MEMM Days 9 & 10

Day 9 prompt:  Things/scenes you laugh at

Ha.  What?  You want me to go through and list everything that makes me laugh?  All right, well, you asked for it;)

I laugh whenever Merry and Pippin come onscreen, like

when Treebeard is walking with them, and he informs them

that he will now serenade them with another exhaustive

chant about the Ents' history, and Pippin just rolls his eyes

ever so slightly, then adjust himself to try and listen as

politely as possible.  I laugh when, in BOTFA, Bilbo's gone

to "parlay" with Thranduil and Bard, bargaining with the

Archenstone and all, and Thranduil says, "If I'm not

mistaken, this is the halfling who stole [x number] of barrels from under my guards' noses."  Bilbo does this adorable, awkward little pause and nose-wrinkle, then mumbles, "Er, yes.  Sorry 'bout that."

I laugh when this awesomeness happens:  "Alfrid."  *Alfrid turns*  "Your slip is showing."

I laugh when Aragorn runs up and bear-hugs Haldir, who's quite discomfited by such an action [it seems the Elves are slightly British in that regard.  They only show affection to dogs and horses.  (If you understood that reference…we should talk about your awesomeness.)].

I laugh when Tauriel is tending Kili in Laketown.  (Sorry, but I do.  A little, that is.  I mean, really?)

I laugh when Gandalf catches Sam and thunders, "Samwise Gamgee, have you been eavesdropping?!"  And then Sam is looking up at him, terrified:  "Please, sir, I haven't been droppin' no eaves.  I was just tendin' the hedgerow!"  "Did you hear anything?"  "No, leastwise, nothing important.  That is, I heard something about a Ring and a Dark Lord and something about the end of the world." 

I laugh when Bilbo does this:  "I am a Baggins - *whimper* - of Bag End."

I laugh when Gandalf laughs at the end of The Return of the King just because his laugh is so joyful and infectious and mischievous.  

Get the idea?:D

Day 10 prompt:  Lord of the Rings character you relate to the most

Hmm.  Good thought.

Obviously, I'd love to be identified with Arwen, but I'm not sure how much like her I actually am.  

It's really strange, but I think I'm a strange conglomeration of the four hobbits in the Fellowship.

I think I have character traits from each of them, like Merry's mother-henning (he's sort of mother-hens his friends at times), Sam's goal to remain optimistic no matter what, Frodo's fear (though I'm by no means saying that that's his only trait), and Pippin's naiveté.  

I know.  Weird.  But that's just what I'm thinking.  My friends and family could tell you more accurately;)

Dawww, look at them little selves!  Yes, they will always be little to me.  Always.


  1. It is funny how the characters we are most drawn to tend to not be how we view ourselves. I have found that to be true as well for me. Makes me wonder if someone else would find similarities that we don't see? Or if we naturally gravitate towards traits that we wish we had. Interesting!

    1. It is, isn't it? Perhaps, I mean we can always hope:D Yes, I'm drawn towards the characters that I wish I was like, I suppose:)

  2. My favorite characters are almost never the characters I identify with the most. Which is why we decided there should be a post about favorite characters AND about characters we identify with. Because while I love Boromir to bits, I'm not much like him at all. No one would identify me with him, other than that he's protective and so am I.

    Same goes for most movies/books/shows -- my favorite character is generally very unlike me, and it'll be my second- or third-favorite who I'm most like, even though I might rather be like someone else.

    1. Also, I love those four, and it's cool you find a bit of yourself in each of them!

    2. I know how you feel--Arwen has been my favorite female character since before I even watched/read LOTR, but…I don't think I'm that much like her. YES. BOROMIR. I'm glad you're a Boromir person. I don't tolerate Boromir criticism very well *ahem* :D

      Yeah, it's neat. Even though, as I said, I'd have to have the people around me verify that that's what I'm actually like XD

  3. So cool that you've got a bit of each hobbit going on! Not a bad thing at all! I'm not remotely like the hobbits (though I really wish I had Frodo's sheer determination), but my sister and I can sometimes resemble Merry (me) and Pippin (her) in our interactions.

    Lots of amusing scenes there, too!

    1. Thanks! Haha, I'd love to see your interactions some day, then! My friend and I are sometimes like Merry and Pippin, too:D


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