MEMM Day 4

Prompt:  Favorite sword

Um.  Ahaha, you see, uh, I don't really notice the swords that much.  However, I'll try my best.  Excuse me while I go look at Internet pictures of all the different swords I can remember.  'T'will just take a moment.

All right, so it seems to me that the choices for me are Andúril (Aragorn's, after Elrond reforges it), Sting (Bilbo's and later Frodo's), or Hadhafang (Arwen's).  (Those happen to be the only three I have the inclination or precision to research.)

This is actually harder than I thought.  All three of the swords are cool for different reasons…

Andúril, Flame of the West

We all love Aragorn's sword.  Let's just admit it.

You're welcome.


I like this one, but it's a bit too curved for me.  


I think this one might actually be my favorite.  It's a close call with Andúril, but if we're talking strictly sword-wise, I think I like this one the best.  


  1. Great pictures! And Sting is delightful. I didn't even know the name of Arwen's sword, so you've totally taught me something with this post :-)

  2. Isn't it, though? It's surprisingly lovely;)

    I didn't know the name either! I just saw it when I was researching pictures, and I thought, "Hmm. That's interesting." It seems there's a whole history with it, but I don't know it yet:D

  3. Hee! I just posted my favorite sword answer, and we both love Sting. Sting really is an amazing sword. However, no, I do not love Anduril. I might be the only person out there who doesn't, though! LOL! :-D Arwen's sword is very pretty.

    1. Isn't Sting great?! It's so pretty...I'm not sure how I feel about the whole glowing-blue thing. I know, I know, it's cool and all, but it seems a bit too...too contrived, I guess. What do you think? You don't like Anduril? Oh, gasp!;) Haha that's okay, really:D Yes, I like the engraving on Arwen's sword!

    2. I love that Sting glows blue. Just makes me think, wow, some elf sword maker was brilliant. It's a great built-in warning system. I'll take it!

    3. Yeah, well, it IS a great warning system:)


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