

Its beauty is breathtaking.  I love all of it so completely - the acting, the dialogue, the music, the emotion - everything.

Day 14 prompt:  Lord of the Rings character you understand the least

Oh, boy, oh, boy…

Should I really go into it?  The volcanic anger will spew…

No.  I can talk about this little worm in a rational, controlled way.  I can.  Really.

The character from LotR whom I least understand is without a doubt Denethor.  The prodigious idiocy of his mind and the warped, twisted nature of his heart will forever be mysteries to me - mysteries of which depths I have no desire to plumb.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day, one and all!:D


  1. Interesting! I think I get Denethor pretty well -- I despise him, but I understand why he is what he is. I have't figured out my own answer to that prompt yet :-o

    1. Hahaha, yes--as a fierce lover of Faramir, I can't say the same. I don't understand it. I get that he (in some ways) blames Faramir for his wife's death, and that he has a thirst for power and he feels he has been wronged, but…nope. Still a mystery;) I had to think what my answer would be for a while, too! Eventually I settled on Denethor for…well, for the above reasons. But it took me a while!

  2. I always love that "For Frodo" Aragorn says before he takes off. And that it's Merry and Pippin who follow immediately, ahead of anyone else. And the eagles!

    1. Yes! And he's crying, and just so stinkin' sweet;) Bless 'im. THE EAGLES. I love those birds XD


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