MEMM Days 25 & 26

Day 25 prompt:  Characters you wish you liked more


Okay.  First (and please take this as meant completely seriously), the characters I'll discuss, you must understand, are characters that I love.  But there are three in particular that I really love, but not quite as much as I feel I probably should.  So please DO NOT take this as meaning that I dislike these people.

Okay?  Everybody on the same page?  Cool:D

I like Gimli in the movies, he's just not my favorite.  (In the books he really got on my nerves.)  But he has some killer lines:  "Certainty of death, small chance of success--what are we waiting for?"

I like Legolas, too, but he's a bit of an "ehh" character for me, to be honest.  I love his scenes, and he's a cool guy, but…yeah.

And now for the last one, that will probably make the most people angry.  I apologize in advance.

*ducks*  I know, I'm sorry!  All right, let me just say, I LOVE Aragorn.  I love him more each time I read/watch the trilogy, but I just wish I loved him a little…more.  He's amazing and stupendous, but…he's not quite my favorite, and I don't love him as much as I feel I probably should.

Day 26 prompt:  Favorite one-on-one battle


I suppose Éowyn's and the Witch King's battle.


  1. I get what you mean about all of these characters, especially Legolas and Aragorn. I feel like I'm supposed to like him more than I do, though I really do love them!
    However, I actually feel like Gimli comes off a little too slapstick/crude humor sometimes in the movies (which caries over to the dwarves in the Hobbit movies). So all that to say I prefer him in the books as opposed to the movies.

    1. Exactly!
      Hmm. Well, to be honest, when I was reading, as Gimli started to annoy me, I kind of started to skim over his parts *ahem* So I'd have to read them again to know my opinion;)

  2. Exactly what I was envisioning with that prompt! Not characters you dislike, but characters you do like but always think you ought to like more than you do.

    I wasn't all that fond of Legolas in the LOTR trilogy, but TH trilogy made me like him very much indeed! I'm hoping to rewatch LOTR soonish and see if I like him better in that now too.

    1. That's what I thought you might be going for with that:D

      Interesting! I'll have to watch TH again and see if my opinion of him changes. You see a whole other side to him in TH, don't you?:)

    2. Legolas gets so much real character development in TH. I know he grows and changes in LOTR too, in regard to Gimli especially, but it's nothing like his arc in TH.

    3. He does indeed:) Yes! I feel so bad for him in TH, but he'll get over it;-P


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