MEMM Days 16 & 17

Day 16 prompt:  Favorite song sung by a character(s) in the films

Hmm.  "Edge of Night"?  "Misty Mountains"?  Aragorn's song that Frodo catches him singing?  Decisions, decisions…

I'm going to have to go with "Edge of Night," sung by Pippin (Billy Boyd) in front of that worm who Shall Not Be Mentioned At This Time.

Seriously, though, I love this scene, even though Certain Things make me want to tear my hair out.  Because, really?  It says a lot about a person when they can't even eat a tomato properly.  I'm just sayin'.  But anywho, this scene is wonderful--a montage that switches seamlessly (what?  I can gush about the movies if I so desire!) between Faramir's suicidal charge --grrrr-- and Pippin's mourning.

I shall even provide a video for you all, because I'm just that magnanimous;)

Day 17 prompt:  Scenes/things you cry at

Okay.  So, I don't actually physically cry in the movies.  That is to say, I haven't yet, but it is entirely possible that someday soon I will.  I'm fighting tears in several parts, however, and during said parts, LP is sobbing buckets.

~ Boromir's death Just. no.
~ Sam wading into the river to catch up with Frodo  "'Course you are!  And I'm coming with you!"
~ The final battle  When Sauron's fortress starts to crumble.  Enough said.
~ The Gray Havens  THE PAIN!
~ Fili's, Kili's, and Thorin's deaths  *sobs and screams and just why*
~ The credits for The Battle of the Five Armies Because that's it.  It's our last Middle-earth film, and the ending is so good, but the CREDITS are PERFECT.  THE. SONG.


  1. Only once have I not cried over Boromir's death, and that was when we showed FOTR to my father-in-law, and when that third arrow hit Boromir and he kept fighting, my f-i-l (who is a lovely and intelligent, but opinionated, person) said, "Oh, come on. There's no way." I was too busy holding my tongue to cry, and then I was even angrier that I missed mourning the passing of my beloved Boromir. Grrrrrrrrr.

    Um, anyway, good post :-)

    1. If someone said that while I was watching that scene...things might have gotten ugly. Just no. I'm sorry, but you DO NOT MESS WITH BOROMIR'S DEATH!

    2. I know, right?!?! I wanted to jump up and grab my copy of the book and show him where it said they found Boromir pierced through with *many* arrows, and around him all the enemies he had slain. But I restrained myself. Which was probably very good, since we were living 2 doors down from my in-laws at that time, lol.

    3. Urrgggh!

      *sigh* Oh, well. We must make allowances for differences in situation and temper;)

  2. Good answers! And yeah, the end credits in Battle get to me too. Even on days when I'm just listening to the entire score, and I hit the end and hit that song, and I'll get choked up. And I just love the drawings throughout the end credits.


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