*sigh*  Reviews.  Gotta love 'em, right? ;)  Here is an ever-growing list of links to reviews that I've written.  I try not to inundate my reviews with spoilers, but I also want to make them fun for those of us who have already watched/read whatever it is I'm reviewing, so when I do insert a spoiler, I precede it by a warning:  *SPOILER ALERT!*  or something like that.  (Occasionally, if it's a very 'popular' story that I assume most of my readers already know, I include that warning at the beginning of the post instead of in front of each individual spoiler.)  As you can view on the disclaimer page, I may not condone all content in all of what I review, though I do try to remember to mention anything objectionable.  Right, well then, I hope you enjoy my reviews and God bless you! :)


// period drama //

// chick-flick //



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